Chiron into Aries | healing the wounded masculine, stepping into our warrior energy, healing through action, facing our anger

not angry by ZNZtazmanijus

Early this morning Chiron left Pisces - where he has been hanging his hat since 2011 - for warrior Aries.

In Aries, Chiron turns away from the emotional, connecting reactions and the victim stories we grew through in Pisces (this is a long process he is going to be in Aries for seven years but will drift back into Pisces during his retrograde, September 25th, 2018 - February 18, 2019)

and toward our personal regeneration.

(as the Parkland survivors have been reminding us - and if they are annoying you that annoyance is something to look at, not to judge yourself, just to sit with it - the time for prayers and long-suffering silence is over and this isn't about guns, but yes, in warrior Aries, Chiron will be about healing our relationship with guns, too)

Aries is the first sign so rules newness. What does it take to embrace the new? It takes courage.

Chiron in Pisces has been about feeling and then surrendering the wound. Chiron in Aries will require action. Individual action. The kind of action that isn't always supported by other people. The kind of action we take for ourselves. This energetic is intensely impactful for the collective, too, although it could feel like we are all alone in whatever we do with this.

Our natal Aries house(s) theme(s) will be our personal field of healing. Every situation, person, place and thing - if honestly met - will simultaneously gift and wound us here.

I believe, as spiritual beings, we came here with a game plan - a blueprint, a set of guidelines for our life arranged in a language of patterns and archetypes. Some of our blueprints are very specific. Most, are specific in some areas and more general in others. We probably can't even begin to know all the reasons for this. They are almost certainly diverse and complex.

Our natal astrology chart is a complicated set of specifications designed to build up an individual and run him/her. Like we would build a car or 3D print a Christmas ornament, except our "blueprints" are a map of our consciousness. 

Unlike a machine, we always have the choice to become more conscious - more than our blueprints, we have free will - but without our blueprints we can't gain entrance here to life on planet Earth.

They anchor us in time and space.

It may seem impossible to believe, that you, that I, that all of us, came into being with a plan/possibility for Chiron (discovered in 1978, so not even knowable when many of us were born) to move into the Aries room in our "blueprint" - the space we have always had to fight, always had to walk through that door alone, always had to initiate, be brave, be motivated - in order to get anything done, maybe in order to be accepted - probably for lifetimes - that Chironic energy (wounded healer) was going to come into this space on April 17, 2018 - to work with this energy precisely as we carry it as of April 17, 2018, in order to heal the wounds we are holding/hiding here.

Life is magical that way.

There are a million ways this could play out.

A word salad could stretch our brain here, so let's do that: healing the wounded (Chiron) masculine (Aries), physical (Aries) disabilities (Chiron), going (Aries) until we drop (Chiron), healing through men, male bonding, healing through self-defense, healing through self-assertion, healing through conflict, healing through courage, healing by going it alone, healing through our instincts, painful instincts, healing by pushing past a vulnerability, healing through expressing/acknowledging unexpressed anger or resentment, healing by resolving competition issues, healing by being ourselves - you get the idea.

Remember our Aries house has always been the space we have had to fight/work alone/compete/push for what we want if we are going to have it.

Chiron is going to help us lighten this load.

And like the medic resetting a shoulder that has come out of its socket, here is the part where I say, "this is probably going to hurt."

Our Pisces house gets to breathe a nice sigh of relief. Chiron will be back for a few months, during his retrograde, to tie up the loose ends in Pisces and give our Aries houses (and especially people with planets/points in early Aries) a short respite.

Chironic healing doesn't mean the wounded space just disappears.

Like the scar after the deep cut, there is always something here we kind of have to learn to live with. The healing comes through acceptance. The healing comes through our learning to work with/live with the wound - the embrace of our scars - somehow this shifts our energy and we become like a beacon attracting others with similar wounds (the way a recovering alcoholic can help an alcoholic in ways no one else can).

That's where the collective thing comes in. But for now this will be all about ourselves. Remember this is a process. We can't jump ahead and skip steps.

We will heal by learning to express anger, aggression and force in healthy, positive ways. 

For today - if we think about why we aren't doing what we want to be doing - who/what we are afraid of angering - why we are pissed off at men/the man/him - what we are resentful about - why we don't defend ourselves - why we are always defending ourselves - why we push our physical bodies so damn hard - why we don't get off the couch - we might find a place to start.

xo all


lynn bowes said...

I wish I could post a picture here of the stacks and stacks of boxes surround me this week. So much has been released that I can't imagine why we still have this much left to move and I know that before anything comes into our new space, it will have to be carefully curated. Not only will it not fit, these things that have been weighing us down aren't wanted or needed. You cannot imagine the things we've made peace with in the last few months.

All that to say, your posts have been especially deep for me recently. I now 'get it'. This is the place I was meant to be and without the journey to here, I'd never have realized it. In fact, I struggled with leaving the comfort of sameness - I honestly thought this was the last place I'd ever be. Wrong. By letting go of the drag, we are free to relax finally. We deserve it.

One more week. We are T minus 7 until Two Men and a Truck are knocking at the door. To be fair, it's going to be three men and a truck but by then, I won't care.

xox :: lynn

Catherine Ivins said...

I think I am right behind you! You are so on target with the astrology - because you dared to dream of something better - which yes, didn't have to mean bigger - and did the work. By that rebirth Full Moon at the end of the month you will be a brand new woman! xox

Catherine Ivins said...

You do deserve it!!