Mercury trine Saturn | the right words, time to think, find someone who knows what you need to know, our words are our bond now, results, explanations, solutions

time out by evivalarte

Today we have Mercury (at 8 degrees Taurus) trining (brakes off) Saturn (at 8 degrees Capricorn). 

We want to be careful (and purposeful) with our language now.

When Mercury aspects Saturn our spoken/written words, and maybe most especially the things we tell ourselves about what is possible, create iron-clad contracts. Only make promises you know you can keep now because you will be held accountable. If you say you are going to do something, you are actually going to have to do it or it is going to come back and bite you in the ass.

Avoid gossip. With Saturn being the king of karma and all that, it has a way of coming back around.

Opportunities come through careful planning and preparation as Mercury (communications, conversations, ideas, thoughts) trines serious Saturn (time, stability, hard work, authority) now.

Deliberate, thoughtful and sober words create the most impact. If we want to be taken seriously we need to take ourselves seriously. Conversations should be respectful. Do we know what we are talking about? If not, it's time to connect with someone who does. Lessons learned now stay with us. What are we learning?

Communications and conversations with authority figures are helpful now. ANSWERS COME IN. Pay attention to what you are hearing. Be sure you are understanding what is being said and that you are being understood.

(which is making me think of the whole Yanny/Laurel thing - perfect timing!)

This is great energy to work toward developing mastery of a subject.

Just the right words/ideas/information could drop into our lap.

We could have a clearer solution/explanation/result now from the New Moon energy earlier in the week or last week's Uranus/Mercury MESSAGE.
Saturn rules time, so this won't happen overnight. That's OK. We have more time than we think we do. We are in the energy of that fresh new Taurus Moon encouraging us to start again; to take fresh action, to get those seeds into the Earth.

This aspect (Mercury in Taurus trine Saturn in Capricorn) offers us the perseverance and concentration that creates stable structures.

Mercury and Venus are in mutual reception and strengthening each other AND we have Venus conjunct Pallas - being able to strategize to get what we want or maybe being smart about what we want - is what we want the smart choice? Plans are our friend now.

This is good energy for paperwork that requires accuracy and a time when we can focus on what is most important rather than what might at first appear most urgent.

It is perfectly alright to say, "no", "not yet" or "I have to think about it". We may hear these words now, too.

Six of ten planets will be retrograde this summer - are we ready for this ...... xo all

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