weekly astrology forecast | July 8th - 14th, 2024 - opportunistic and optimistic start to the week as we are drawn instinctively to our best path forward and then as the week progresses things begin to heat up, preparation is your friend

From the beginning and into the middle of the week there is a lot of smooth FLOW in the energy. 

Things are going our way. Opportunities can show up. Good news can come in. 

The Moon is waxing. We want to be taking action, creating, growing. Being out and about. Having conversations. Let's appreciate what we have. 

Once we get closer to the end of the week the energy can heat up and it might be a good idea to plan a bit light. Take things off your plate in advance. Don't put extra pressure on yourself that isn't needed. Slow down. 

Let's unpack the week. 

MONDAY - Mercury trine North Node, Mercury sextiles Jupiter, Venus trines Uranus

TUESDAY - Jupiter Sextile North Node and trine South Node

WEDNESDAY - Sun trine Saturn

THURSDAY - Venus trines Neptune and enters Leo

FRIDAY - Venus opposes Pluto

On MONDAY - Mercury, at 10 degrees Leo, trines the North Node in Aries and sextiles Jupiter

Creativity/exuberance, even blowing our own horn - whatever we are talking about/thinking about, whatever information we are receiving and interacting with - is pulling us forward. Expanding us and maybe making us lucky. Putting us on a more self-sufficient and independent path. Speak up. Take the initiative. Send the email. Make the call. Be confident and brave. The energy is enthusiastic and optimistic. Something could fall right into place, maybe multiple somethings. Good news can come in. 

Good for collaborating with other people and favorable for all kinds of activities and actions and conversations. 

Say YES.

Venus, at 26 degrees Cancer is trining Uranus. Unexpected situations and doing something different with home and family relationships and family finances can be smoothly integrated now/easily accepted. Emotional breakthroughs are possible. Change is good and we can be comfortable with changing situations and something that might be in-flux and unsettled. The strange and unusual isn't so strange and unusual. 

We are attracted to and attracting new things and situations and people. The NEW feels safer/feels like home.

The evening (EDT) might be less comfortable as the Moon in Leo squares Mars in Taurus. This can be a clash between having fun, taking a risk, or receiving enough attention/appreciation and maybe taking practical action or what we have to do that makes the most sense/cents. 

On TUESDAY - Jupiter, at 10 degrees Gemini, sextiles the North Node and trines the South Node in Libra

Big conversations/ideas create opportunities if we take some kind of action. Jupiter is our most benevolent energy and lining up with the North Node we can intuitively and wisely be led into situations that line us up with our best path forward. Old relationships and ways of doing relationship that are imbalanced or passive-aggressive can be easily released now. Pay attention. LOOK FOR GREEN LIGHTS. 

On WEDNESDAY, now the Sun in Cancer is trining Saturn in Pisces

Home and family and real estate situations are stabilized. Rules and limits are helpful. We are building resolve and stability. If Saturn's retrograde in Pisces is about a long/drifting good-bye - the Sun's trine here is helping us move realistically and practically along a smooth path toward that

The Virgo Moon squares Jupiter. This tension/frustration can actually help us not take things too far and really ground into the Sun/Saturn - act with authority, ground something in reality, etc. Over the top will not feel good. 

On THURSDAY - Venus trines Neptune (boundaries dissolve, rose colored glasses are slipped briefly on tired eyes, release, forgive, rest) and then she enters Leo for the first time since last summer's LONG retrograde - why does that Barbie/Taylor Swift summer feel like 5 years ago?!

Leo Suns and rising signs are more naturally attractive (ie easy on the eye and able to attract). We attract what we want and need (Venus) through Leo - so by standing out, standing up, being passionate, taking the world by storm - you get the idea.

We could, of course, go overboard with all of this. Leo (ruled by the Sun) doesn't really like others blocking their light. Competition can get ugly. We could become downright diva-like. Being in love with being in love fits here, too. Wanting to be adored will make being ignored harder to handle. 

First up for Venus is a run in with Pluto which is exact on Friday, but we may already be feeling this on Thursday as the Moon in Virgo goes void off an opposition to Neptune (that dreamy bubble bursting a little/maybe a lot) and heads into Libra to support Venus by late night EDT. 

FRIDAY - Venus, at 1 degree Leo, opposes Pluto retrograde in Aquarius

This could be some kind of intense result or ending with a relationship, group, financial situation. There could be a power struggle. Maybe what we want is challenged. Fear of loss. Attractions and endings now can feel like life and death. Pluto is retrograde, so whatever this is, isn't brand new. 

Venus is still in orb of that trine to Neptune, so can provide a little anesthesia here, an ability to drift through this a bit - we don't want to avoid the Pluto opposition and Pluto can't be avoided even if we tried, but the trine to Neptune can take the edge off a little bit. 

The Moon in balanced and partner-focused Libra will be helping with multiple smooth aspects. 

SATURDAY - First Quarter Moon in Libra squares the Cancer Sun

On Saturday evening EDT the Libra Moon goes void off a square with the Cancer Sun. This is her opening square from last week's New Moon in Cancer. We are emotional. So are other people. Something is out of balance. Someone may be especially MOODY. Family and relationship tension/frustration can come to a head now. The way through a square with a Cancer Sun is to take care of yourself. Do something calming and comforting. Mother yourself. Get into water. Cry. Sweat. Eat something healthy and healing. Hunker down a bit and give the other party some space. Remember Venus, the Libra's Moon ruler, is in that opposition to powerful Pluto, so try not to make a bigger deal out of something than it is. 

That's the week. 

We can see how it starts nice and mellow and then begins to heat up. We start next week with Mars meeting Uranus on Algol in Taurus and some of that will certainly be hitting as we get into the middle to end of this week. This is a DANGER WILL ROBINSON aspect and here is your reminder to exert some caution starting mid-week. This is EXPLOSIVE energy. Fights can turn into brawls and with Venus (ruler of Taurus) opposing Pluto, endings can be PERMANENT. 

Two years ago when Mars met Uranus in Taurus they met on the North Node of Fate (our way forward), so whatever got broken probably needed to break. 

This year they are meeting on arguably the most treacherous fixed star in the galaxy. Algol (notorious fixed star connected to Medusa at 26 degrees Taurus) has a reputation for people 'losing their heads' - think of the way Algol namesake's alcohol and algorithms cause us to lose ours. And, not to talk too much U.S. politics, but both Trump and RFK, Jr (we can already see how this "losing their head' is playing out for Biden) need to be taking good care of theirs. This transit is also very tight on Prince William's exact Chiron/Venus conjunction - which could be read as the wound of his wife. Hopefully this is a good break/something liberating for them. A good change of direction. Maybe we will look at their charts again. 

I am going to do a post on the Mars/Uranus by sign next.

I hope something here is helpful. Be sure to enjoy the energy in the beginning of this week or use it well if you need to make something happen - trines are smooth aspects, so easy to miss!

xo all - excuse any typos or nonsense, too tired to reread

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