Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of May 28th - the power of positivity and focus, opening our mind, following our heart, when that thing in our way is the way, brakes come off all over the place, stop pushing, where luck meets love meets imagination

Archer by vylcans
The big aspects this week are:

TUESDAY - Full Moon in Sagittarius, Mercury moves home to Gemini
FRIDAY - Mercury trines Mars, Venus trines Jupiter
SATURDAY - Venus trines Neptune, Mercury inconjunct Saturn
SUNDAY - Mercury sextiles the Nodes

Here are the Void Moons in the week ahead, since we have some long ones again now that Uranus is in Taurus - Monday 1:25PM EDT - 6:29PM EDT, Wednesday 2:26AM EDT - midnight, Thursday 12:00AM EDT - 5:27AM EDT, Friday 11:37PM EDT - midnight and Saturday 12:00AM EDT – 6:06PM EDT.

On MONDAY - we start the day (Memorial Day in the U.S.) with the Scorpio Moon opposing Mercury in Taurus. Communications could be focused and intent. There could be arguments and misunderstandings. Let's get things done early because the Moon will go void from 1:25PM EDT until 6:39PM EDT when she moves into "big-picture" Sagittarius making us more optimistic over the next couple days. Avoid getting too preachy and over-doing things tonight.

On TUESDAY - at 10:19AM EDT the Gemini Sun will oppose the Sagittarius Moon at 8 degrees - giving us our annual Full Moon in Sagittarius. The Moon will trine the North Node (in Leo) and the Sun will be trining the South Node (in Aquarius). The Sun is also inconjunct (rock and hard place) Saturn in Capricorn.

Full Moons brings things to light or to a conclusion.

The Gemini/Aquarius energy will be finishing something up or bringing something to a fullness via conversations, information, communications, choices, decisions. The Sagittarius/Leo energy will be launching us forward (think of the Sagittarian archer's arrow here) via our beliefs, truth, wisdom, bigger opportunities, travel, stepping outside comfort zones, exploration, education. This could all be rather a smooth transition, except for the Sun's inconjunct to Saturn - that obstacle/limit that must be addressed. With Saturn in play we want to be sure we are taking seriously what we are doing now and taking responsibility for where we are heading with whatever we have going on. Sagittarius likes shortcuts, but Saturn is not allowing any corner-cutting. If Saturn is limiting our choices now, know with the tie-in to the Nodes of Fate, we can trust whatever is happening is unfurling in its own time.

We OPEN OUR MINDS (Full Moon in Sagittarius) to a higher ground with a clearer FOCUS and at the same time welcome the choices and changing attentions of Gemini. 

We OPEN OUR HEARTS (North Node in Leo) to the creation of what we are here to bring into the world and at the same time release the detachment and distractions of Aquarius.

With Chiron in Aries we have a Grand Fire Trine formed with the Sagittarius Moon and North Node in Leo. Fire burns away the bullshit - and we have the North and South node in air signs to fan the flames - so that truth/wisdom/whatever we are stretching here (Sag) can HEAL (Chiron). The Moon is conjunct the fixed star Antares connected by astrologers who study the fixed stars to Jupiter (ruler of this Full Moon and currently retrograde in Scorpio) and Mars (co-ruler of Scorpio) - speaking of bravery and passion but also possible carelessness creating damage. We can certainly pull back a bit from anything that feels too risky now.

The Full Moon's aspects are also forming a Mystic Rectangle. A Mystic Rectangle is two oppositions (Moon/Sun and North Node/South Node) supported by multiple smooth sextiles and trines. Expansion, sudden challenges, too much/too soon, over-the-top emotions whatever this is if it touches our chart - there are multiple beneficial energies helping us make this all work out smoothly.

What to do? Focus.

This is excellent energy for artists and creatives to reach for something else, to work with something/someone foreign, to learn something new, to stretch. 

We attract what we want and need by optimistically embracing potential now. We don't have to know how this is all going to turn out, we know there will be adventure here - if we embrace what we do with an adventurous heart.

