Weekend Astrology Forecast for Creatives | May 12th thru 13th - feeling like time is running out, keeping our cool, shrugging off the nasty, the slow down

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With Venus ruled Taurus late into Aries and changing signs on Tuesday coupled with a dark and moody Aries Moon focusing us on "me, me, me" - we might be feeling/seeing the results of prior thoughts, actions and in-actions that have resulted in our current Venusian situation (love, money, values, self-esteem) - do we have enough love? do we have enough money? what have we been doing/not doing that is screwing things up for ourselves?

(ie a good thing to do with Venus ruled Taurus preparing to shake things up is to avoid focus on bad habits - procrastinating, distraction, addiction - but on filling more hours with good habits or productive activity - so instead of limiting your computer time, for example, get a part-time job that will require you to limit your computer time, instead of quitting smoking find a way to fill more time with something that requires you to not smoke - you get the idea - you don't say to yourself I am not going to waste an hour every morning on the computer, you say to yourself "I will do XYZ for an hour every morning" - the bad habits shake loose naturally)

SATURDAY could be testy with both the Moon and Mercury in Aries and squaring fiesty Mars. This is great energy to lose our cool - so let's try to avoid that.

You have the benefit of astrology. You know the weather and can bring an umbrella or stay home and do something productive with your head and hands. This isn't the time for a heart to heart conversation/negotiations because everyone will be focused on their own best interests (Aries). Words could be curt and cutting.

The Moon is dark now as we build toward the Taurus New Moon early next week. Things could feel uncertain and kind of muddy. When the Moon and Mercury meet in Aries it will be at the final degree of the sign - this always makes us FEEL LIKE TIME IS RUNNING OUT. And we have Mercury set to meet (and then pass Uranus) at this same degree on Monday. I am not going to say the sense of urgency isn't real because in some cases it will be, most likely though as these planetary energies whoosh out of cardinal "let's get this party started" Aries - we will be regretting all the things we didn't get started.

Keep a cool head. Many people carry Mars all wound up in a tight ball ready to spring, so stay mindful of where you are and what you are saying/doing. Don't regurgitate your Mars all over other people. And excuse other people, who don't have the same benefit of knowing the astrological weather, their outbursts. The Moon in independent Aries will make it easier to shrug off the nasty, if our Mars has a healthy outlet. Get some exercise. 

Drive safely now.

The Moon will square Pluto at 10:54PM EDT which could bring up jealousy, compulsion, manipulative behavior - feeling like we need to manipulate a situation to get what we want. It could make us focused on what we don't have. Then, if we are still awake to see any benefit, the Moon will sextile (opportunity) lovely Venus at 1:01 AM EDT - charming conversations to send us off into dreamland.

On SUNDAY, Mercury will conjunct Uranus at 6:49AM EDT.  

Our plans will be subject to change. We could change our minds. New information can come in now. Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury connecting us to group consciousness - this would be an excellent time for writing! Don't sleep in writers!

At 8:40AM EDT Mercury enters stable Taurus - our thinking slows down. So do communications and commerce. Things should begin to feel a little less urgent (maybe not with Uranus still at 29 degrees though!). Decisions will be made more cautiously now. Get outside and hug a tree. Mercury has been in Aries since the beginning of March due to its recent retrograde so this slow-down (if we feel it!) could feel good if we have been go-go-go.

At 2:05PM EDT the Moon enters Taurus, too, focusing us on our money, resources, values and relationships over the next couple days.

We are REALLY building toward Tuesday's New Moon now and we will feel it. The Moon will hook up with Mercury at 2:57PM EDT (in Taurus). Our heart/emotional needs and our head are together here. We know what we want.

We have a BIG week ahead, so try to enjoy late Sunday's slower energy.

xo all

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