Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of May 21st - information, communications, commitments, dreams get bigger, a slippery slope, the BIG thing with all the strings attached

Hazy Farewell by Natalia Drepina

OK - here we go!

On MONDAY the Leo Moon is void all day until her move into Virgo at 10:03PM EDT. Not a day to start anything or to launch anything into the world you would like "something to come of".

With the Moon in Virgo for the next couple days we will be more detail oriented, cautious, dotting our i's and crossing our t's. Add that to the Sun's move into Gemini yesterday and we know we are likely to be busy. We will be talking to people. We will be running around. Maybe feeling rushed and having to do two things at once. If we feel scattered be sure to drill down into the facts - prioritize.

We could be busy with communications, paperwork, organization, health and pet issues. Within about 30 minutes of entering Virgo, the Moon will trine (brakes off) Uranus, freshly minted in Taurus. This could have us focusing on new ways to make the most practical use of our resources. Uranus will be pushing us to think/work outside the box with whatever we have going on.

Also Pallas moves into Cancer today joining Venus.

Pallas (feminine wisdom, courage, strategy) in Cancer is smart and caring. If something related to family or home needs defending, we will respond. Keep in mind, so will other people, this energy is universally available. Joining Venus (love, money, resources, values, self-esteem, beauty, women) - smart strategies that make us feel safe and secure would move Venusian issues forward now.

On TUESDAY the Moon (in Virgo) will sextile (opportunity) Venus (in Cancer) when we wake up. This should be good energy to get along with other people. The only thing stopping the day from getting started on a good note would be if the Sun in Gemini/Moon in Virgo - both answering to monkey-mind Mercury has had us up all night.

The Moon trines Saturn at 12:19PM EDT - we will feel best if we are working, being responsible and taking care of business today.

Late Tuesday night the Moon moves on to sextile dreamy Neptune (in Pisces). This is good for creative writing, making music or art. Our mind will want to drift and not focus on the details.

On WEDNESDAY the Moon is void from 10:55AM EDT until midnight when she moves into balanced and diplomatic Libra. This would not be a good day to launch anything you want something to come of since the Moon isn't working with any other planet.

Mercury (in stable Taurus) will oppose Jupiter (retrograde in Scorpio). This actually starts Tuesday night. People will be talking about money/resources/intimacy issues. Some of the talk might be over-the-top or we could just really want to have our say. With Jupiter retrograde and drilling down into Scorpio we could be intensively focused on some information/communications. We need to keep our eye on what is right in front of us now. On what we already have/what we already know.

At the end of the week Mercury is going to trine Pluto (retrograde in Capricorn), so it looks like whatever we are dealing with on Wednesday will move forward/get solidified on Friday. Whatever this is, the trine to Capricorn tells us to TAKE IT SERIOUSLY.

Also on Wednesday the Sun (in Gemini) trines (brakes off) Mars (in Aquarius). Here is where we move forward with what we know. We send the email. We have the future-focused conversation. There could be an answer, a result, new information or something REVEALED now that will drive our action.

We could be feeling confident and ambitious - keep that Void Moon in mind though.

On THURSDAY the Libra Moon is part of a Grand Trine along with the Sun (in Gemini) and Mars (in Aquarius). Excellent for ambitious thinking and planning, intellectual curiosity, detachment and calm - especially around communications and information and social engagement. There could be some tense stuff in the late afternoon especially around security/financial issues.

On FRIDAY we have both the Mercury trine Pluto we talked about on Wednesday AND we have a retrograde Jupiter (in Scorpio) trining Neptune - for the second time (of three!).  

This is an aspect of generosity and optimism - it is also the slippery slope your mama warned you about.

This is one of the BIG recurring aspects of 2018 - we had the first one back on December 2nd (and yes, I realize that was 2017!) then today and the final trine will be on August 29th.

Jupiter stretches our boundaries and then Neptune dissolves them. 

This can be a very good thing like we fall right into something wonderful or something like quicksand where we can't escape depending on what we have going on in our life and how closely this is hitting our planets/points.

This is excellent healing energy. This is excellent "dream come true" energy. With Jupiter in Scorpio though we just need to be sure this is a dream and not an obsession/compulsion/addiction because it could be hard to see the difference.

Both healthy and unhealthy stuff could expand now. I would toss a CAUTION yellow light at you with this one. Is whatever is expanding good for you, too?

If the Mercury energy is hitting your chart there will be news/communications/decisions made involving goals/career/authority issues. There could also be a dealing with a woman or about love, money or beauty themes likely tied to the home, real estate, renovation, family, parent, security issue - look for a turning point.

On SATURDAY, Venus (in Cancer) opposes a retrograde Saturn (in Capricorn). Maybe we hear/say a "no", maybe from an authority figure. We could be up against time or financial limits.

What we can and can't have will be clearly defined.

Even if we are able to get what we want now there will be certain responsibilities/commitments that will come along with it. We can't have our cake and eat it, too. But there might still be cake. Maybe chocolate.

I will write some dailies!

xo all

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