Saturn Stations Retrograde | the gift of uncertainty

Break by Djoe

Saturn rules structure. During his retrograde we will be going back and retooling and shoring up the physical structures in our life (including our bodies).

Saturn rules time. Time is on our side now. We just need to trust this. Patience is required. Saturn's retrograde offers us the time to "re-make" the structure of something before it is too late (Saturn comes home to Capricorn at the end of this year - have I said winter is coming, yes, I think I have).

It's a time to reconsider rules and obligations.

Since Saturn moved into Sagittarius in 2015 (through the end of 2017) our beliefs and commitment to our dreams has been tested. Saturn has been parked between us and our big picture beliefs and dreams for over a year now, making us work for everything. If we no longer fit in the space we are occupying or are holding on where our heart is no longer invested or if we are truly needed elsewhere - situations will arise over the next few months that make this clear to us.

Saturn might take certainly with him while he backtracks, but he leaves us with the gift of uncertainty. 

When nothing is certain maybe nothing is out of the question either.

"Instead of asking, 'What would I do 
if I knew I would not fail?' 
ask yourself, 'What's worth doing even if I do fail?'" 
Brene Brown

With the planet of "no" (Saturn) taking his siesta we might want to think twice before we say "yes" now. See if some responsibilities can be "re"shuffled. Check for cracks in the foundation. Balance the books. Take your calcium. Floss your teeth. Do the re's: "re"stabilize, "re"structure, "re"pair. Act legally and ethically. If we cut corners or let something slide seven years ago, the bill could come due now.

xo all

(Saturn will be retrograde through August 25th)

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