Mercury Square Saturn | loose lips sink ships, clause-proof contracts, arguments about the past, preaching instead of teaching, writer's block, focus, determination, knowing what the hell you are talking about

Story for the drowned by Natalia Drepina
Mercury (retrograde) squares Saturn today at 9 degrees - Aries/Capricorn. And Mars is closing in on his square to Mercury, too.

This makes me think we need to know what we are talking about.

It makes me think of loose lips sinking ships and tight lips making our heads explode.

It makes me think of trouble with authority. Trouble with rules. Trouble pushing our own agenda foward via language. Maybe stop signs involving a lack of credentials. 

On the positive side this would be a good time to concentrate. To apply our mental faculties (Mercury) in a focused way. To speak in shorter, more thoughtful sentences. To avoid preaching.

It might not be the best time for a long, important conversation. Things could get easily heated and end abruptly. Words could cut to the meat of the matter, but other things could be cut or cut off in the process. Arguments are likely due to the massive frustration this transit can bring. The right words could be hard to find.

Writers could find themselves blocked.

Now, we can't totally avoid this kind of thing and I am not sure we even want to AND as we talked about in the weekly HERE Mars is going to get past Saturn. But since this is a transit - it might be best to avoid burning our bridges, especially by saying stuff we don't even really mean.

On the flip-side (that whole two sides of a pancake thing) sometimes a bridge has to be burned to totally eliminate any chance of us ever going back that way.

But, on the other flip-side (pancakes have three sides, right?) with Mercury retrograde we will be coming from an unbalanced position and we won't be through with the issue anyway. Best to burn the bridge, if some bridge-burning must be done - when Mercury is direct in a couple weeks and we are on our way out of town.

For now. Treat language as sacred. Mercury/Saturn speaks of karma and contracts and we want to be clear on what we are getting ourselves into. Commitments will not be unwound easily. 

With Mercury retrograde we are re-viewing, re-thinking, re-vising. Saturn will present obstacles. Saturn is karmic so in some way these obstacles are the 'effects' of causes we ourselves set into motion. Maybe recently. Maybe long ago. Maybe long, long ago.

This is NOT the time to make an impulsive decision.

Negative thinking is likely now as well as over-thinking. They work together much of the time and cause tension/frustration.

Something is going to feel like a test because it is a test. 

This is good energy to get clear on our intentions. Saturn will show us the potential pitfalls and dragons ahead. We don't want to get all mired in the muck of it all though, but we can use this as part of our Mercury retrograde process.

Be patient.

We are playing the long game.

xo all

Mercury also rules siblings and transportation - which sounds random but really isn't.

DRIVE SAFELY. Avoid eye contact with that crazy driver tailgating you. Simply pull over and let him pass.

And if you feel an urge to call your sister today ... well .....

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