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lovelove by bsium

The Sun moves from action Jackson Aries into "stop and smell the roses" Taurus later today where it will shine a light on all things Taurean and light up our Taurus houses until May 20th.

This doesn't mean life slows down, but we will feel much better if we make the time to enjoy those slower moments, care for ourselves (and others) in loving and practical ways and appreciate what we already have.

If Taurus is stubborn, it's only because it rules really important things - the kind of things that have to be nurtured and preserved and seen through to the end.

Taurus is the nuts and bolts of life. She rules our second house of everything important money can buy and everything important money can't. She rules food and nourishment. She rules the sensual touch that feels like love. She rules our resources - our money, the planet. She rules our self-esteem and values.

Traditionally she is ruled by the planet Venus, but I think astrologers might eventually change this rulership to Ceres (since Venus already rules lovely Libra and Ceres seems a better fit for Mother Earth Taurus). Then we will have two 'mother' rulers. Cancer and the Moon ruling over our emotional mothering and Ceres and Taurus ruling over the more practical aspects of nurturing - food, touch, self-esteem, our values, money, the literal and figurative ground beneath our feet.

(It also gives us another female archetypal energy to work with within the 12 houses and signs - something that will likely happen naturally as we continue our journey out of patriarchy - Age of Pisces and into equality Age of Aquarius. I am also wondering if Eris shouldn't have co-rulership, along with Mars, of the sign Aries.)

The space that rules Taurus has had our attention for many weeks now as both Venus and Mercury have been waking it up. The imbalances get maybe more imbalanced until they topple over or we are forced to remove something from the more loaded side or add something to the weaker one.

Taurus is the space (natal house) that naturally encloses what we are here to nurture, preserve and grow. It may be a space we have a bit less passion and ambition because we most naturally feel the need to sustain what takes root here. A bird in the hand thing usually applies to the theme of whatever space Taurus occupies in our natal chart. The energy is cautious because the thing we are holding/carrying here is precious.

Taurus is the first earth sign. A fixed sign - she values simplicity over complexity, calm over chaos, stability over flexibility, silence over noise.

Taurus is all about the fertile Earth (it is not a coincidence Earth Day is during Taurus season). The polarity of Scorpian sexuality - she is sensuality - the touch that feels like love. Taurus coaxes us back into our bodies at the end of a hard day with a long hot bath. She stimulates our hands to pick up those tomato plants at the farm market and get them into the dirt. She encourages us to buy the quality thing that will last when we can afford it. She is the quiet voice that whispers I love you when we stroke the baby's ear with our lips.

People will want to be comfortable (whatever that means to them) and might resist new and unfamiliar situations now. Keep this in mind.

It will be easy for all of us to wander outdoors and forget the pot of water boiling on the stove, the email that needed to be answered or the work waiting for us on the bench. Keep this in mind.

Life is moving fast now - but this energy can help us stay grounded. We'll stop and smell the roses, eat food that has touched the earth, listen to good music, purchase quality long-lasting items, get our hands dirty, appreciate the stuff that is right in front of us and we'll use Taurean strength and determination to be consistent and get things done (maybe just fewer and different things!). xo all 


DancingMooney said...

"strength and determination to be consistent and get things done..."

You always have such a way of summing things up that works perfectly. :)

Blessings to you Cat.


lynn bowes said...

Confession time. I spent $699 for a vacuum cleaner last week. On sale. This one will last the rest of my life and probably part of someone else's. On sale . . . So, yes. That energy is out there. $699 . . .

Catherine Ivins said...

to you, too Janell - I hope you have wonderful weekend xo!

You are going to have to change your will Lynn. I can see a small war breaking out over that vac one day! This is exactly the energy - get the best, avoid the hassle. what kind is it?

Catherine Ivins said...

I once had a vacuum that lasted for something like 20 years and now buy one every 3 years and I admit I don't vacuum anywhere near as often as I should. Maybe everything should be thought of an 'an investment' now. Makes sense.

lynn bowes said...

I bought a Maytag M1200 which is now made by a company named Riccar where vacuums cost as much as the old VWs did back in the 70s. Remember when they advertised a new Bug for $1995? Well, Riccars are more than that. This Maytag is beautiful and has been sucking stuff out of my carpet from the subfloor. I ran my old vac before I left, brought this one home, and OMG. The stuff this one got out that the old one didn't. And it's got some weight to it - so tired of my old one falling over every time I pulled out the wand and cleaning tools. I am seriously in love with this machine. (cue music - "It's a four-speed, dual quad, positraction 409 . . . "