Mars into Aquarius (for what will seem like forevah and evah), Mars Square Uranus, Venus Conjunct Pallas - unexpected action, break-throughs, break-downs, break-aways, restless urges vs reckless urges, maybe what we want can be the smart choice, too

Spaceman by Mishelangello
Yesterday Mars moved from Capricorn into Aquarius and then quickly squared Uranus (ruler of Aquarius!), freshly minted in Taurus. The square (tension) will be in play until May 26th.

Due to Mars upcoming retrograde he is going to be hanging his hat in Aquarius (with a dip back into Capricorn from August 12th- September 10th) until November 15th.

This is an especially long transit for the planet that rules our initiative, passion, enthusiasm, anger, action, aggression, our Aries house and co-rules our Scorpio house. In Aquarius, he (as we) will experience the summer eclipse season and the Nodal Axis switch to Cancer/Capricorn along with about a gazillion planetary interactions.

Aquarius is the space in our natal chart where it's never going to work to follow the crowd just for the sake of fitting in.

Our rough, uncomfortable edges are there for a reason. Mars in this space says "I am going to do my own thing and I am going to do it RIGHT NOW".

Pushed into Aquarius with this frustrating square to Uranus, Mars energy will be super-charged! This is manna from heaven if your area of life ruled by Aquarius is stuck in a rut - which as a fixed sign Aquarius tends to get. Where is Aquarius in your natal chart?

A square with Uranus often indicates some kind of sudden break (although it's actually been building for a while). This could be a break-through, break-down, break-up. Maybe we are the one initiating this or some situation/person/event outside of us is. Either way something SNAPS and off we go. This will be most strongly felt as tension/frustration, right now, by people with planets or points around 0-2 degrees of the fixed signs - Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

What we want to avoid now with the square to Uranus - because we might feel a strong need to speed things up (Mars hates to WAIT, but Aquarius, co-ruled by Saturn, can wait) is reckless action.

Sometimes some kind of impulsive move is necessary to get things un-stuck, but keep in mind, with Mars freshly minted in Aquarius and walking degrees he will re-walk two more times, there is something here that cannot be rushed even when we find ourselves rushing. If we rush something it will likely have to be re-done later.

If we can work the best of the Mars in Aquarius energies - innovative action, movement that creates greater freedom, idealistic courage, starting something that sticks - and use the frustrating square as a springboard - we will be way ahead of the game. And, yes, it's still a long game and we are in the first quarter and the last quarter at the same time. 

Top buttons are going to come undone now.

If we find ourselves aggravated out of proportion to the situation we are faced with - we need to give ourselves some space. Anything binding us to a too-tightly-tethered past is ripe for change here. We don't have to toss out what is working, but with Aquarius we need to keep one eye on the future - is this really sustainable?

People think Aquarius represents independence (nope, that's Aries but with Mars ruling Aries we have that energy in play, too) although more accurately Aquarius represents individuality. There is a difference. Think about it. There is an independent spirit here, yes, but since Aquarius rules the 11th house of groups, it shows people bound together by a cause. So, in Aquarius we find a better way to work together so it benefits everyone or else we go our own way. These are the only two outcomes for Aquarius.

Mars in Aquarius is excellent energy to take action with group projects and humanitarian causes. This doesn't mean these situations will be stress-free, probably the opposite in fact, but we will be amazed with what we learn/get done between now and mid-November and then it will be ALL SYSTEMS GO.

The stuff that was in the collective news/media yesterday/this week will likely play a big part in our collective journey through this transit. And on a universal level this will have our collective Mars energy focused on Aquarian themes : groups, the internet, technology, sudden change, rebellion, invention, freedom, independence, charity, our vision and the 'collective'.

We are going to have SIX planets retrograde this summer folks!

We will make progress now, then Mars will station retrograde on June 26th. Progress will halt in some way to allow us to go back over things. When Mars dips back into Capricorn in mid-August this will allow us to go back over old structure/old goals and responsibilities and hopefully integrate this stuff with the new.

Also because the South Node is in Aquarius, Mars will meet the South Node three times over the next few months - June 8th, July 20th and September 27th. There is some past situation(s) - this life, past life, familial karma passed to us through our DNA, etc - here that is ripe to be wrapped up. This could be one thing we are dealing with again and again or different things. We will talk about this as we move through it.

We also have Venus meeting Pallas at 27 degrees Gemini today. The Goddess of Love sits with the Goddess of Wisdom in the sign of choices/our thinking/learning/information. We can think with our head and our heart as one now. We can make a plan (Pallas rules strategy) to remedy financial/love issues.

Maybe there is something here about what we want (Venus) being the wise choice (Pallas/Gemini), too.

xo all

In the meantime the New Moon in Taurus is waxing (growing) - what seeds are you getting into the ground?

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