New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces | March 8th - forward on faith

a leap of faith by jk rab

Next week's New Moon in Pisces is a full solar eclipse. We could feel the energies earlier than other new moons (I've felt them as early as one month prior and as late as one month after - usually exactly to the day).

Happening in Pisces, our current south node (been there/done that) - the "new" could be defined best by what is leaving. 

Eclipses (similar to a super charged full moon) will eclipse something out or bring something to light or alternately cover it up. The New Moon will activate the promise of any slow moving transit currently present in our life.

This eclipse has the Sun and Moon in Pisces (18 degrees) as well as Chiron (the wounded healer), Ceres (nurturing/devouring mother) and the South Node (been there/done that). Also we have Saturn (in Sagittarius) squaring the eclipse and the eclipse opposing a retrograde Jupiter (in Virgo) and the North Node (in Virgo).

If you have any planets or points in your natal chart from 15 to 21 degrees of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) you will feel this eclipse the strongest. 15 to 21 degree planets and points in water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) will also feel it, but to a lesser extent. Check your natal chart and check for your Pisces house - the house will tell you the area of life to expect the impact.

These degrees are similar to those impacted last September by the Solar Eclipse in Virgo and in the same family of eclipses so we might feel a connection with something that happened then.

We are are like computers being turned off and on when the skies go dark and the program that uploads at restart is a little bit (or quite a lot) different than the one we ran on before. 

Eclipses change us, and we, (vibrating differently), change our circumstances by attracting or repelling what our new self lines up with.

Although solar eclipses are new moons and have themes of newness we can't have a beginning without an ending. Sometimes the ending is all we feel with this stuff. So, even when we are soaked in mourning for what has ended and we aren't consciously starting something new, the very fact that something/someone is no longer in our life means we are in a new beginning. 

Now, let's unpack this.

We have Ceres in Pisces. I did a post on this HERE that applies to this eclipse. We have Chiron in Pisces. With Chiron involved we know that whatever is happening has the opportunity to be either "wounding" or "healing" and most likely both. We have our South Node in Pisces. The South Node is our space of completion - we've been there, we've done that, we are ready to move on now.

In Pisces, endings can be kind of vague and drifting. Sometimes we can't even tell until later that something is finished. There is an unmistakable feeling that something is slipping away, but the process isn't so cut and dried. If we don't let go, it's like trying to hold onto water.

We have Saturn (structure, time, discipline, authority, restrictions) squaring the eclipse. This is tension and frustration - something outside pushing/forcing us to take a new action. Pisces is all about faith - what we believe in. We could see what is happening here as a test of faith. I don't mean this in a religious sense, although it could be for some people - Saturn is holding our dreams to the fire. What do we really believe is possible here?

We know if the New Moon Solar Eclipse is hanging out with the South Node - it is opposing (opposite) the North Node. The North Node (our current north star) is in Virgo, along with Jupiter. An opposition forces a decision.

An opposition to Jupiter highlights what is opposed to us being "lucky". An opposition to the North Node highlights what is opposed to us moving "forward" with our life purpose. If we are moving in the wrong direction we will feel like the life is being sucked out of us now. That sounds rather dire, but is probably not an overstatement.

Pisces is healing. Many people with health issues may get answers/peace now. People and animals with major health issues might leave us, so spend time with them. Get yourself to the doctor or hospital as needed.

Saturn forces structure. Many people will encounter roadblocks that put them on the right path because other routes will be closed off. With only one route open to us it is rather easy to decide which way to go.

With this new beginning in Pisces (transcendence) we'll need to have faith. There will not be certainty right now. New moons are times of darkness. Our first new steps will be uncertain. We can trust our intuition (Pisces) now.

As always this year, the way forward (and toward solid ground) is through Virgo.

Do the work. Do it well. Do what is right in front of us. Take care of our health. Take care of our habits. There is no "letting ourselves go" or "letting things slide" this year. And if that sounds exhausting to you - go take a nap - it's Pisces season, we need more sleep.

Remember this energy is in effect until the Pisces Full Moon next autumn. There is nothing about any of this that says we need to rush off at full speed in the New Moon darkness. Just keep moving forward, one step at a time, one foot in front of the other. Doing what is in front of us. Moving toward what feels most "light and right". Eventually we'll reach Virgo solid ground!

And remember this is still a New Moon. Set your intentions - think about Pisces themes - healing, peace, boundaries, dreams, imagination, addiction, vulnerability, compassion, what is hidden!

xo all

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