Remember the energies we are working with  - we are working with the Leo/Aquarius polarity - something we have talked about alot over the last year.

Leo (naturally ruled by the Sun) is asking us to step onto the center stage of our own life - to shine. Leo is that noble lion; generous and heart-centered. At the same time Aquarius is asking us to work for the best outcome for everyone, to stay humble.

We are asked to release the idea that for us to win - someone else has to lose. This isn't true. We are asked to release the idea that if someone else looks like they have won, that we have lost. That isn't true either.

We are working with the Sagittarius/Gemini polarity.

Sagittarius is a fun-loving sign that rules travel, freedom, adventure, legal stuff, higher education, good luck, faith, religion, prayer, optimism, problem solving, truth seekers, boldly going where no man has gone before, the quest  -

it also rules carelessness, taking shortcuts, thinking we are right, making assumptions, throwing pink paint on problems and hoping they will go away, overconfidence, impatience and superficial fluff.

Sagittarius is a mutable sign. The mutable signs prepare us for the change into the next season. We put on the sweater. We put away the sweater. We adjust.

Mutable signs are service signs and Sagittarius is in service through the exploration of Truth - this could be legal truth or political truth but its most especially spiritual truth - its highest purpose is enlightenment and expanding what is known.

The lower level energies rule religious wars, legal battles and political bullshit.

I will get up a Full Moon post by sign over the next couple days, so we can see what houses this is hitting for all of us!

At 7:49PM EDT, Mercury moves into Gemini (thru June 12th) - a sign she/he RULES. Information speeds up. Travel, especially local travel, speeds up. People are more talkative. We get more mentally busy. We could be dealing with more sibling and transportation/local environment issues over the next couple weeks. We put our thoughts into words.

With Mercury ruling the Sun and changing signs on the day of the Full Moon it is especially likely for some information to come in this week that brings to light or to some conclusion/culmination our Full Moon agenda and/or our Leo North Node agenda (that thing our heart wants).

On WEDNESDAY - the Moon will square Neptune in the middle of the night and then go void for the ENTIRE DAY. A long void after that Neptune square would NOT be a good time to make an important decision. There could be a fine line between optimism and stupid, wishful thinking and we will be too likely to cross it. Don't start anything. Don't buy anything or buy into anything that requires any kind of commitment now. Observer mode is best today. Kick back. Take a long nap.

On THURSDAY - the Moon enters stable Capricorn concentrating us on Capricorn issues for the next couple days - our goals, responsibilities, work, career. The Moon will trine Uranus early in the day so there could be some ease with Taurus stuff - money matters, our resources and values. We should be able to roll with the changes. Then the Moon moves on to conjunct Saturn at 8:53PM EDT - the energy slows down. Maybe we are getting serious about those Capricorn security/authority issues.

On THURSDAY, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY we have a glorious Grand Water Trine involving Jupiter, Venus and Neptune as Venus joins the Jupiter/Neptune party started last week.

This is a smooth flow of expansion, luck, beauty, love and imagination. This can bring healing and increased intimacy.

There is always the possibility to take something too far here because there isn't much stopping these energies! Our addictions, compulsions could go off the rails and Neptune tends to idealize everything anyway. Keep those things in mind. We will talk about this more later in the week.

Also on FRIDAY, Mercury, freshly minted in her home sign of Gemini, is going to trine Mars (in Aquarius) - this could be a new idea we can take action on. We could have to make a fast decision or make a quick move.

Back later with the Full Moon post and then later in the week with more on that Grand Water Trine and the weekend.

This looks like mostly a mellow week. Keep in mind those LONG Void Moons if you have important events happening or things you are kicking out into the world and need support with (during Void Moons there won't be any!).

xo all

With all the trines this week whatever we have going on shouldn't be some super complicated thing where twenty things have to fall into place for us to get what we want. Our next right step should feel natural. There should be an ease here. If we are pushing we are doing it wrong. The Saturn obstacle/responsibility is going to need to be addressed though.

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