New Moon in Cancer | July 5th. 2024 - fresh starts with home and family, taking care of ourselves by letting go of old standards of performance and allowing people to not live up to our ideals, endings we can't control, securing our home base

On July 5th at 6:57PM EDT, the Moon, strong in her home sign, catches up with the 14 degree Cancer Sun, giving us this month's New Moon - our annual New Moon in CANCER.

Cancer rules home and homelands, family, our roots, mother, mothering, our ancestry, real estate, patriotism, home businesses, family businesses, the root of the matter - our emotional security - and, of course, the theme of your personal natal chart's Cancer house - this is where we get the NEW BEGINNING. The New Moon is an excellent time for fresh starts and new projects. Old behaviors and beliefs can be replaced by more caring and nurturing actions and attitudes. Cancer is a cardinal sign, ushers in a season and wants to/needs to START.

Let's dive right in and unpack the chart.

The Moon and Sun meet at 14 degrees Cancer on fixed star Sirius. The Moon is widely conjunct Venus, trines Saturn, retrograde in Pisces, and sextiles Mars in Taurus. The Moon trines Pallas in Scorpio and sextiles Juno in Virgo. The Moon squares the Nodes of fate. The New Moon EXACTLY (almost to the second) opposes Ceres in Capricorn. Mars is sextiling Saturn. Venus is squaring Chiron.

All trines and sextiles are applying. Applying aspects are strong/haven't happened yet. The energy is growing/going to PEAK. Saturn and Mars and Pallas and Juno are going to form multiple oppositions this weekend. Complicated endings. These will all be happening at 19 degrees of the feminine water and earth signs (you might remember all the 19 and 20 degree lunations earlier in the year). The New Moon chart has multiple Grand Trines, and multiple Kites. The importance of this New Moon, well, maybe it can't be overstated. Whatever we have going on - it matters. 

Big stories are playing out on the world stage. 

The New Moon is at 14 degrees, in the ancient iChing hexagram 14 is called 'great possession'. During this New Moon cycle we are selecting the ingredients of 'great possession' - meaning whatever we introduce now, we will possess in great number LATER. 

So, we want to pay special attention to what we are EMBRACING via our thoughts and words and actions and relationships. We want to be as purely, consistently CONSTRUCTIVE as we can. This is NOT about us dominating a situation. Trying to get everyone to march to our drum is counterproductive. Both the situation, and WE, will be fine even when we are not in control. We will make the most profound and lasting differences by being who we are without ulterior motives. 

The New Moon's most exact aspect is, of course, the conjunction with the Sun. This ushers in our lunar Cancer season - a time to naturally retreat/go within. Pull back from public obligations and lean toward home and family. We could feel more emotional/more nostalgic. We could feel more of a need for safety and security.

The New Moon is in an EXACT opposition to Ceres in Capricorn. 

So, just as the dark Moon in Cancer meets the Sun to launch a new cycle, HER cycle in HER home sign, she is opposed by our OTHER MOTHER archetype, our Earth-mother Ceres. 

The Moon in Cancer is the nurturing mom, kissing and bandaging booboos. Ceres in Capricorn is the boss mom who says, "get up, get on with it". This isn't a good mother/bad mother thing. But with important players in these spaces, this could be about home vs work or our inner world vs outer accomplishments.

Both Cancer and Capricorn are signs concerned with safety and security. Luna showing Ceres she will never have enough authority and respect to feel safe enough to be vulnerable. Ceres, the grieving mother of the scorched Earth fame, showing Luna she will never be totally safe hiding within her shell/home.

Venus is widely conjunct the New Moon and squaring Chiron. That square will be exact within hours of the New Moon and we have already had Mercury square Chiron and will soon have the Sun square Chiron. Very old familial wounds are stirred up. Circumstances conspire to remind us of the ways we are alone or unloved or un-mothered or un-homed or unsafe. The ways these old wounds are connected to physical challenges/illnesses, etc, is made visible to us during this New Moon cycle (over the next two weeks and next month). 

