Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of April 9th - part II

The Storm by Spiegellicht
The forecast for most of the week is HERE.

I thought instead of editing that post to include the end of the week I would just pop up a second post. I try to do a weekend forecast on Friday morning, but I thought this week's storyline, that feeds into the weekend, probably needed to be posted sooner.

I will do a New Moon forecast by sign later in the week.

Let's get back to the week ahead.

We begin FRIDAY with the Moon in dreamy, sensitive Pisces. She sextiles Pluto and then goes on to trine Jupiter (retrograde in Scorpio and answering to Pluto) - all before breakfast.

The Moon goes void at 7:27AM EDT off that Jupiter trine. The Moon is void until 11:25PM EDT when she moves into Aries.

So, Friday is not a good day to start anything new or launch anything into the world we want "something to come of" - maybe a good day to mail that tax return although Mercury is still retrograde so that could be debatable!

It is excellent energy - what better than a Balsamic Moon in Pisces! - for meditation, prayer, forgiveness, release.

It would also be a good day with that last aspect Jupiter trine to do promotional work, media, travel, teaching, deal with existing legal issues - any Jupiterian theme we started prior to March 8th.

Friday's energy starts the build-up toward Saturday's powerful Pluto/Jupiter sextile and Sunday's New Moon in Aries and Mercury's station.

We could be dealing with Piscean themes - healing, art, spirituality, endings - Scorpian themes - finances, loans, taxes, sex, reproduction, divorce, death, rebirth, intimacy - and/or our goals, career, authority situations.

With the Moon hitting Chiron at the last degree of Pisces - there could be something heavy or painful or that has us feeling emotionally vulnerable now. We, and other people, could be very sensitive - keep this in mind. Maybe something here about wounded-women or a mother-wound or something painful around not belonging or not fitting in. This is a transit. It is transitory. Feel it. Thank it for its message. Let it go.

While we sleep on SATURDAY, Jupiter moves into sextile (opportunity) with Pluto. Now we will see what this week's power plays have amounted to.

This is an important three-peat aspect.

We had this first on January 15th at 19 degrees Scorpio/Capricorn, then today at 21 degrees with Jupiter retrograde and then the final sextile will be on September 12th at 18 degrees with Pluto retrograde.

These sextiles will most strongly impact those with planets/points around those degrees.

This is about DEEP change. Fortune favors the bold with this one. Jupiter is expanding Pluto's power. Someone is making a big, bold move. There is opportunity here, but we will have to confidently act on it. This could be about our beliefs about what is possible.

Remember Jupiter is retrograde so this is still re-vision energy. This is about going back over an old opportunity or clarifying/adjusting what has happened since January.

What did you have going on around the middle of January the first time these two mega-energies danced together in Scorpio/Capricorn?

On SUNDAY Mercury stations direct (YAY!) at 4 degrees Aries. What have we learned since he/she stationed retrograde back on March 22nd?

Mercury will not start walking totally new territory until May 4th, but today's station at the time of a New Moon pretty much guarantees that whatever this retrograde has been about for us - NOW WE KNOW.

We have had plenty of time to re-do/re-work any impulsive plans or re-mediate any reckless language. Hopefully this has been time well-spent. We know we are older now, best to be a bit wiser, too.

Keep in mind Mercury still has that final square with Saturn (wall, rule, limit) - this time with Mercury direct and Saturn retrograde on the 25th.

At the same time we have the big New Moon in Aries conjunct "anything-can-happen" Uranus. I will do a post about this one, but wanted to put it into context with the rest of the week because the New Moon's shock and awe will be connected to the Pluto square the Sun we talked about HERE for Tuesday and Wednesday.

We will talk about the New Moon by sign in the next post.

What has changed in your life since Uranus entered Aries in 2011? Probably alot! The next few weeks will be our last push for more of that before Uranus moves into Taurus on May 15th.

Remember I am writing about aspects when they are exact, they are in play as they build and release, so events might not happen exactly on the days mentioned.

xo all

I will get back to our Trump series this week, too. This New Moon is conjunct Uranus (when I write Uranus just think Trump!) so he is likely to make a big move or be a catalyst for something explosive this week. Having a New Moon conjunct Uranus means in 6 months we will have a Full Moon (October 24th) conjunct Uranus, so anything he does now will likely reach a peak/conclusion then.

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