Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of May 7th - AVALANCHE of news and information, intense conversations, adjustments, rose colored financials, luck and optimism, wrapping up that 2011 story, making the decision to GROW

The Story Maker's Tools by The Fox and the Raven

A BUSY and exciting week ahead as we wrap up the Uranus in Aries story we started back in 2011. 

Lots of big energy this week - focused on news/information and our money, relationships, values and resources. BIG SURPRISES next week as everything that isn't nailed down (or I should say - everything that IS nailed down) starts to SHIFT.

The aspects this week are:

SUNDAY - Sun Sextile Neptune
MONDAY - Mercury Square Pluto, Venus Square Neptune
TUESDAY - Sun Opposite Jupiter
WEDNESDAY - Mercury Conjunct Eris
FRIDAY - Sun Trine Pluto, Mercury Trine Galactic Center
SATURDAY - Mercury Square Mars
SUNDAY - Mercury into Taurus, Mercury Conjunct Uranus

We start the week on SUNDAY with a lovely, lazy Sun sextile Neptune. The Sun is in Taurus and wants to relax and get comfortable. Neptune says let's dream this day away. And it's Sunday, so why not? Around the same time - 10:48AM EDT - the Moon moves into Aquarius. So we will be focused on group activities for the next couple days. We will all require a little more freedom. There could be unexpected events, dealings with unusual people (or an actual Aquarian) and situations that are more impersonal. Monday's Mercury square Pluto might start to be felt on Sunday night.

MONDAY is probably going to be challenging. Hang in there - the week will get EASIER.

The Moon continues her journey through Aquarius. We may find clues about what we can expect next week, especially if we take the time to reflect on how we are feeling now.

Before we wake (4:49AM EDT), Mercury (in Aries) will move into his/her square with Pluto (in Capricorn) - moving forward she will square Mars on Saturday, so the news, information and events of these days could be connected and tense. We will need to adjust.

This is excellent energy for diving deeply into something mentally - for puzzling our way through problems and dilemmas, for deep study or test taking. 

Interactions with other people - especially people in authority (power dynamics) can be tricky though. It will be hard to stay objective - although the Aquarius Moon should help.

Words might feel like the lava spewing from the Kilauea volcano. Communications could be harsh. Maybe simply particularly blunt or maybe even coarser - something manipulative/threatening. This aspect can also trigger worried/compulsive thinking - situations could seem like life and death.

Words that have been buried can come up now. 

Think twice before making off-the-cuff public statements. We could be pushed to speak out as our passion/anger is activated, but we will need to keep a cool head and at the same time not allow ourselves to be manipulated. This is tricky energy designed for power plays.

Mercury in Aries is already apt to use words like a hammer and interactions with others now can be particularly INTENSE.

This week's challenging Mercury energies are designed to dis-entangle us from our safe, but limiting ideas and thinking.

Words will really deliver a punch now. Maybe even a knock-out blow. 

Keep in mind the high road is the one with the best views and the fewest mosquitoes. 

Take care when driving and operating machinery, too.

Mercury also rules (besides our mental abilities, ideas and communication) thru Gemini - transportation, including the transportation of information ie computers, phones, and the movement of goods ie commerce, also our siblings, our local environment and thru Virgo - our pets, daily activities, co-workers, work and health. Any of these themes (as well as the themes of our natal Aries/Capricorn houses) could be feeling the squeeze with transformative Pluto.

At 5:59PM EDT Venus (in Gemini) will square Neptune at home in Pisces. Then she will move on to inconjunct (rock and a hard place) Jupiter on Wednesday and Pluto on Saturday. Venus rules our money, love, relationships, values, resources and self-esteem. With Venus in Gemini challenged by dreamy, foggy Neptune things could be CONFUSING.

What looks at first like a smorgasbord of fancy lunch options could turn out to be a choice between a baloney sandwich that's been pulled out from the couch cushions and a ham sandwich that's been rolled around on the sidewalk. Just how hungry are we exactly?

DOUBLE CHECK everything.

What are the actual facts around what you WANT? What do you really know?

Keep assumptions to a minimum because we will be looking through rose colored glasses now. We could come to regret the things we jump into. Boundaries are blurry. Answers only bring more questions. Avoid alcohol and drugs under this aspect - the effects will be magnified.

On TUESDAY - our lovely Taurus Sun will oppose Jupiter (in Scorpio). The Sun will move on to trine (brakes off) Pluto on Friday. THIS is the space where we need to keep our eye on the prize. HERE is a post by sign of the area of your chart Jupiter is exploring - keep in mind this will likely be most accurate if you use your rising sign AND keep in mind that Jupiter is currently retrograde, so this won't be a brand new thing. The Sun will bring something Jupiter has unearthed either INTO THE LIGHT or toward a culmination now.

If we don't allow the week's Mercury/Venus (see Monday for the highlights) challenges to throw us off our game - today's faith, hope and optimism will carry us FAR.

We decide to GROW and we do. It sounds like magic and it is because Life IS Magic.

At 11:11PM EDT (!) the Moon will move into compassionate, spiritual, artistic Pisces. We will be more sensitive and emotional for the next couple days. In Pisces the Moon will make some nice contacts with those serious Capricorn planets and expansive Jupiter.

On WEDNESDAY, Mercury will conjunct Eris in Aries. We will need to continue to be mindful of our words. The angry feminine "outsider" energy could be given a voice now in the news and within our personal conversations. If OUR Eris is activated, they will be talking about US.

WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY look generally calm - although of course, we have earlier energies unwinding and the upcoming ones moving into position.

The Moon on Wednesday will sextile Saturn (one of the positive Capricorn aspects I spoke of earlier) at 4:22PM EDT, so we will be acting responsibly, doing what we have to do.

On THURSDAY, the Pisces Moon will conjunct Neptune while we sleep - hopefully bringing us some nice dreams! - and move on to trine benefic Jupiter at 10:26AM EDT encouraging idealistic emotions and expansive feelings. The Moon will square Venus and then sextile (opportunity) the Sun, followed by Pluto - all before dinnertime EDT.

Friday and the weekend are HUGE and explosive. This week is part of the bridging that carries us into THAT. Folks with a strong Uranus/Aquarius - and you probably wouldn't be reading an astrology blog if you didn't have this! - are surely already feeling this as well as those with planets and points being hit.

I wrote some about it HERE but will be back later in the week to talk it all out.

xo all 

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