Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of April 16th - HUGE WEEK, big news/events in the collective, the surprises they keep on coming, plot twists, are we busy living or busy dying, dad takes a powder, the wounded masculine needs a bandaid, we all need to hug a tree, identity crisis

Little Spring. by Lileinaya
The big aspects this week are:

SUNDAY - Mercury stations direct (4 degrees Aries),
New Moon (26 degrees Aries)
TUESDAY - Chiron enters Aries,
Jupiter opposes Venus and trines Pluto 
Sun trines Galactic Center
Saturn stations retrograde (through September 6th) at 9 degrees Capricorn
WEDNESDAY - Sun conjuncts Uranus
THURSDAY - Sun enters Taurus
SUNDAY - Pluto stations retrograde (21 degrees Capricorn)

This is another HUGE week, even after the first New Moon of the astrological year and Mercury direct, which are big news all by themselves. Chiron exits Pisces and enters Aries for the first time since 1968 - crossing the world-hot-spot Aries point. Saturn stations retrograde mid-week for five months then Pluto stations retrograde next weekend for five and a half months.

On SUNDAY night we have the BIG Aries Full Moon kick off to our new lunar year. We have had a month of Capricorn holding back Aries and now Aries gives Capricorn the finger and HERE WE GO.

Are we busy living (Aries) or busy dying (Capricorn) - what's it gonna be, folks? Decide.

The only way an Aries New Moon could get any newer is to join Uranus ... and yup, it does.

See my post about this HERE.

Mercury stations direct. Answers come in. We get greater clarity around whatever is going on in our Aries houses. Things that have been stuck for the last three weeks will start to move forward now

(maybe especially, because Mercury rules our mental processes, whatever we have been going over and over in our heads).

Keep in mind that Mercury is still walking the degrees she/he has walked before (once forward and once backward) and won't be covering entirely new ground until early May.

So, we still have one final pass over this territory- older and wiser.

Also, keep in mind, it will be 10 days (April 25th's square between Mercury and Saturn) before Mercury is making contact with any planet other than the Moon, so although we will start to make progress now, some things might still be kind of left blowing in the wind. It always takes some time after Mercury is direct to fully figure out what the retrograde was intent on teaching us and get moving again.

On MONDAY the Moon is in stable Taurus and trining serious Saturn encouraging us to build on those New Moon intentions. Actions that link career/authority with money, our resources, values and self-esteem work together beneficially now. The Taurus Moon has us seeking comfort and security. Always good energy for a massage. Nature is especially grounding with the Moon in Taurus.

The Moon will support us over the next couple days with 3 trines to planets in Capricorn and a sextile to Neptune (this is why we will have happier planets next month when the inner planets start to move into Taurus) and an opposition to Jupiter. Nothing the Moon (our emotions) can't handle and mostly beneficial energies.

On TUESDAY, Chiron moves into Aries for the first time since 1968.

We are going to talk about this as we move through it and I will write a post. I am in no way a Chiron expert, we will make this journey together! This will be about the healing of our masculine energy. In Aries, Chiron turns away from the emotional, connecting reactions and the victim stories we grew through in Pisces (this is a long process he is going to be here for seven years and will pop back into Pisces during his retrograde) and toward our personal regeneration.

I think this will be more "oxygen mask on our own face first" energy (like the Leo North Node).

We have been shattered by 'virtual reality' as Uranus and Eris have rampaged through Aries and our first houses of ourselves these last few years and pushed us to the very limits of our physical bodies.

Are we still in our physical bodies? We are about to find out! Our nervous systems are fried, but we still can't stop clicking.

Chiron in Aries will ignite a process to heal this, as well as our masculine energy fractured through decades and lifetimes of war and competition and the loss of the mother. Chiron is the wound and the cure - it is through Chiron that we face a lost part of ourselves - our sense of 'other-ness'. His journey through Aries will bring him into contact with that other discordant outsider energy; Eris.

This seven year transit is going to be about finding our Aries courage and facing our personal vulnerabilities. It is going to force into our consciousness aspects of our life we have neglected.

Hello Catherine, meet Catherine! Yikes - does my hair really look like that from the back?!

Today, as he transits over the Aries point (and he will do this three times between now and March 2019) - the world axis point - our attention will turn to a world event that will catalyze something for us collectively. And this collective story will have a relationship to our personal story. One story, myriad ways of experiencing it. Or something like that.

Then Chiron will be back in Pisces, due to his upcoming retrograde, from late September until mid February (the time to wrap up our Chiron/Pisces storyline) - so whatever happens between now and September will be a good indication of the kind of things we will be working through when he settles into Aries for his long stay.

