Weekend Astrology Forecast | April 6th thru April 8th - tending to reality, processing what we learned this week, dealing with long term money matters, putting work into our relationships, about to hit some green lights, the check comes through

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On FRIDAY, the expansive Sagittarius Moon goes void at 9:36AM EDT off a trine to freedom-loving and unpredictable (and genius) Uranus.

Time to stretch ourselves. The spaces we have boxed ourselves in become a little more elastic under these skies. Changes made now aren't quite as chaos-producing as they might normally be (their stickiness will depend on our own natal chart though). We could meet someone unusual (or Aquarian) today. Break routine. Home and family situations could play out in unusual ways this morning.

At 2:01PM EDT the Moon moves into Capricorn portending a serious weekend (or maybe something that feels like winter - we are expecting more snow - ugh!) following our very Saturnian week.

This doesn't mean so much that we can't catch a break - as we just continue to be emotionally driven (the Moon) by our goals, authority, our responsibilities and career/work in the world.  

Practical things and earthly affairs will have our attention.

This could be a quieter day as we process whatever has been happening over the last couple days.

The Moon is building toward an early morning (Saturday) square with a retrograde Mercury, so we are re-working, re-thinking whatever we have going on and the tension/stress of the square is continuing this week's REALITY CHECK.

What needs to be decided? What actions need to follow this decision?

On SATURDAY, the Moon continues her journey through Capricorn - now meeting up with both Saturn and trining Venus (in her home sign of Taurus). The Moon is never totally comfortable in Capricorn - her polarity sign, but as long as we are taking whatever we are doing seriously and take our time with it, NONE of the major players want to rush now - she is comfortable enough.

Things start to ease up.

We wake, if we sleep until at least 9:36AM EDT (is this possible for anyone? I would be happy to sleep until 7:36AM!) with Venus (love, money, our values and self-esteem) trining (brakes off) stable Saturn.

This is probably the nicest aspect of the week! And she will go on to trine Mars next week. That is like - "the check we have been waiting on comes through".

Let's make a word salad for some Venusian/Saturnian inspiration keeping in mind both these planets are in their home signs making our use of these combined energies EXTRA POWERFUL:

Getting serious (Saturn) about our money (Venus), putting work (Saturn) into our relationship (Venus), making love (Venus) last (Saturn), making our money (Venus) last (Saturn), buying (Venus) something that will last (Saturn), getting serious (Saturn) about our appearance (Venus), girl (Venus) meets sugar daddy (Saturn - clearly ain't no sugar-daddy, but Venus does often have her way with him) ie our youthful energy meeting something stabilizing, old man (Saturn) meets beautiful muse (Venus) ie our tired energy meeting creative inspiration - you get the idea here.

Trines "release the brakes" between these two energies, so situations can move forward. Including the trine to Mars - which we will talk about on Sunday - this beneficial energy is in play until around Tuesday. There is something here we can take and run with!

It's a good time to balance your checkbook. Plan long-term. Mercury has us looking back, but look ahead for trouble spots. Saturn asks us to take stock of what we have and Mercury will have us re-evaluating the situation.

Where is your Venus (the energy you put into your money/relationships) being drained? What needs to be firmed up? Saturn can help. Now is the time to restructure whatever it is you are doing to make your love/relationships/money longer-lasting.

What does that make you think of? Do some of that now.

This will be felt strongest by people with planets and points around 8-12 degrees Taurus and Capricorn, but we will all benefit from having these energies in our Taurus and Capricorn houses working together.

On SUNDAY the Moon is very active - first squaring the Sun, while we sleep, giving us the last quarter Moon - a point of tension in the monthly cycle, in Capricorn, something about success or loss. Then moving into conjunction with Pluto bringing intensity and ambition (maybe jealousy, manipulation, compulsion) - we could be dealing with a Plutonian issue - other people's money, loans, debts, taxes, inheritance, sex, reproduction, fertility, life/death, transformation, eliminating what we don't need. This is good energy to overcome obstacles - people could be ruthless though. And finally the Moon will sextile Jupiter - good for opportunities with travel, working with foreign people or foreign ideas, pushing boundaries, higher education, media, politics, religion, weddings. And this is all before lunch!

The Moon goes void Sunday evening at 7:40PM EDT off a square to rebellious Uranus. So we started the weekend with the trine (brakes off) and finish up with the square (tension/frustration).

That's "thank God it's Friday" to that moment on Sunday when Sunday starts feeling like Monday.

The Moon moves into Aquarius while we snooze.


Remember we are still in the early days of April. Mercury is retrograde. We are processing. We are re-working things. We are deciding.

We can only do what we can do. We need to be doing something though.

The Sun is in Aries answering to Mars and Mars is very happy and strong in Capricorn where he is exalted. There is support for our actions (Mars) toward what we want now.

But our actions in Capricorn are slowed down  

(and a retrograde Mercury, also in Aries, is supporting this slow-down period by requiring us to go back over things to get it right).

Whenever we have multiple transits/aspects saying the same thing we need to take it seriously - especially when everything is answering to Saturn strong in his home sign of Capricorn! It won't be easy. But easy isn't really what we are going for.

Think of the way a general (Capricorn) proceeds into battle vs a soldier (Aries). The general is in charge. And for her/him to be in charge she needs to see the bigger picture. She needs to think about how one thing will impact the next thing and how the whole thing will be impacted over time.

We are the general now. We need to take it one day and one thing at a time. 

We should start to hit some green lights this weekend and into early next week.

Then around the middle of April - as we reach the New Moon, Mercury stations direct, Saturn goes to sleep, more planets move into earth signs - we will see a bigger push forward.

xo all

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