Weekend Astrology Forecast for Creatives | April 20th through April 22nd - emotional seesaw, home, family, reinvention, root replanting, adjustments

family tree by Sevim Dalan

We kick off the weekend with a Void Moon on FRIDAY morning, then the Moon moves into sensitive, home and family oriented Cancer at 10:36AM EDT.

Our monthly Cancer Moons are not as peaceful this year due to all the oppositions from those challenging Capricorn planets. If your Cancer situation - home, family, renovation projects, real estate, history, mother issues  - has been stressful, know at least this will be the last Cancer Moon this year with a Mars opposition (that feeling that we have to rush, make hasty decisions) and by next month both Saturn and Pluto will be retrograde which should make the Cancer Moons a bit easier.

We will move through the entire Cancer cycle this weekend, so things could feel up and down, with us more sensitive (self-protective maybe) to the fluctuations than usual.

A sextile to the Sun (in Taurus) before lunch should create a feeling of balance and contentment. People are in a better mood. The Moon is waxing, so this sextile is the leg of our Aries New Moon journey where we expand whatever was kicked off at the New Moon. Strategies can be effectively tweaked now. The Sun in Taurus tells us to take things slow - rushing is for ballplayers and people who don't mind falling on their ass.

Don't over-complicate anything. Taurus says - keep it simple sister. But not so simple we are standing still - the opportunity from a sextile will come from our own actions, so what can we do to make things more Taurus - simple, clean, secure, steady?

At 8:42PM EDT the Moon will square Mercury. Our minds could be restless and active. It might be hard to focus. We could get challenging news, meet traffic challenges or be challenged to fall asleep! Not the best date night. Maybe stay home. Take a bath. Eat a nourishing meal. Good for editing, de-cluttering.

On SATURDAY, the Moon has opposed a newly retrograde Saturn (in Capricorn) overnight - hopefully we slept through that and weren't up late reconsidering our responsibilities or overthinking security issues. This is the day we might feel most of the back and forth Cancerian emotions.

After lunch the Moon will trine (brakes off) Neptune - we have an annual family beach clean-up here and the energy is perfect for that. We will be in tune with the people around us. Good energy for making art, a spiritual practice, slipping into that loving feeling, slipping into an addiction - you get the idea here.

By dinnertime EDT the Moon will oppose fiery Mars (in Capricorn). It could be we need to take care of some kind of responsibility now - likely within those Cancer themes highlighted in the beginning of this post or our natal Cancer house themes. We could be channeling our sacred masculine in defense of a group - maybe home, women or children. Not the best energy for a heart to heart talk, unless you are up for an argument.

The at 8:56PM EDT the Moon will trine Jupiter. The clouds part. Do I hear a Hallelujah? Our emotions expand - and our appetites, watch the snack foods. We feel more optimistic and generous.

By 10:21PM EDT the Moon will make her monthly opposition to Pluto - Pluto is strong and still and preparing to go retrograde tomorrow. This energy could create power plays. Jealousy. Compulsion. Again not a good date night unless you can immerse yourself in something dark in the dark - like A Quiet Place. Intimacy/sex would be complicated. This is not the kind of energy to be out in dark places with strangers - not a good time to be drinking. Dreams could be important.

We wake up on SUNDAY morning (8:40AM EDT) with the Moon sextiling Venus. No one will want to get out of bed! This is good energy to be social. Good for money and our possessions.

It's Earth Day - do something for Mother Earth and your own mother!

The Moon goes void before lunch off a square to Uranus. Creative breakthroughs are possible, so are surprises. Pluto goes retrograde during the Moon's void - making his retrograde over the next five months much less troublesome (Saturn also stationed retrograde this week during a Void Moon now that I look back - good news with that, too). We will talk about this retrograde in a later post. Lots of introspection with this one as we go back over Scorpio ruled and Capricorn ruled issues - loans, debts, taxes, other people's money, savings, intimacy issues, reproduction, death/rebirth, career, goals, authority, responsibilities.

At 1:09PM EDT the Moon moves into "time to play, let's get this party started" Leo. Good energy for having fun, time with children, romance, sports, games. We are feeling brave, confident and generous. We will all want to be center-stage. She will trine Chiron in early Aries (our individuation, commitment to being ourselves) kicking everything "me, me, me" up a notch! Sidestep the arrogance.

This weekend's lunar cycle is all about us reinventing our lives as we are drawn toward that massive Scorpio death/rebirth Full Moon at the end of April. 

We are reinventing our lives now - re-committing ourselves to life on Planet Earth.

Can you feel it? I sure as hell can!

At 5:46PM EDT the Moon (in Leo) will square the Sun (in Taurus). Fixed signs make our usual First Quarter Moon adjustments a bit harder. Try to stay flexible. There could be a challenge here around our personal resources. Our values. Our self-esteem. Our natal Taurus house theme. Uranus will begin tossing sticks of dynamite through here in another month, so any challenges now could play into that - maybe note where you are spending your money/resources. That upcoming transit will be harder to manage if we are not valuing ourselves, if we don't know what we really value. Again review progress from that Aries New Moon back on April 15th.

The weekend's final aspect is the Leo Moon's trine to Mercury at 1:32AM EDT - good for creative actions, writing, communicating - our minds are clear and active.

Have a lovely weekend everyone! xo


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