Learning Astrology with the Donald | part Il - Trump and the ladies, Moon and Venus

Part I is HERE

I thought it would be interesting to do a series of astrology posts focused on learning astrology by analyzing Donald Trump's natal chart (it's a doozy) - and then we will take what we have learned and look at his upcoming transits to  

make some predictions about what he might do and what could happen.

Now, let's take a look at Trump's lunar side - let's talk about his Moon.

His natal Moon is in Sagittarius in his 4th house. Sagittarius ruler Jupiter is sextile the Moon in his 2nd house. The planet on his 4th house cusp (keep in mind the Moon rules the 4th house) is Scorpio answering to Pluto in the 12th. His Moon opposes that dynamic Sun/Uranus/North Node conjunction (born on a Full Moon), is conjunct his South Node and trines his Mars and his Ascendant.

The Moon is the natural ruler of our 4th house - where we come from, the roots of our chart, our heritage, the influence of our mothers. It is through our Moon that we continue our matriarchal line and our mother's emotional journey. She influences our relationship with the public. She shows our emotional temperature. She speaks of the instinctual feelings and responses that we may/or may not actually give expression to. The Moon is the celestial body closest to the Earth and influences all areas of our lives. Her phases regulate our lives.

I feel that I am taking away from her MAGIC by trying to pigeon-hole her with words here and this is way too brief, but you can get a basic idea.

The Moon's natal sign and house offer us very precise information about the kind of things that make us feel safe.

Trump's Moon is conjunct his South Node with Scorpio on the house cusp with ruler in the 12th, so we know his relationship with his mother and with his own children - the people his mother's lineage passes to through him - is karmic with past life connections being worked through in this lifetime (especially his female children). I think with that powerful solar opposition to his Moon he would tend to see his mother as weakened - or needing protection somehow - even though she is clearly the nurturing presence here, maybe in Sagittarius encouraging some kind of broader thinking or higher education in Donald.

That weakness he senses in her could even make him angry (that Mars trine), but it would likely be an unconscious thing (Mars in the 12th house).

Moon in Sagittarius could (and does in this case) indicate a foreign (Sagittarius) mother (Moon), also real estate (Moon) in foreign countries (Sagittarius). And keep in mind this is an excellent indicator of what he needs to feel safe - and he went on to have multiple foreign-born wives. This would also make him feel safe with foreign people and benefit from them (that trine to his Mars/Ascendant) - and I know this runs counter to his immigration rhetoric, but remember that Moon is being opposed by his life force Sun/North Node/Uranus energies, since he was born on a Full Moon and will be filled with contradictory and complicated energies. This foreign energy is the BASE of his chart. He is foreign and feels (Moon) all the ways he doesn't fit in.

His chart gives him too much Moon and too little Moon at the same time.

Too much Moon (which he has) and a purely matriarchal consciousness might ignore the value of the individual and give total importance to the value of family and "tribe"- this becomes our narrowed view of patriotism. What is needed to stay safe - build a wall (and the Moon is the natural ruler of Cancer where Trump's Saturn - walls, limits - sits conjunct his Venus, making it hard to feel the love remember, the wall is a perfectly logical expression of this), anything is justified to preserve home/family/country.

Too little Moon (which he also has with that powerful opposition) and we lose our sense of connection and care for our physical body, nature, feminine impulses, our connection to the present moment, Mother Earth. The Moon also rules 'the public' and we can see how he runs hot and cold with people.

The Moon is the natural ruler of the sign of Cancer and so rules his 11th house. That's where his very important Mercury sits as well as his Saturn with a close conjunction to Venus.

Saturn conjunct Venus echos the South Node/Moon conjunction - karmic connections with women - with Saturn ruling his Capricorn house (5th house - children, recreation, creative projects, romance) there would be karmic connections with his sex partners (fun, no strings attached sex is the 5th house not real intimacy) and his children - I think we said that before (ECHO).

Venus conjunct Saturn would allow him to attract older more successful mentors/protectors to help 'polish him up' when he was younger and younger partners when he is older/past mid-life - all through the public sphere (11th house). Venus/Saturn is also a "being in the right place at the right time" kind of energy.

Usually Saturn/Venus people are very loyal, but with Saturn ruling his 5th house of casual sex this might not apply as much.

His Venus/Saturn could have played out as needing to be like Saturn (serious, goal-oriented, business-like, successful) in order to be loved (Venus) in his childhood (Cancer/Moon); having to grow up fast - but then being that serious Saturn walls him off and brings a loss of closeness - so the Donald child can't win - he can't be loved unless he is Saturn, but he can't feel the love if he is Saturn. He can earn the love, but it won't feel like love because it is earned. See what I mean?

I know you are thinking - oh for pete's sake - play me some violins ... (I played the flute for just six months in 4th grade so can only offer an awkward rendition of jingle bells!) but Venus conjunct Saturn has some heavy challenges. Some people with this aspect, sometimes oldest daughters, are very late-bloomers, but when they bloom, they BLOOM. Everything improves with age here. And it is never too late for Saturn/Venus people to flower. I would never count them out.

Trump's is actually a very good chart to support the rising feminine energy on the planet and the releasing of generations of feminine/masculine karma. I know it might seem that the opposite is true, but shadow energy is powerful stuff.

In Part III - we will look at his other planets and begin to lay out what could lie ahead for the Donald

xo all

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