Again, we need to be cognizant of what we are POSSESSING/accumulating/embracing now. Mars in Taurus is sextiling Saturn. Stable action creates opportunities. What makes the most sense/cents?

Keep in mind with Pluto at 29 degrees Capricorn - the ultimate degree of power/responsibility/corruption - and Neptune at 29 degrees Pisces - the ultimate degree of dissolving reality/unraveling/communal connection - we are being gifted a portal

(and, yes, this can show up through what feels like it is falling apart/through what it feels like we can't control

to dissolve ANCIENT standards of performance and ideals and goals that are not needed in this NEW LEVEL OF THE GAME. Cellular memories of what USED TO WORK and once kept us safe that are now only holding us back and keeping us stuck. 

Ceres shows up at this New Moon to remind us that some things, some endings are outside our control. There could be 'season of life' issues that cannot be countermanded. Solutions are limited. And, yet, complicated compromises and positive outcomes are possible. Ceres is the point of release of a Kite formation/what allows the energy to TAKE OFF. 

In Cappy, this is about being responsible and practical even through challenging endings. Big girl pants on. Ceres is answering to that retrograde Saturn in Pisces, so help can come through old authority. Old achievements. This won't countermand the "season of life" situation's uncontrollable (by us) outcome, but can help anesthetize us somehow.  

Look at President Biden's situation. 

This New Moon is tightly conjunct the United States Sun. President Biden's chart is very activated with transiting Jupiter (his chart ruler) conjunct his natal Saturn, transiting Saturn conjunct his 19 degree Pisces IC (bottom of chart called bottom of the sky. home, roots, end of the day). Venus is trining his natal Mercury and conjunct his natal Jupiter. Biden, and the United States, are the physical embodiment of the New Moon chart in many ways. And he will have Mars meeting Uranus (on fixed star Algol - one of the most explosive energies of the year) opposing his Sun in the middle of the month. This will be happening in his 6th house of health and day-to-day affairs (the Mars/Uranus is also in an exact square to Trump's 1st house volatile Mars and conjunct Kamala's lucky Jupiter). I wouldn't be surprised if he steps down ...

The New Moon is widely conjunct Venus - applying - and catches up with Venus tomorrow, but the Sun won't catch up with Venus UNTIL NEXT YEAR. 

Venus in Cancer is about money and our values and our relationships looked at from the vantage point of home, family, mother, nurturance. To feel good/to be good - things need to feel SAFE. Feminine energy needs to feel safe and the Moon/Venus in Cancer is very much about feminine energy. We need to feel safe. Venus in Cancer can also show up as clinginess and poutiness and childishness and this stuff can be highlighted now, too. 

Although Venus meets the Moon, Venus will not meet the Sun in Cancer at all. She caught up with the Sun in Gemini last month and that conjunction/start of a new cycle is in play until they meet again in March 2025 at 2 degrees Aries. So, we can WANT emotionally this safety/security, but having it show up and be made visible as we want it to show up is not likely. It is more likely, since we are in a Venus/Sun Gemini cycle - we get what we want by being flexible, wanting more than one thing, trying different short-term things. Thinking, Talking, Twinning/doubling up. Keep this in mind. 

This doesn't mean we don't need to shore-up our HOME/safety/security. WE DO. Big changes are coming from 2025-2027 and 2024 is our prep work. It just means the ways we attract what we need will not be by holing up in our house and hunkering down - even though during this New Moon cycle in Cancer there will certainly be some of that. Take care of yourself. 

The Moon's trine to Pallas pulls in access to smart strategies that are deep/intense, even intrusive. Her sextile to Juno speaks of opportunities, that come through this focus on home/family, to fix relationship issues. Just keep in mind as the Moon makes nice with these energies they are in some tight challenging aspects with each other. For example, Mars is opposing Pallas making certain moves ineffective. Saturn retrograde is opposing Juno, so old clashes over responsibilities and obligations can derail relationship fixes. And, of course, although the Moon is widely conjunct Venus, Venus herself is squaring Chiron. This is probably the aspect - the old wound triggered by family/safety issues that is running the show. 

