does the astrology of kamala harris, joe biden, the united states and the first woman (asteroid pandora) bring us the first woman president of the united states this summer?

Back when Donald Trump was President and Joe Biden became the Democratic nominee and chose Kamala Harris as his running mate I took a quickish look at her astrology chart. 

I was surprised to find many similarities with Trump's chart - Full Moon birth, connection to U.S. Mars, connection to U.S. Moon. She looked like a strong pick, but would maybe be as equally divisive as Trump was. 

But what I noticed most, because mostly we were thinking about Covid in those days, was her natal Pandora placement and that transiting Pandora was going to be exact on her natal Pluto (power) on election day back in 2020. I also noted her connection to the U.S. natal Pandora because I had been looking at the U.S. natal Pandora during the pandemic - which is exactly conjunct asteroid Wuhan and fixed star Algol in the United States birthchart.

It would make sense for asteroid Pandora (whose mythology is all about the unleashing of untold ills onto mankind) - if we follow the thinking with astrology that planets/bodies are discovered when we ready to work with their energies and then synchronistically named - to represent something like a pandemic. Of course, nothing is ever just one thing, and Pandora is, first and foremost, the FIRST HUMAN WOMAN. 

Her maligned mythology, similar in many ways to the biblical Eve - is the story of Zeus's anger at Prometheus for giving fire to the people which leads to his creation -with help from the other Gods - of the first human woman which he gifts to Prometheus's brother who has been warned by Prometheus not to accept any gifts from Zeus. Much of the myth's interpretation is up in the air - whether Pandora herself is the calamity that befalls mankind (the world is populated only with human men at this point) or brings with her a jar/box containing all the ills of the world which either Pandora, due to her innate curiosity, or Epimetheus (Prometheus's brother) open, leaving only hope in the box, and, whether this "hope left in the box" is a good thing or not such a good thing is also subject to interpretation. Any way you cut it Pandora has always been a rather maligned/scapegoated Goddess - much like Medusa, whose eye is the fixed star Algol and who also plays a part here. 

HERE is an old post from 2020 about Pandora and Covid and Trump. 

For now, we are just going to look at Pandora as THE FIRST WOMAN. Could she be a bringer of calamity? Could she be the keeper of hope? Might she represent a space in our chart where we are naturally gifted, but have been conditioned to see our gifts as a curse? Maybe. Maybe. Maybe. But we will stick with the "first woman" thing for now. 

Biden's natal Pandora, conjunct his 19 degree midheaven, at 16 degrees Virgo, is EXACTLY conjunct the mid-point of Harris's Pluto/Venus Virgo placements (15 and 17 degrees Virgo, she also has a 13 degree Uranus in Virgo). Harris's natal Pandora is 0 degrees Cancer - a powerful Aries point (first degree of a cardinal sign). Hillary Clinton - another almost FIRST WOMAN - was also born with Pandora on an Aries point - 0 degrees Libra. Aries points coincide with the quarters of the year - the equinoxes and solstices. They are critical degrees of energy and power. Back on Election Day in 2020, transiting Pandora was EXACT on Kamala's natal Pluto (power). 

At the time of the debate that shook up the Democratic party last week via Biden's disappointing showing - transiting asteroid Pandora was EXACT on Trump's Sun and transiting Jupiter was conjunct/applying to Trump's natal Pandora. Harris, who was thrust back into the spotlight here, had transiting Pandora conjunct her Ascendant/North Node of Fate exact conjunction - which yes, is conjunct Trump's Sun/North Node of Fate conjunction - and she had the Sun conjunct her natal Pandora. 

Now, here's where I have to toss in Algol - considered the most malevolent fixed star in our Milky Way Galaxy. The eye of Medusa. Another maligned Goddess with a much less known backstory that I won't get into just yet. Harris's Jupiter is conjunct Algol (so is Clinton's North Node of Fate).

If we flash ahead to the middle of July 2024, we have Mars catching up with Uranus in Taurus on Algol (and the United States natal Pandora) creating some kind of seismic event. 

Harris will be having her 'Pandora return' with transiting Pandora EXACT on her natal Pandora - this puts transiting Pandora on the 0 degrees Cancer/Aries point during a New Moon in Cancer lunar cycle AND Harris will have the Mars/Uranus shake-up on her natal Algol/Jupiter (luck, expansion) conjunction. Any ascension she gets near this time will come at a cost though since she also has transiting Saturn on her natal Chiron and transiting Chiron on her natal Moon. Both Joe and Jill Biden will be having some major transits at this time, as will Trump. The race is almost certainly getting shaken up. 

With Biden's natal Chiron/North Node of Fate and Trump's natal Uranus (Prometheus)/North Node of Fate - mythologically speaking they are not really enemies (although they play them on tv). Chiron, an immortal with a mortal wound, is the centaur whose grace and compassion and deal with Zeus, Zeus being Jupiter, replaced Prometheus on the rock where he was having his liver pecked out every night by an eagle. You can see where I am going with this. 

Could Biden step down in July and Kamala Harris become the FIRST WOMAN President of the United States? Yes. There are also some August transits with some similar aspects to Nixon's "Lion's Gate" 8/8/74 loss of office fifty years ago, when Biden might step down. 

Is it possible this Uranus/Mars conjunction on Algol is something else entirely? Uranus being a total wildcard. Yes. It is impossible to know, but, Biden leaving office and Harris stepping up into that office is a real possibility. 

I should add that whatever happens this summer - Harris does not have any help from Pandora on election night.

Pandora is squarely on Team Trump (so is Jupiter/Zeus) by that time. 

Remember he is Prometheus, her brother-in-law in this story. BUT we will take another look at that once Trump picks his running mate and we know for certain who his opponents are. 

So, whether Kamala's FIRST WOMAN is FIRST WOMAN VICE-PRESIDENT as Hillary's FIRST WOMAN stayed FIRST LADY or whether she will become FIRST WOMAN President unexpectedly and painfully it is not possible to see. Her Sun trines the U.S. Moon (the people) which is a nice placement, but her natal Saturn conjunct the U.S. Moon is not going to feel good. 

But I guess we will see how all of this plays out .... 

This post isn't really about President Biden, but I should add that a highly pressurized Saturn (authority, endings, aging) has been at 19 degrees Pisces (mental decline) for weeks and that is Biden's EXACT IC - base of his chart, end of the day - and opposes his mid-heaven (public work, career, reputation).  Jill Biden has the transiting North Node of Fate EXACT on her IC. Biden has this month's seismic Mars/Uranus conjunction in his 6th house of health. Biden (Chiron in this story with his natal wounded healer Chiron/NN) has had enough of his own liver pecked out/done his job. I really wish he would use this New Moon in Cancer energy with all its magic and beauty to take himself home and enjoy the rest of his life with his family .... this year's double Capricorn Full Moon (part I last month and part II in a couple weeks) with Capricorn ruling authority and government and leadership could be said to be echoing and encouraging this major career ending/result, too. 

Back with the weekly!

xo all

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