Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of April 30th - imperfect options, compromises, adjustments, making the best of what we have on the table now, contracts, partnerships, take some 'noses in the roses' time because Taurus season won't last forever

Perceive the light by anaispopy

What has all this Scorpio/Plutonian energy brought to light for you? What is dead in the water? What has risen from the ashes or been brought back to life?

There is more lunar activity than anything else this week - we are processing what has happened through our emotions.

I can't tell if this week looks calmer than we have seen in awhile or if we are all just exhausted. There are multiple "rock and a hard place" situations, some positives around the middle of the week, but a lot of the week's energy could feel either unsatisfying or challenging depending on how directly your chart is impacted. We are riding the waves brought by Sunday's Full Moon for the next two weeks.

BIG changes (and REAL opportunities) ahead in May!

On MONDAY, the Moon (in Scorpio) trines Neptune at 8:32AM EDT. What were you dreaming when you woke up this morning? We start the day/week maybe feeling more sensitive and compassionate. Good energy to meditate, make art, do imaginative work. To make magic happen. To pull up anchor and drift off to sea. At 3:11PM EDT the Moon conjuncts Jupiter. This is a good business aspect. It might be a good time to ask someone for a favor. We could all be feeling more generous than usual. By 6:43PM EDT the Moon will sextile a retrograde Pluto (in Capricorn). There is an opportunity here to repair something, to have something that felt "dead in the water" suddenly rise from the ashes.

If you are entering into any sort of partnership/contract this week make sure you are looking behind corners and under rugs. Both partners need to be fired up (Juno in independent and fiery Aries since Saturday) and given enough space to move about freely for this thing to work. This won't be about merging multiple energies into one thing, but separate people/situations/groups working together because both benefit from the alliance. Like someone has a spare bedroom and needs extra money and someone else needs a place to sleep and has the means to pay the rent. This kind of stuff can fall into place now, but keep in mind with Aries energy being so independent and inclined to not look too far ahead - you need to take a more long-term view of what you are getting yourself into, there could be trouble not too far down the road if you are not both moving in the same direction and at the same speed off the starting line.

The Moon goes void at 10:56PM EDT off a sextile to Mars.

On TUESDAY, we kiss April good-bye - don't let the door hit you April (a challenging month with LOTS of growth!) - the Moon moves into BIG picture, big thinking Sagittarius at 11:19AM EDT. The next two and a half days will be fast moving!

This will feel similar to the Moon/Jupiter energy from yesterday. We might be more idealistic with more of a desire to travel and stretch our boundaries over the next couple days. It will be hard to restrict ourselves to one of anything - note to self - hide the Thin Mints.

Venus in versatile Gemini will inconjunct a retrograde Saturn, strong in Capricorn. This is a "rock and a hard place" aspect between what we want and what is actually available. We might not get exactly what we want here, but Gemini tells us there are options available. There could be a choice that doesn't really feel like a choice or a compromise needed. We might have to confront some relationship issues that make us irritable.We could be facing a financial limit, authority issue or maybe just not enough time/resources to do what we want to do!

The good news here is that WEDNESDAY, that same Venus is going to make a sextile to the North Node In Leo (our way forward), at the same time trining (brakes off) the South Node in Aquarius (what we are moving away from). Stay flexible. Adjust toward the new.

Maybe that imperfect option is actually exactly what is needed NOW to move things forward in the long run. 

Saturn will make sure we are working within our limits and means, but also make sure whatever is being built here is stable and lasting.

EXAMPLE FOR VIRGO, Virgo Rising (Gemini 10th house) - Venus is in your 10th house - your career, your calling, your achievements, your achievement goals, dad, business, authority, responsibility - something here is between a rock and a hard place now. Staying flexible in your professional life, even as challenges to your goals/status/authority present themselves will keep you on the North Node path within your career/public life. Adjust toward the new. Sunday's potent Full Moon (your 3rd house) could be bringing you evaluations/feedback/criticism on any changes/actions you took early in the year - pay attention and stay open-minded. There are big changes for all of us that start next month. You are going to need MORE SPACE Virgo.

