Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of April 3rd - backward is the new forward

the hill by imxamxillusion

This week we have Venus changing signs (back into Pisces) plus Saturn and Mercury stationing retrograde.

There is a whole lot of retrograde energy in April - backward will be the new forward!

First up on Sunday night Venus moves back into dreamy Pisces. Venus is very happy to be out of Aries and into a space where she is exalted. She will be covering the degrees she walked at the very end of January. 

I have written quite a bit about this Venus retrograde and one thing I am certain of is that by the time she stations direct (April 15th) we will have a clear head about whatever this is we have been dealing with involving our early Aries/late Pisces house themes and Venus themes - love, money, values, beauty, women. The fantasy will be dissolved. The real deal will be what we are left with. We will be certain of what really matters. We will be proven wrong for all those times we said we didn't know what we really wanted. We did and we do.

So, if something goes away now - let it go. If it's meant for us it will slip right into our hands. We won't have to leap off a building to catch it. The only way we can miss it is if we are holding onto the old stuff with a death grip and that probably isn't even physically possible - but in case it is - loosen up. We ain't dead yet.

On Thursday, Saturn stations retrograde. Saturn (responsibility, time, restriction, hard work, structure) moving backward until August means something will either 1. lighten up - if we are carrying a heavy burden or responsibility stuff will lighten up now (especially regarding the theme of our late Sagittarius natal house) 2. a responsibility from the past will return or 3. something that is stabilizing an otherwise unstable situation will give way. We'll talk about this as we move through it.

Mars trines (opportunity) Pluto. This is good energy to be ambitious. Actions taken now can transform tricky situations. Go deep - investigate. Take the lead. We've got this thing.  

On Friday, the Aries Sun opposes Jupiter (in Libra). This amplifies Jupiter's expansive energy and can bring success and accomplishment. Our confidence improves. We'll just be careful not to overdo something, let the good stuff go to our head and fall on our ass. A situation can be overblown and look better than it actually is. It could be pretty good though.

On Saturday, a retrograde Venus (in Pisces) squares a retrograde Saturn (in Sagittarius) - this is tension about something from the past. Likely involving a Venus theme - love, money, values, beauty, self-esteem, women. If there is something here we have been avoiding something will happen that can't be avoided. We'll talk about this later in the week.

On Sunday, Mercury station retrograde - we'll talk about this later. For now let's BACK UP OUR FILES!

The only void Moon during work hours starts Monday at 4:45pm EST. The Moon is waxing - this is a time of action. We'll talk about these aspects in the dailies as we move through them- the weekly forecast is good for an overview though. xo all

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