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"In my small way, I preserved and cataloged, and dipped into the vast ocean of learning that awaited, knowing all the time that the life of one man was insufficient for even the smallest part of the wonders that lay within. It is cruel that we are granted the desire to know, but denied the time to do so properly. We all die frustrated; it is the greatest lesson we have to learn."
 - Iain Pears
An Instance of the Fingerpost

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Mercury stations retrograde tonight at 4 degrees Taurus.

(until Venus stations direct on April 15th, we have four retrograde planets - that's alot of energy moving backward folks!)

The usual Mercury retrograde disclaimers will apply for the next few weeks It's time to think "re".

Rethink, redo, re-examine, research, repeat, reunion, reminisce, revise, remove (clutter - stuff that gets in the way of our life moving efficiently), revisit, relax.

This is not the best time to plow full steam ahead with new things. It's not the best time to sign a contract because things will come to light later that require revision or our thinking (Mercury) can change after Mercury moves direct (May 3rd)!

It's a good time to READ THE FINE PRINT. Use clear language - we need to be doubly sure people are understanding what we are saying and that we are understanding other people, because wires get crossed now. Double check the email before hitting 'send'. Mercury, the fleet footed messenger, rules things that are fast moving from our computers to our cars. BACK UP FILES.

Take extra care driving. Slow down. We need to give ourselves extra time to get where we are going. There will be delays - bring a book. This is not a good time to make a major decision and even small decisions will go wonky. THINK THINGS THROUGH. Be clear about the consequences.  

Rushing, while Mercury is moving backward, can trip us up.

The space of the sky (also your natal Taurus and Aries houses - sound familiar? yes, because these are the same issues Venus has us re-working) Mercury is backing over rules our resources - what we really value, what we really need to survive.  

Maybe something from the past needs a second look. Maybe something that looked like a "sure-thing" may not be so sure. Go back over it. Yes, again. The more certain we are that something has to work out exactly so, the more likely we are to miss the alternatives that would be so much better. Delays are likely. Plans will change.

Until next weekend when Venus moves direct it would be best not to focus on future situations, 'what ifs' and dreams - let's not get too far ahead of ourselves. Let's take care of what needs taking care of in the present and the stuff from the past that has "re"appeared. With everything moving backward - that's more than enough.

Life goes on obviously, but we need to take extra care to keep things on course and sometimes with even the best care mishaps will occur. Keep this in mind. xo all

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