Pluto Stations Retrograde | an insider look at control, power and resources

Pluto stations retrograde this morning (in Capricorn) and the Sun conjuncts a retrograde Mercury in Taurus. Maybe something comes to light today that has been buried.

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Pluto's retrogrades are times to do some deep inner work. Fear that is ripe for release will come up to be looked up. Fear can arise through uncomfortable situations, but we can see it for what it is, ask ourselves if it serves us any longer and decide what to do with it. Really deep insights are possible while Pluto is retrograde and he is particularly powerful when he stations. 

Now we have four planets retrograde again. The revisions and delays we encounter are part of the process. We can be assured they will pay off later. Pushing against these seemingly never ending blockages (remember things have to fall into place with other people, too), trying to control stuff now and trying to swim upstream (you still don't look like a salmon to me) aren't going to work.

Outworn controls, rules and power systems are getting re-looked at. Remember this year's retrograde energies are getting us ready for next year's solidification. We are deciding now what gets to stay, what we are going to keep, what changes need to be made in our structures. Really think through those decisions because whatever is built by the end of this year is going to stick around.

The Taurus aspects now are about our resources. What do we have and what is it worth? How can we use what we have in more effective ways? What are we missing?

Remember these are transits meaning transitory - they won't last forever.

Our New Moon on April 26th will start the ball rolling with new energies to work with then after Mercury stations direct on May 3rd (give him a day or two to get his wings ironed out) we will be really moving forward.  

In May, our holding patterns and revisions will start to pay off. By June when Jupiter turns direct it is all about the NEW energy (some of which is new and some of which is new again) and all systems are GO.

(note - all systems GO doesn't mean whatever we want to do is the greatest idea we have ever had - we could still fall on our ass, but those are mostly pretty cushioned anyway, right? the universal resistance will be much, much less)

Right now we are still "re"vising, "re"visiting, "re"flecting. We are doing an inventory of our resources, making plans and stocking up. We are polishing up our skills and education. We are expanding our relationships. We have more resources than dollars in the bank, but, of course, we need those, too. What's bringing us stability? What's sucking us dry?

We are giving voice (Taurus rules the throat and voice) to what we want with positive language and heartfelt prayer - Neptune IS DIRECT and our connection to the ethereal realms is uber strong now. If we have planets or points if the middle degrees of the cardinal signs this has been/will be even more impactful - check your Aries, Cancer, Capricorn and Libra houses - or just do an inventory of what is happening in your life now. Whatever it is that is creating that pit in our stomach and those sleepless nights (this could be through worry or enthusiasm) is the area that is ripe for change this year ....

xo all

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