Venus into Gemini | more options regarding love and money plus the transit's kick-off sextile to Chiron

Duel by Diana Cretu

I wrote quite a bit about this transit (thru May 19th) HERE see Tuesday.

Venus's month in Gemini will give us more options.

So you will want to keep yours open, if possible. If you are a flexible person this will feel good. If you feel more comfortable with solid situations, you are going to have to remind yourself that change is a good thing. Stay curious.

Maybe this will work/feel good. Maybe that will. Maybe a little of this and a little of that is needed.

Maybe you don't have to know what you want right now.

Try that one on for size.

If we must choose and the choice is important at least we finally have a planet in an air sign.

We should be able to get a little distance from the situation mentally and not make the choice based entirely on emotions.

Gemini is dualistic and not much help with deciding though. There will be alot for us to see and hear and learn - so unless we are being terrible lazy, we won't be choosing without quite a bit of information available to us, so there's that.

Now, immediately, because Gemini is sextile to Aries and Chiron is freshly minted into Aries and moving through 0 degrees, Venus will sextile (opportunity) Chiron.

Having the wounded healer energy (Chiron) in Aries for the next few years won't be about healing through talk therapy or hugging it out or crying about it.

Cardinal Aries just wants to get moving.

Some electric shock therapy might work, and with both Chiron and electrical Uranus in Aries for the next couple weeks - most of us have experienced some kind of shocking ending or beginning (or will over the next couple weeks).

It might seem that shell-shocked people would need cuddles and warm chicken soup, but probably

(and keep in mind I am an armchair astrologer and not a psychiatrist - my couch is occupied by a 25 pound brindle beagle/terrier named Olive, not some guy named Harry with a marriage problem paying me two hundred bucks an hour)

what shell-shocked people need most is TO KEEP MOVING.

And actually I once read the survivors of a horrendous African genocide who were given counseling afterward were three times more likely to commit suicide than those who weren't given counseling.

This makes sense to me and with Chiron in Aries now maybe this is something to keep in mind.

Remember how our high school heartaches were mended so much faster if we just KEPT GOING out with our girlfriends/boyfriends and didn't sit around wallowing. By the time we got to the wallowing part, we had enough distance from the situation (ie less of ourselves invested in it) that the pity party was over with a pint of Chunky Monkey - we didn't need the whole gallon and we were able to skip the John Cusack marathon entirely. 

Hub's Moon is in Aries and too much (ie almost any) even well-intentioned comforting and care-taking leaves him feeling muzzled and restless. Back rubs work because Aries rules the first house of our physical bodies, but what he really wants is to KEEP MOVING and take some kind of  action.

Today's sextile (opportunity) between Venus, breezy in Gemini, and Chiron, already antsy in Aries - tells us the balm for whatever is hurting/needs healing will come through giving the situation a little more air, a lighter (Gemini) touch (Venus) and through our ability to KEEP MOVING. This could be good advice for the entire Venus in Gemini season, too.

xo all


lynn bowes said...

Keep moving, keep moving, keep moving.
On it :: xo

Catherine Ivins said...

Did you move this week??!!! Was it the 24th? xo