Jupiter opposite Mercury, Sun trine Mars | is there an answer here somewhere? when mental stuff is making us mental, we know what to do or will by the end of the week or maybe I just think we know what to do, trust seuss

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Today we have Mercury (communications, information, ideas, the metaphorical trees), at 16 degrees Taurus, opposing Jupiter (expansion, the metaphorical forest, sometimes luck), retrograde at 16 degrees Scorpio.

This could be a time of greater optimism and greater confidence. Maybe we are thinking (Mercury) big (Jupiter). We could feel more social. Our words more enthusiastic (and less practical).

Our ideas bigger and bolder now ...

maybe bigger than our wallets, our resources, the time we have available.

Because remember this is an opposition.

We are looking at the trees, but the forest is pressing in on us, too. Or we are looking at the forest and a tree branch hits us in the eye. We might have misinterpreted something because we have been glossing over the facts and now here they are and we can't not see them. We could have over-promised and now that is biting us in the butt. We could easily over-promise now.

We (or someone else) could be all talk and no action.

Mars in "let's just over-think this whole damn thing" and/or "I know it all" Aquarius won't be much help. Mars could be procrastinating here or just as likely, and just as unwisely, pushing forward ANYWAY.

Reality can be challenging now - we are just a day or two past the first quarter square from that big New Moon and we have moved into Gemini season. Options are in-flux, but to keep looking for more and more information will just make us more a part of a world gone completely mad with data.

We know what we know. What we know is enough.

(I sound a bit like Seuss somehow, don't I?)

It's time to adjust. 

And with Mercury in Taurus - what we own - we could be talking about important stuff now.

Of course, with Jupiter doing his retrograde thing in deep, dark Scorpio - if we have been focused like a laser beam and working on narrowing our sh*t down, the best use of those energies, this could be the time we make a decision, have one of Oprah's "aha" moments. AHA!

The temptation to expand too much or share too much or promise too much or think too much or say too much or SIGN OUR LIFE AWAY would be tempered by Scorpio's narrowing of Jupiter's lens. I hope for your sake, you have been down there with the pen light I suggested weeks ago and not a big old spotlight like I have, not often being one to take my own advice.

The more focused we have been the more this energy will be expansive and helpful. We can see the forest through the trees now.

More good news (or news to make us even more over-the-top) the Gemini Sun is trining (brakes off) Mars (in Aquarius).

Maybe here is the part where we know (Mercury) what we are doing (Mars).

The opposition to Jupiter makes me a bit wary of saying this because I could be exaggerating the importance of the trine and ignoring the opposition!

I don't have any answers because I have been wielding the spotlight folks. I see too much. If that is you, drill down to the stuff at the bottom of the pile. It will be the uncomfortable stuff you don't want to look at. Like the bill you forgot about that is now DUE and covered up with the junk mail. Also Pluto has been sitting on my Mercury for months. It is hard for me to write good news even when the news might be good. Might. Keep this in mind.

Also Mercury is going to trine Pluto (in serious as a heart-attack) Capricorn - so take whatever you are saying/thinking/SIGNING seriously now. 

xo all

The Moon is void today from 10:55AM EDT until midnight ...there is more about today's energies in the weekly HERE - check Wednesday

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