After meeting the Sun, the Moon will make all smooth aspects and her final aspect is a smooth trine to a retrograde Neptune in fellow water sign Pisces. 

We let go. We forgive and/or forget. We float with the changing tide. Old dreams are stirred. Old stories we sort of recognize briefly DRIFT into view to be FELT.  

To sum this all up - a fresh Cancerian start, so we are talking about home, family, mothering, COUNTRY/patriotism, real estate, home business, family business. The fresh start is opposed by Ceres in Capricorn indicating a challenge through a "season of life situation" or what is "outside our control" or simply a Cappy work/obligation situation. With Ceres the apex of a powerful and FATED kite formation (one of multiple, kites being harbingers of great change and creative expression) - it appears this tough love mother brings the energy - via the challenging ending - that allows the feminine New Moon fresh start to TAKE OFF. 

Sandwiched between TWO powerful Capricorn Full Moons bringing multiple opportunities for public results and CULMINATIONS, this New Moon is pulling us home. Asking us what we really value/what really matters. Urging us to take care of ourselves and those we love ...

The UK has just had a landslide and trajectory-changing election. Here in the United States, I will not be surprised if Biden steps down by the next Cappy Full Moon conjunct Pluto ... 

(we talked a bit about his original election bringing us to Kamala's HERE and HERE. Note she had transiting asteroid Pandora - the first woman - on her Pluto on Election Day and will have transiting asteroid Pandora on her natal Pandora - at 0 degrees Cancer mid-month as Mars meets Uranus on her Jupiter and on Algol - the star that is the eye of another maligned Goddess - Medusa.).

I will do a post on all this next. 

Enjoy the next week because mid-month looks pretty dicey, folks. 
xo all

Meanwhile, here in New Jersey in a very Cancerian "I need to take better care of myself" mood - honoring my own natal Moon in Cancer - and after putting a crazy amount of energy, time and resources into making and maintaining our town's annual Fairy Trail, yes, I said Fairy Trail (my mad connection to the tricky creatures firmly re-established) and by 'tricky creatures' I mean both the magical nature sprites and the little girls in fairy wings who took part in the mayhem over the last month AND stressing myself out with crypto investing, I decided to parlay my Bitcoin and crypto profits into a brief/maybe not so brief hiatus for two of my three active Etsy shops and see how that felt. 

Time on my hands is not yet playing out quite the way I had imagined it would, but mostly because of health stuff I don't want to strengthen by writing about. Luckily for me (?) the mushroom coffee, supplements, cupping, etc, I purchased that seem to be having no discernible effect on me, has hubby feeling, "20 years younger/smarter, 20 pounds lighter, depression lifted"  .... you get the idea. 

I decide what I need to do is READ MORE. 

And swim more/get into water. I download, on my Kindle, the sample bit of a new Stephen King book, but I am too cheap to buy the book on Kindle and also unsure Mr. King is quite the summer reading/Cancer "take care of myself" I had in mind, so I decide instead to renew my expired library card.

The librarian informs me I have an $8.00 late charge which feels unlikely since I haven't set foot in the building for at least 10 years, but it's still less than the Stephen King book and I now have thousands of books at my fingertips, so I pay up and she hands over my new card.

Quickly overwhelmed by 'thousands of books' I grab three books from the 'new books' section and start reading them, one at a time, under a shady umbrella in my back yard between laps in my smallish pool. None of the books really hook me, so I go back to my Kindle and buy the Stephen King which has now cost me $8.00 more than it would have the first time. 

I read the first three chapters wondering how King is going to tie these disparate characters and scenes together when I suddenly realize .. he isn't. This is a book of short stories. I'm not even sure as I type this if it is even the book I started that sent my cheap self to the library in the first place. Was that the first story or a totally different book? It is too hot and I am too tired today to check. 

I am not sure why I am telling this story, but I feel like there is something of the New Moon in here, too, although I can't put my finger on just what it is ... maybe I will ask hubs when he gets home, him being "20 years younger/smarter" now and all that ....

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