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more than wanted by muszka

Today, we have the Sun trining the Moon (Gemini/Libra) and the Sun trining Mars (Gemini/Aquarius) and the Moon trining Mars (Libra/Aquarius). That's alot of released brakes in air signs making this a good time to do what air signs do best -

communicate, ask questions, gather information, think things through, plan, detach, network, be CURIOUS, connect with other people, write it down, listen, send the email, get the word out, WORK THINGS OUT between people using our words.

Air wants to move - the information needs to come out

Get busy!

Trines are so smooth we might not even notice the things that are falling into place, but something is. With Mars involved some action/passion on our part will be required.

Venus is starting to move into her square with Saturn, so this is probably not about us getting everything we want ... at least not just yet. Saturn is presenting a limit, a responsibility, an authority figure - with Venus in Cancer - this could be about a home, family, safety, security, home business, real estate, renovation, parental/mother matter.

Alot of the activity now is connecting us back to whatever it was we committed to in January and what we do with the energy now will help determine what we have to work with in August. Right now Venus and Mars are like two people between a rock and a hard place. Come August they will be brakes off, too. But we have to take some action now, make some decision about WHAT WE WANT so we can make use of the energy that slides into place then.

And yes, there is a whole lot of road between May and August. We will travel it together people!

We have only a few more months with the North Node - our way forward - in heart-centered Leo. If we still don't know what we want it is likely to become very clear to us.

Also keep in mind Mars is walking degrees he (as we) is going to walk again while retrograde and then a third time moving forward. The stuff that we have going on now, the stuff we are DOING, matters because we will be going back over it. I will do a post by sign about Mars upcoming retrograde in Aquarius because it is going to be important.

We are going to have seven planets (including Chiron) retrograde at the same time this summer - to say things are NOT going to be full steam ahead would be putting it mildly.

For now, keep your attention on what is working. 

xo all

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