EXAMPLE FOR GEMINI/GEMINI Rising - Chiron is moving into your 11th house of the collective - your friendships, groups, causes, the internet, the public, the goals that bring you into relationship with other people, your advancement, technology. Challenges via your personal vulnerabilities could be subject to public exposure. You might be embarrassed. Your warts could be on display, but in the long run it will be those warts, or the process that exposes them, that is the part of your healing journey that heals other people. Or maybe you bring an inner battle into the public sphere. Maybe your Chiron "outsider" story is going to play out through your friendships/groups/causes or with a particular friend who acts as a catalyst. You could be a mentor/guide or meet one and probably both will happen at some time over this transit. Chiron is going to show you (over the next few years) how effective you truly are at shattering the obstacles that keep people separated. Your wounded warrior is waking up Gemini!

At the same time we have Jupiter (retrograde in Scorpio) opposing Venus (strong in Taurus) - stretching that Venusian financial/love situation and trining (brakes off) Pluto, strong and still in Capricorn (preparing for his retrograde this week).

This is that 'coming back to life' energy we talked about in the New Moon post. This is an expansion (Jupiter) of what we want (Venus) with a powerful green light from Pluto - who Jupiter is answering to! Impacted by the New Moon in Aries maybe this is us giving ourselves a second chance!

Keep in mind Jupiter is retrograde so - going deep instead of wide, expanding something that is already in play - with Pluto in Capricorn and answering to serious Saturn - going with whatever has the best chance of paying off in the long run, whatever offers the greater stability over time. Venus rules love, money, our resources, our values and self-esteem, women and beauty.

Maybe don't waste this energy pouring over pretty pictures on Pinterest all day! At least not all day!

EXAMPLE FOR PISCES/PISCES Rising - this transit is happening between your 3rd, 9th and 11th houses. You could receive good news now. Positive expressions could come through an idea, information, a conversation, learning, teaching, a sibling or within your local environment. This might impact your 9th house - travel, higher education, weddings, politics, legal issues, the media, publishing, foreigners, everything outside your comfort zone, exploration, your beliefs and higher thinking via your 11th house - your friendships, groups, causes, the internet, the public, the goals that bring you into relationship with other people, your advancement, technology. Just keep in mind that expansive Jupiter is retrograde - so this will be about going deep instead of wide, re-working something already in play. Note - keep in mind I can't see your personal chart, and your houses, even with a Pisces rising, could vary a bit and would vary the forecast. The good news/information you can use part is most likely on target.

Also on TUESDAY, Saturn stations retrograde at 9 degrees Capricorn.

Since Saturn is the development of self-discipline via challenges, struggle, hard work and restraints having him ease up on us a little is very likely a good thing. Do I hear a hallelujah?!

Some kind of limit - where is 9 degrees Capricorn in your natal chart? - is removed.

Astrologer Steven Forrest says (I'm trusting my memory with this, hopefully it's not too swiss-cheesy today) - Saturn in our natal chart is the area we must learn to walk our talk and walk it all by ourselves. It's the space where any lack of self discipline can quickly lead to our undoing. It's the space where we make peace with solitude and develop patience.

Saturn rules structure. During his retrograde we will be going back and retooling and shoring up the physical structures in our life (including our bodies). Saturn rules time. Time is on our side now. We just need to trust this (patience people!). Saturn's retrograde offers us the time to "re-make" the structure of something before it is too late. It's a time to reconsider rules and obligations.

In Capricorn, this is going to take us back over recently covered ground dealing with the theme of our Capricorn house and collectively our career, authority, our goals, our father, rules - you get the idea. This period could allow a re-view or re-working. For some it will be a time to slow down and get a better handle of what is and isn't working. Someone from our past, especially work-related, could re-appear. An old responsibility could be back on our plate.

Pay attention to any situations that shift gears NOW because this will be the ground we are re-working through September.

FOR AQUARIUS/AQUARIUS Rising - Saturn is retrograding in your 12th house of what is hidden, put away or done behind the scenes, secrets, the ethereal realms, imagination, hospitals, spirituality, addiction, healing. Something here is being re-visited, re-viewed or re-worked. Since the 12th house is one of the houses that rules our past you could be severing old ties or releasing certain responsibilities over the next few months. If you are trying to control the uncontrollable (an Aquarius dealing with control issues - that sounds about right!) - the 12th house ruled by Neptune is like trying to hold onto water - there could be some relief from that now as Saturn eases up. Your co-ruling planet, Uranus, is active this week, so it could take you a bit to figure out what Saturn's retrograde will be about for you if you get caught up in the other stuff. Note - keep in mind I can't see your personal chart, and your houses, even with a Aquarius rising, could vary a bit and would vary the forecast.

The Sun (at the very end of Aries) trines - brakes off - the Galactic Center. The Galactic Center is the black hole at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy; the solar system that houses all the planets including Earth.

This is most likely the place where time and space were created so you and I would have a place to learn and grow and work and play.

Saturn (security, stability, the patriarchy, the rules, duty, judgement, authority) spent quite a bit of time on or near the Galactic Center last year - getting a makeover or maybe I should say a make-under.

Interesting that on the day he stations retrograde, the Sun, in action-oriented Aries, will trine this space.

It's like the teacher steps out of the room and the kids take over! Of course, with Aries (Mars) the 'kids' could be playing with fire. Hopefully Saturn took the matches with him.

