Mars Conjunct Pluto | something's gonna blow, focus like a laser beam

Beneath the Water Lily by Christine-Muraton

We knew when Mars (how we get what we want, our will, action, initiative, anger) entered Capricorn back on March 17th that at some point during his Capricorn journey - since Saturn is hanging here until the end of 2020 and Pluto is hanging here from 2008-2024 - we knew our hero would have to face Saturn and Pluto. Although they are not together yet, thankfully.

He hit Saturn (obstacle, wall, limit, authority) back on April 2nd.

Today is the day he (as we) runs into a retrograde Pluto (transformation, life/death, rebirth, power, control). This energy has been in play for a few days - you may have already felt this - and will continue to be in play until early May. Since these bad boys are squaring Eris, too - this energy is even more potent.

Mars' Capricorn transit started within hours of his square (in Sagittarius) to the New Moon in vulnerable, compassionate Pisces - so we have been coming at this period from a place of weakness - we kind of started this leg of our journey on our knees.

At the same time we have had Mercury back and forth through Aries for weeks squaring this whole thing. Ugh! Indecision, roadblocks, frustration.

By Saturday both Mars (by conjunction) and Mercury (by square) will have moved past Saturn's obstacles. This doesn't mean we got what we wanted, although surely some people did. And we might not know what we are doing or going to do, but we probably know what isn't working by now.

If we can't have it, we know we can't have it.

Saturn is karmic so in some way these obstacles are the 'effects' of causes we ourselves set into motion. Maybe recently. Maybe long ago. Maybe long, long ago. Maybe in other lifetimes - our other lifetimes and our ancestors' lifetimes because we carry their energy and their stories forward.

Now, after finding out/and working through what we can't have - what we can't go back and redo - our limit here - here is Pluto.

Running into Pluto isn't like running into Saturn. This isn't a wall. This is more like a box of dynamite waiting for our angry, impatient Mars, who just happens to be the man with the match.

Our will (Mars) merges with the ultimate power (Pluto). As you can imagine this can be very potent destruction. Something is going down. This can be a good thing or a not-so-good thing.

This could play out in our lives with an argument as tempers flare around control issues.

People (including us) will be tempted to use drastic measures to get what they want. Think "the nuclear option" as a metaphor for whatever lies within Mars/Pluto potential.

We have the knowledge and power of astrology to see what is happening - to use our power for good. If something we are doing smells even slightly of manipulation or revenge or compulsion, stop, think that action through. Be certain of your motivation. Be awake.

I wrote about today's energy HERE - see Thursday. It might be hard not to get caught up in the heat of the moment. Think about that angry man (who doesn't even know he's an angry man) coming upon that box of dynamite. And we are also that box of dynamite (who doesn't know she's a box of dynamite) seducing that angry man. This is all going on inside us and in our personal world and in the collective.

We can choose to go higher and use this energy is healthy ways. And it is probably best to do something with this, rather than leaving it for other people to act out around us or upon us.

This is good energy for any project we need extreme focus, strength and ambition. This is good destruction energy. What needs to be broken down?

If we find ourselves angry today - go deeper with the feeling. What is this anger really about?

Our Mars journey through Capricorn doesn't end here. Mars will square Mercury on May 12th and then on May 16th Mars will move into Aquarius - where he will start answering to Uranus and Saturn. Uranus will be freshly minted in Taurus (and yes, this information sounds very similar to the Mercury information from yesterday MID-MAY is GOING TO BE HUGE) so Mars will be squaring him.

There will be break-throughs and breakdowns. We will talk about this more as we move through it.

For today - this is the serial/cereal killer energy (not a coincidence the Golden State Killer has finally been caught and by DNA with both Saturn and Pluto retrograde) we talked about the other day. It was only by virtue of my having procrastinated both grocery shopping and dishwasher 'button pushing' that I was unable to take out the entire neighborhood.

And we are building toward this weekend's HUGE "die or be reborn" Full Moon in Scorpio (ruled by Pluto)!

April has been uber challenging for many people - lots of stuff happening with maybe not much headway on the physical plane to show for all our toils in the end, but MASSIVE movement underneath if we are awake enough to feel how far we have come. 

So don't forget the Taurus Sun - take care of yourself, get your hands in the dirt, get a massage, prepare a meal with ingredients that have touched the Earth. This will balance us now.

xo all

There is also something in the energy here about a 'gracious defeat'. About not being a sore loser. About the way we handle things when we don't get 'our way'. The way we handle any need to throw up a white flag will be the energy that seeds the ground our next battle is fought upon. We have many, many wins ahead of us folks. We are playing the long game. In the grand scheme of things we aren't all that many years from the sandbox where we first learned to keep our cool (or not) when little Susie got the red shovel we wanted and took her victory lap around the playground. Do we lay in wait for our revenge (like the box of dynamite)? Or do we move on and go play on the swings. It's our choice.

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