The Moon squares Neptune making things a bit confusing.

On THURSDAY, the Moon goes void at 8:50PM EDT off a trine to Uranus then moves into steady Capricorn at 10:06PM EDT. Do something different.

The Capricorn Moon will make us more focused on our goals, career, duty and responsibilities for the next couple days. The Moon in Capricorn makes people less compassionate and more hard-hearted - pull yourself up by your bootstraps, like I did, buddy. Also more inclined toward self-protection, just staying alive. Every can in our cupboard could feel like the last can of beans in a blizzard. Good energy for business and building stability.

On FRIDAY, the Moon (in Capricorn) conjuncts Saturn at 3:02PM EDT for their monthly pow-wow. This is yesterday's energy on STEROIDS. Things are taken seriously. If you are prone to depression - give yourself a break now. Stuff could seem harder than it actually is. It could feel like we are facing whatever it is we are facing ALL ALONE. Stepping into your responsibility is required. Hard work pays off.

On SATURDAY, Mercury makes a "rock and a hard place" inconjunct to a retrograde Jupiter. With Mercury in "just get it done/said/out there" Aries - we could say something we regret or make too fast a decision on something. Words could be inflated - ours or other people's. Expectations could be too high. We could be making assumptions. We could be rushing something that shouldn't be rushed. With Jupiter in Scorpio we could reveal too much and put ourselves in a difficult position.

The inconjunct tells us to proceed cautiously, especially with our communications/sibling issues and written and verbal contracts - also whatever is happening with your Aries/Scorpio natal house themes. Jupiter's retrograde in Scorpio has us zeroing in on something in the shadows, something we missed - next week when the Sun (in Taurus) opposes Jupiter, something will conclude or come out into the light.

EXAMPLE FOR Capricorn/Capricorn Rising - (Aries 4th house) With Mercury in your house of - home, family, your roots, mother, mothering, your ancestry, real estate or a home business - family communications, real estate decisions, renovations, etc could be challenged by over-ambitious plans, inflated expectations, making assumptions about what is possible or just by rushing through a choice or decision. Late July's first eclipse on the Cancer/Capricorn axis could be a game changer for you Capricorn - you might be catching a glimpse of what's in store then now.

I will be back with some longer term stuff including Uranus into Taurus (May 15th) and some updates on the Donald series - since we finally have a week with no major transits - I can catch up!

xo all


lynn bowes said...

Mercy. A couple of very, very, VERY quick notes as I start my very, very, VERY big week. We got moved last week and truly I have never been this exhausted. As you say in the beginning of the post, however, to make this work we had to be flexible in our partnership with the sellers. We don't actually close until later today but they let us move in a week early and we let them keep a lot of their things in the basement. Flexibility is key.

Still purging as we review each and every little thing that comes through the doorway and carefully editing our lives. So much I am simply 'over', you know? This is a good move. I can't tell you the difference in my head.

More later :: lynn

Catherine Ivins said...

I thought about you moving last week - what a week to move! And now getting things settled - whew! You have Venus in flexible, multi-tasking, communicative Gemini passing through the very bottom of your chart (home, roots, your base) right now - exact on Wednesday. Deciding what/who is allowed in, the ability to share the space what you own with others as they share what they own with you, being busy, busy, busy within the home - yup this move is perfectly timed. "carefully editing our lives" - love that Lynn- good luck with it all! xo

DancingMooney said...

Hey Cat! Life has been moving SO fast this year! Some blow ups and break through-s have happened though with hubby and I, so I think that is good. I also find myself going back to things I had started this time last year, and then kind of fell off the wagon with... now trying to pick back up again. Get centered, get focused, get rid of the clutter that slows me down. Definitely seeing that flexibility is big right now, but also trying to stay focused on goals and plans too.

Will try to visit more often. I can't believe it is MAY already!!!

Hope life is well for you, friend.

Thank you always for your posts. ♥


Catherine Ivins said...

Hi Janell- I can't believe it's May either! Nice to hear you are doing well - I keep meaning to get over on Insta and see what you are up to. Thanks for stopping by! xo