Tuesday is huge and of course, everything won't all play out on Tuesday and probably won't all be one thing.

On WEDNESDAY, after an early A.M. void, the Moon will enter Gemini at 8.02AM EDT. Life gets busier. We are more mentally active over the next couple days. This is the first Gemini Moon we have had with Mercury direct in weeks, so we will likely be catching up with missed information, communications, connections and appointments. This is good energy for sales, presentations, teaching, sibling interactions, short trips and errands.

The Sun conjuncts Uranus with Uranus still at his New Moon degree. This exactly squares the United States' Pluto (karma, transformation) and we have a President who is Uranus (via being born with this very aspect). 

Something unexpected will "come to light now" - PLOT TWIST - as Uranus and the Sun kick off their final solar cycle in the warrior sign of Aries for our lifetime. 

This ties into Sunday's New Moon energy and we can all expect the unexpected ... again. 

With the Sun moving into Taurus afterward and Uranus set to move into Taurus next month (a space he hasn't occupied since 1942 and where he will stay until 2026 - Taurus, exalted in Scorpio is considered in "his fall" in stable Taurus) this could be a glimpse of something to come. 

Anything "coming to light" might stress, likely through instability and potential instability, Taurean themes - security, contentment, money, our resources, the planet.

In our personal lives there could be another surprise, liberating break from restriction or disruption from the status quo. Uranus conjunctions usually bring EXCITEMENT!

There could be an abrupt ending/fresh start/disruption.

This aspect always makes me think of an unreliable dad (and Saturn is retrograde, too!).

This is good energy to do something new. Freak flags will fly. Uranus rules the 11th house and our minds can be open to new ideas and experiences now. Stay flexible and go with the flow.

Since Uranus rules accidents it would be a good idea to try to avoid unnecessary risks and impulsive behavior - especially anything brought on by us feeling restrained (for example a hasty move with our car when we don't want to wait) or feeling bossed around. People will not want to feel boxed in. Challenges to authority might not end the way we had hoped.

EXAMPLE FOR CANCER/Cancer Rising - the Sun and Uranus are meeting up in your 10th house of your career, your calling, your achievements, your achievement goals, dad, business, authority, responsibility. Whatever you had going on at the New Moon in any of these areas continues to offer surprises and innovating energy. There could be a change in your job or career or with someone in authority that gets you moving along a new path or doing something in a new way. This could impact your relationship to "the group" or with friendships or one friend in particular. Keep in mind Chiron is moving into your 10th house this week also as well as Mercury stationing direct here. Your career, goals, responsibilities should be a focus. With Aries in your 10th house you have always had to fight, and stand up for yourself, for what you want with your career/goals. What you have you have earned. The Sun then immediately moves into your 11th house of the collective - your friendships, groups, causes, the internet, the public, the goals that bring you into relationship with other people, your advancement, technology- the house Taurus will begin rocketing through next month encouraging some 'herd-separation' as you design a path uniquely your own over the next few years!

On THURSDAY, the Gemini Moon squares dreamy Neptune making it hard to tell fact from fiction now. We are doing lots of adjusting today so stay flexible. The Sun enters stabilizing Taurus maybe making it feel like one of those mornings after big news when things don't seem quite as bad (or quite as good) as they did the night before. Maybe.

Burning Taurus energy for fuel now our attention turns to Taurean themes - our comfort, security, money, resources, our income, our possessions, our values and self-esteem - all that 2nd house stuff. What house does Taurus rule in your natal chart? Events will conspire to shift your energy there. Any Taurus planets in your chart will meet up with the Sun over the next 30 days (Scorpio planets will be opposed by the Sun and Leo/Aquarius planets will square the Sun). In Taurus, the Sun is prudent and stubborn - and doesn't really want to fight anymore. The fire of "let's go for it" in Aries yields to a more earthy and resolute "let's take it one day at a time" kind of thing in more laid-back Taurus.

On FRIDAY, TGIF! The Moon moves into home and family oriented Cancer focusing us on family, real estate, renovation, security, safety, patriotism, mom, history. The Moon will sextile the Taurus Sun in the a.m. - good energy for opportunity within those Cancer or Taurus themes. The Moon squares Mercury in the evening - maybe not the best date night energy. Just stay home. Cancer/Taurus says take a long bath. Cook a nourishing meal. We could be challenged by a conversation, news or just Friday night traffic.

xo all

I am sorry I didn't get to the New Moon info by sign with that last post - UGH!

My body - neck, shoulder and elbow - is not cooperating with long stints at the computer right now and I thought it more important to get the weekly done for the week ahead.

If anyone has anything important going on or would just like a personal heads up please email me or leave a comment and I will check your rising sign/houses for the Moon.

Please take the time to do your New Moon intentions (or make a vision board) during the best hours in your area - Sunday night between 9:57PM EDT and 1:50AM EDT. If you miss this wait until after 7:51AM EDT on Monday - but try to shoot for the best time Sunday night.

This is a late degree New Moon and doesn't give us much time to take advantage of maximum potency!

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