Venus Direct in Pisces | what have we learned, what's left to deal with

trapped by thefirebomb

Venus stations direct today. She is in Pisces squaring Saturn (in Sagittarius). She (as us) has been through her 40 day and 40 night journey to the heart of what really matters.

Venus rules love, money, our values, women, beauty, our self-esteem. So what have we learned? What really matters?

The story isn't over - she is still covering old ground, but the re-examination is over. We are off the table and the doctor is in the doctor's lounge having a cup of coffee.

She stations direct in a tight spot very close to Chiron (wounded healer) and squaring Saturn (time, structure, limits, responsibility). It may take a week or two for whatever it is we are dealing with to ease up, but we know what we need to know now.

Chiron teaches that some wounds can't be healed. Some ships have sailed and if we're on the dock - we're on the dock. If we're on the ship - we're on the ship. If we're on the beach - well ... lucky us.

Something is as it is here.

We can see/feel the space between what we think we want and what we think we deserve - it's the space between what we want and what we actually have. It might seem, to our eyes, that it is a very large space and what we want is way over there. But it is really as close as our last breath.

It is no coincidence Venus stations direct in Pisces. In Pisces we have the empathy and compassion to accept whatever it is that needs accepting here. No one is perfect. Not us, not anyone else. No situation is perfect either. No matter what other people's Facebook updates and Instagram snapshots would like us to think.

If there is something that needs to be forgiven, we can forgive. Remember we can forgive ourselves or another person and still value ourselves enough to not allow whatever is causing the pain to continue. Maybe this is the real lesson with Venus in Pisces.

When we say we will forgive, but not forget, this doesn't mean we carry the pain like a scar on our body. We don't "remember" so we will never find ourselves in this situation again (although we tell ourselves this). Because our next spin up the spiral may require exactly the same situation and our heart needs to be open. We are not a two year old learning the hard way not to touch the stove. The lessons are harder, and less black and white, now. We forgive because we know there is only love and lack of love (fear). There is really nothing to forgive. This can be a really hard thing to get. 

(I would recommend a self study course called the Course in Miracles if you are interested in this way of thinking. I have gone through it twice. It changed my life.) 

This doesn't mean we keep beating our head against the wall and not learn our lesson. Our lesson is learned. That money/love/values situation has evolved. We are moving on.

The fly in the ointment - yes this time there is only one fly - is that Saturn is squaring our journey forward until the end of the month. He has been squaring Venus for about the last week and will square her for another week, then he continues to square Chiron for another week after that. So moving on may not feel quite like we are moving on. It may feel like we finally reach our exit on the traffic jammed highway (whew, that was not fun) and we turn onto a country lane roadblocked with cows.

The good news about Saturn is we know how to deal with him. We know what he wants.

With Saturn we are going to feel the pressure. When I had my first "put on your big girl pants" job I drove to work everyday blasting Billy Joel's song Pressure. It made me feel better.

Saturn wants us to do the work. "The work" will vary but we know what it is. It's that thing we feel tired and overwhelmed just thinking about. Most likely we will have to handle it alone because usually Saturnian things are done in isolation.

Yes, other people will let us down. Friends will all cancel on the day of our "paint party" - not because we can't count on anybody else, but because we need to paint our freakin' livingroom ourselves - it's our job.

Saturn doesn't create the tight situation. He just draws our attention to the way we have painted ourselves into a corner. 

The greater the "pressure" we feel, the more the need to do the Saturnian work - ie end something (Saturn rules time and endings), work harder/do it differently (Saturn rules hard work), step into our responsibility (Saturn rules responsibility). You get the idea.

Something is going to have our full attention one way or the other.

There might not be any pats on the back for a job well done here. Maybe no one will even know what it is we have done. That's OK. We are not doing it for them. We are building muscles. We are going to look very good on the beach this summer. The next time there is a heavy load to lift it will feel lighter to us.

With Saturn the results and rewards (and consequences - please do the work, don't cut corners, be responsible) come LATER.

If, after 40 days and 40 nights in the wilderness we do not know what we need to know about that love/money/values/self-esteem late Pisces house/early Aries house situation we are only kidding ourselves.

It's right here in front of our noses. We know what we want. We know what matters. We know what we have to do or what we need to stop doing. It's just up to us (through Saturn) to do it.

xo all

I didn't get to that big picture post this week. Hopefully I will get to it this weekend.

On the immediate political front (Trump's chart, U.S.) I see what looks like Trump getting some wins (like last week if those are considered 'wins') then losses off and on through May, then it looks like greater anger and resistance toward him by June and by summer and into the fall the country is struggling with real, significant losses and he is being blamed and there is that major eclipse in August over the U.S. and Trump's chart - I am still not sure he is going anywhere though ... whether this is all about the Russia story or the military is hard to see - that's why I want to look at the other players' charts if they are online.

Also remember astrology is not so great for prediction and I can't see any chart except through my own eyes.

With Trump's chart (Mars on ascendant) he needs someone to fight - as long as it is Congress or the Democrats or the media or other business people or his wife - maybe he will be contented. When things quiet down there, with Uranus sitting on his Sun quiet and routine is not a comfortable state for him, he will need to fight something/someone else and his natal Sun is conjunct the U.S. chart's natal Mars, ruler of war.

I just finished his book 'The Art of the Deal' and now understand his philosophy better. He believes you go into a situation and create as much instability as possible (I've previously said he IS Uranus) - this creates a backdrop for negotiations where you will have the upper hand. So this is what he does. Keep this in mind.

In the meantime, remember, the energy YOU put into the world matters. People say to send the situation 'love and light' and that is good advice with the drums of war beating ever louder in our ears, but remember if we go home and kick the dog our words won't matter.

With Venus uber powerful at her station, through Monday especially, and so near to the healing energy of Chiron and in compassionate Pisces - we have greater access to that. Forgive some situation. Forgive that other person. Forgive yourself. See the world through this more compassionate lens.

(note the fact Venus, after a biblical 40 days and 40 nights, is reappearing between Good Friday and Easter Sunday in the middle of Passover)

This is how we begin to heal the world. It starts with us. It really does. The Goddess of Love is moving forward in her exalted sign of Pisces TODAY - love is in the air if we want it .... have a wonderful Easter. xo

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