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Let's start with the Jupiter/Neptune because this is a repeating aspect this year. Astrology is the study of patterns and archetypes, repeating aspects should have our attention.

These two planets are trining each other on December 2, 2017 at 11 degrees, today at 16 degrees (with Neptune exactly on my natal Jupiter and exactly squaring my natal Neptune) and finally on August 19th at 15 degrees.

The brakes are off between our Scorpio (Jupiter) and Pisces (Neptune) natal houses. What are their themes in your natal chart?

In my chart this is happening between my 1st and 4th houses - so this would be my physical body (and I am sick) and my home/family/roots (where I have alot going on and my plumbing is leaking in multiple places - so appropriate, and I wouldn't be surprised if the ancestors of that thousand ant colony that walked into my kitchen last year make an appearance).

Jupiter stretches our boundaries and then Neptune dissolves them. 

This can be a very good thing where we fall right into something WONDERFUL

or something like quicksand and we are very quickly submerged, all depending on what we have going on in our life and how closely this is hitting our planets/points.

This is excellent healing energy. This is excellent "dream come true" energy. We are manifesting through our emotions now.

With Jupiter in Scorpio though we just need to be sure this is a positive dream and not an obsession/addiction because it could be hard to see the difference now. 

We can more easily connect with collective consciousness. This is excellent energy for meditation - to take care of ourselves. With Uranus in Taurus now - our health (especially our self-esteem) really will be our wealth.

Connect with nature. Get into water.

If you have someone in your life prone to addiction, this is tricky energy for that - reach out to them now - connection heals addiction. Our own addictions/escapisms could become more visible.

If we have to push we are moving against the currents today. Let it be. The "no limits" comes through faith now. Trust.

Jupiter and Neptune are going to trine benefic Venus late next week - something with that home/family/security situation is going to slide into place. Is this a good thing?

We might find ourselves getting (once again) what we don't want. 

Trines are closed circuits - the brakes are released, yes, but only between two (or three next week with the Grand Trine) specific points. 

This one is in water (Scorpio/Pisces) so we are dealing with our emotional/intuitive energy. 

If the loop is healthy, with Jupiter/Neptune, it will expand in healthy ways, and we will feel that. 

If it's unhealthy we will feel that, too. The trine allows us the uncomfortable gift of unraveling something and letting it GO.

(I am feeling sick and "full" and so is my home/family right now and this is happening on multiple levels - it is not a coincidence I have been obsessing on ancestry.com and did the 'help a family member when my help wasn't requested' thing I used to do, but thought I had stopped doing and caught this bug doing it - the "savior" complex I use to keep myself separated from other people and create situations where I get to "lose" and get to "avoid" my own stuff at the same time - yippee me - plus I have been needing to move for YEARS - I think this house is sick of me)

Trines remove roadblocks. If the roadblock IS the problem, then great, things improve. Things slide into place. If the roadblock has been holding the problem at bay - things might appear to grow worse, but really it is a closed loop and we can only deal with what is already in here.

While we have the trine energy, working to remove the block - forgiveness, compassion, etc -  is VERY helpful, especially knowing we have that Grand Water Trine with beneficial Venus approaching!

We also have Mercury (in stable Taurus) trining Pluto (in stable Capricorn).

If the Mercury energy is hitting your chart there will be news/communications/decisions made involving goals/career/authority issues. 

There could also be a dealing with a woman or about love, money or beauty themes likely tied to the home, real estate, renovation, family, parent, security issue - look for a turning point.

If something about our material life has been neglected - we don't balance the books and bounce a check now, etc - we will know about it. We are required to deal with this. This is another trine - brakes off - another closed loop. Although it might look like something is coming from outside of us really we are only dealing with what we have already put in here.

And with Venus building toward her opposition to Saturn - exact tomorrow - we can tell alot about our lives, and about ourselves, by what we have, and don't have, going on right now.

xo all

today's energy is powerful manifestation energy - our words and our emotions/intuition connecting us to collective consciousness, to fate - even if you do not meditate regularly today would be a good day for something like this - anything that feels like CLEARING THE SLATE is helpful, too.

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