time between eclipses | the parsley between his teeth

picnic by kaunau

The two weeks between the eclipses can be hard to pin down - important stuff may be happening or it may feel like nothing is happening (it is - to the other people and spaces our energy is going to line up with later) and either way when we look back at these days our memories will be kind of foggy.

(if important things are happening, take notes - although I guess Facebook might work for this, too)

Life speeds up, life slows down. In Pisces, thoughts and moods and things and people run through our hands like faucet water.

Solar eclipses can trigger our need to defend ourselves (defend our Sun). 

We could react impulsively and make regrettable mistakes now.

How dare our Moon step in front of our Sun?! 

(hello, identity crisis!)

The Moon represents so much in astrology - our emotional temperature, the way we are programmed to react, our mother, the way we mother (nurture, comfort), the way we need to be mothered (nurtured, comforted), 

our spiritual lineage and matriarchal baggage (our mother's unexpressed moods and unresolved spaces that she has unconsciously handed to us like a basket of dirty laundry).

We want to allow eclipse energy to settle before making big plans or changes. With so much in flux for everyone, some more than others - we want to be observant and respectful of others' positions, too. When someone gives us a vague answer or tells us they don't know - they probably really don't know. If things look too good to be true in Pisces season - they usually are.

We can pin things down later.

For now - We weep. We sleep. We DREAM. We sweat. We feel a little numb. We feel a little too much. We set boundaries. They dissolve. We wallow. We get back up. We make plans. They fall apart. We grow tired of fighting the tides and go with the flow. We empty closets and inboxes. We release expectations. We grieve for what we lost. We grieve for what we never had. We forgive.

Or maybe we refuse to move as all this Pisces water washes over us and chips away at our grip on whatever it is that needs to go. Maybe we hold on so long we drown.

The next Eclipse (March 21-23) and then the Sun/Mercury conjunction in Aries will make good and sure we are awake though. We can count on that.

For now we'll do our best with what is right in front of us and we'll hold on lightly.

We have a wonderful Taurus Moon this weekend - perfect for an outdoor picnic or walk in the park. If we do these things with another person, we'll remember to focus on what is really being felt now, not the misplaced words, not the piece of parsley between his teeth .... xo all

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