Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Mid-May 2018 - Not Letting Sleeping Dogs Lie

the source of inspiration 2 by David Shermann

Mercury left his retrograde shadow yesterday. He is still in Aries, but no longer walking degrees he has walked before. Whatever we were going back and forth over should be finished.

There is no more to be gained by continuing to rehash this information/conversation.

May's crazy middle will start to come alive around next Tuesday, May 8th, when the last quarter Moon in Aquarius (answering to Uranus, Aquarius ruler) squares the Sun in Taurus. This brings the month's major energies - Uranus/Taurus - to the same table, although they will be sitting at odds with each other. One desiring the ease of the comfort foods she is familiar with, the other demanding to try takeout from that new Sushi place in the city where robots make your meal.

This is tension between something new, innovative and unproven vs something safe and comfortable that doesn't push our buttons or stretch our boundaries. Except no matter which way we are leaning, routines will be busted anyway this month.

Old habits may die hard, but they can also die fast. 

On May 12th, Mars starts walking the degrees he will walk during his upcoming retrograde. In four days he will move into Aquarius where he will stay for MONTHS (not his usual weeks!). Buckle up Aquarius! Where are your actions focused now? Whatever we do now will likely need to be re-done later. Mars will station retrograde on June 26th. Start moving direct again on August 27th and be back in Aquarius on September 10th. His retrograde in Aquarius added to the fact that Uranus, the planet that co-rules Aquarius in changing signs for the first time in 7 years and the other co-ruler of Aquarius, Saturn is strongly settled in Capricorn, a sign he also rules - is all uber important and so perfectly timed for our Age of Aquarius lightning bolt changes.

On May 13th, Mercury exits Aries (finally) and moves into Taurus. News comes in. The conversation shifts to Taurean matters - our possessions, our money, our values, the planet. Mercury in Taurus slows down communications and conversations and our thinking. That's OK. Snap decisions will be less snappy.

(snaps are highly over-rated anyway, am I right seamstresses, aren't buttons more practical?)

The monkeys in our brain will quiet down now - although maybe only for a moment with Uranus blowing into town in two days (!!) - imagine them quietly hanging in a tree, eating their bananas and watching the sunset. Maybe they eat so many bananas they tumble to the ground in a banana coma for the next few weeks - imagine whatever it takes to quiet those chatterers. They will not do us any good now. They are not needed. And don't worry about the little fellows, they will wake up as soon as Mercury moves into fast moving Gemini on May 29th. 

On May 15th, (one of the BIGGEST days of the year, although you know stuff doesn't always happen when transits are exact) we have the New Moon in Taurus AND Uranus moves into Taurus - after seven years in Aries. Uranus will retrograde back into Aries in a few months while retrograde - to toss a final wrench into the wheel of Aries, then move back into Taurus for a nice, long stay. I will write a big post about this by sign.

Hosting both the New Moon and the "anything-can-happen" (think Trump here) planet Uranus at the same time tells us any early degree Taurus placements (and the other fixed signs - Scorpio, Aquarius, Leo through squares or oppositions) will be rocking and rolling.

This is technology/fast future (Uranus) vs nature/cycles of life (Taurus). Earthquakes. Money changes. Changes with what we value. Here we go!

We have been building toward these energies clashing/figuring out how to work together for a LONG TIME and now here we are.

Uranus is the planet of innovation and fast future-focused change and rules Aquarius - the genius, rebel, revolutionary, criminal. Taurus (ruled by lovely Venus, maybe one day astrology will assign Ceres); stable, stubborn, earthy and patient is the sign that rules our collective 2nd house - our money, our values, our resources, everything money can buy and everything it can't, our values and self-esteem.

I will write a big post about this and I did charts for some readers a few weeks back about this transit. It is going to be BIG.

Changes, likely something that challenges our sense of security, could start off with a BANG.

Remember our natal Taurus houses are the spaces we probably do the least amount of innovation - this is our space of comfort that comes from complacency - the place we are usually willing to LEAVE WELL ENOUGH ALONE. Uranus will confront us about our fixed position through people and situations that make us UNCOMFORTABLE. Sleeping dogs will not be allowed to lie - sleeping dogs will be awake and barking. 

On May 16th Mars will roll into Aquarius and start answering to Uranus and then square Uranus ON THE SAME DAY. Due to Mars upcoming retrograde this square will be a series of three - the 2nd one in the first half of August and the final one in the second half of September. If we think we are done with something now we aren't. Mars/Uranus disrupts the group - the ground beneath our feet is shaking.

Now, if you are reading this stuff and thinking "NO" (this probably means you have strong Aquarius, Taurus, Scorpio, Leo - fixed energy - in your chart), well this doesn't have to be a negative thing. Change is good. Change is good. Let this be our new mantra people! Where are those t-shirts when we need them?! This is the Age of Aquarius and the world is NOT working well for many, many people. Change is good.

Uranus/Aquarius rules the group - the hive-mind. 

Think about the power of that for a minute. Think about how THAT could get harnessed in stable, earthy Taurus and the amazing good that could come from that.

All possibilities are on the table now - the comfort food, garden grown like grandma used to make and the robot-shaped sushi with seafood grown in a tank.

Likely we are going to have some struggles first as we get our bearings, but keep in mind this is a LONG transit.

And remember Taurus is sextile (opportunity) our Cancer and Pisces points and planets and trine (brakes off) our Virgo and Capricorn planets and points. The fixed stuff (Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius, Leo) will take most of the whomping, but that is the stuff that needs to be shaken up. Life could feel less stable for all of us, but unless we are asleep with the covers pulled up to our chin -  

we are already feeling this.

The last Uranus in Taurus brought us the Great Depression, the Dust Bowl, World War II. Cycles repeat, but never exactly.

Maybe this newest Great Depression - has more to do with what is happening to our central nervous systems (there is only one of here) with millions of people passively absorbing information (and pretty pictures) all day long. We have had the South Node in Aquarius for the last year bringing our - addiction to technology, addiction to distraction, addiction to over-thinking - to our attention. Taurus (nature, the touch of another human being, food grown in the ground, trees) is the balm here. Taurus rules our 2nd house of what we own, "do we own our phones/laptops or do they own us?".

Maybe we are about to find out.

I will write a post about this transit by sign, and we will talk about it as we move through it.

In the meantime - heads up about next week and the middle of May. Stay flexible. Have a nice weekend. The Moon is in productive, ambitious Capricorn and then moves into humanitarian Aquarius on Sunday morning. Also on Sunday we have a lovely, opportunistic sextile from Neptune to the Sun (in Taurus). Anything artistic, healing or mystical is favored. Monday morning's energies could be kind of challenging for connecting with other people, keep this in mind. xo all

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