pulling weeds ... in the midst of a deep Scorpionic purging, secrets exposed, surgery, a need for some rest - clearing the ground for Uranus

Tree People by newjuventud

The Sun in Taurus (18 degrees) is now opposing Jupiter (retrograde in Scorpio). The Taurus Sun is seeking something stable and comfortable, asking us what is OURS. Jupiter in Scorpio is digging through old/deep stuff - do we still have the right tools for the job? - the Moon in Aquarius tells us that something new and unusual, something Uranian is needed now. And right on time - isn't astrology amazing! - Uranus is set to enter Taurus in 1 week. But who's counting? Is your hand up? Mine is!

To back up, we had a Full Moon at 9 degrees Scorpio on April 30th.

So now, one week later (exact yesterday), the Moon is in its first quarter square to the Sun (they were exactly opposite each other at the Full Moon). If you can picture a clock on the wall with the hands at 6:00 on the Full Moon - it would now be 3:00 (astrological movement is counter-clockwise).

The Moon is in Aquarius and connecting to the South Node - this is stress/tension, maybe obstacles, building around an old situation that has been requiring or trying to get our attention since January.

Now, the Moon is going to keep on keeping on, as the Moon tends to do, and in another week (May 15th-16th), she will arrive at 24 degrees of Taurus at the same time that the Sun, which, of course, has moved on, too - will arrive at 24 degrees Taurus giving us the Taurus New Moon (the clock hands are both now at the 12).

Jupiter by then, moving slowly in reverse, will be at 17 degrees Scorpio, loosely opposing the Sun and the Moon.

Now, back in the beginning of 2018, on January 6th, we had Mars meet up with Jupiter at that same 17 degrees Scoprio - HERE is a post about that.

There is something from then we are being reminded about now.

In early January (when all the planets were direct, but we still weren't getting anywhere for some reason!) this was all exactly squaring the North (Leo) and South (Aquarius) nodes (past/future, karma) and at the New Moon next week, the star players will be loosely squaring the nodes, too.

What does all this mean?

Well, this will look like something different for each of us,

but there is a deep purging of something Scorpionic happening within the collective and within our personal lives - secrets, obsessions, compulsions, manipulations, intimacies, shared resources (debt, inheritances, other people's money), sex, life/death scenarios, reproduction, past-life entanglements, ancestral IOUs.

Ground is being cleared. Weeds are being pulled. Diets are being cleaned up and lightened.

This is the perfect time for a surgery to have something removed. And this could, of course, be a metaphoric extraction - which would also leave us tired and needing to recuperate.

Something is each of our lives is about to be MODERNIZED. Change is coming folks. And keep in mind that North Node in Leo - if our heart's not in it, the rest of us shouldn't be in it either.


Note - the South Node is where we have ALREADY earned our degree (where is the south node in your natal chart? what house is it in? what planet rules that house?) so with the Moon touching the South Node now - even though it is in future-oriented Aquarius - there is something here we have already mastered. It can feel great to sit in our south node. It is very comfortable and we are uber successful here. The gains/skills found here WE CANNOT LOSE.

BUT when we sit too long in our south node energy - life starts to feel kind of dull and stagnant and like it is missing something - that's because at a soul level we are still sitting "in the familiar" - it's like we have our degree and we are still taking classes in that same subject!

So, yes we can ace these classes, but so what?! We could all ace 8th grade if we took it three times, but we would never get to explore high school!

So, now that we are living in the Age of Aquarius AND this year having the South Node in Aquarius (been there, done that) - there is a certain general kind of malaise we have to break out of. This is what Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) is going to do. The stuck energy will come unstuck. The wild erratic energy will have a place to begin to take root and get settled and comfortable just in time for the North Node to move into Cancer next summer.

This won't be easy, but we didn't come here for things to be easy. It's always good to keep this in mind.

Also keep in mind it is Taurus season and the Moon (ruler of Taurus) is in lively Gemini - there is a youthful detachment to ideas here, an available flexibility. Also the Mars/Pluto challenges with authority/standing up for ourselves .... this stuff is all connected. Remember the Moon is waning now - get enough rest, take a step back from something if needed, catch your breath.


lynn bowes said...

Hmmmm. What you say about not sitting too long and becoming stagnant is interesting. I think it's just happening naturally but I've never been so comfortable in this new space, as if it had to create a separation between the old and the new by insisting on purging and releasing. So comfortable, in fact, that as I look around and enjoy the 'new', I realize that so much of what we packed and stored remains in storage and is unnecessary. Do I really need a thing that I have to store and takes up valuable space that spins my salad? Really??? Do I need a thing that slices my avocado? Do I not have good knives? It's crazy!

So here we are. Instead of just sitting too long, we find ourselves thinking ahead. Still cleaning out. Still purging. Still releasing. Yet we see winter six months away and we are excited about preparing for that new reality without the burdens of it, if that makes sense. We can't grasshopper our summer away! Slowly adding only what we want around us and only what we need to survive and staying evenly engaged in making our nest. (Remember the story of the ant and the grasshopper? Don't be a grasshopper.)

This is a good space to be :: xox :: lynn

Catherine Ivins said...

We can't grasshopper our summer away!!!! So well-said and well-done Lynn. You are way ahead of the game. xo