disruption and discord ...

something more than a marvel by muszka

There is so much going on right now, some of which I wrote about HERE.

Instead of there being a fly in the ointment right now, there are a whole lot of flies, with maybe some ointment over there (Jupiter) the flies have not noticed yet. We could be the lucky fellow with our hands in that ointment or we could be the guy with the hand full of flies.

(Last night I got back in my car after a walk at the local reservoir. I felt something on my leg - I thought air from my car vent - and reached my hand onto my shin. I felt ... something HUGE ... well something VERY BIG ... well something BIGLY - let's just say bigger than a bumble bee and smaller than a tarantula. The size of something that doesn't probably should not exist in nature. I slung it off my leg, but then I couldn't find it. So, it's still in the car! Probably waiting to pounce. I thought about sending Olive in this morning to scope things out, but with Jupiter amplifying everything right now, the thing is probably larger than she is by this morning ... I may need a new car)

First we have a huge Full Moon this morning aspecting, well, just about everything.

We also have Eris - Goddess of discord, I always picture Angelina Jolie in Maleficent, sitting with the Sun (in warrior Aries) and opposing the Full Moon (in peaceful Libra). Eris is the part of us that is not accepted. She didn't get a seat at the table and she is pissed. We all carry Eris somewhere in our chart and since she has been in Aries (the sign of war) longer than any of us have been alive - she is pissed off for everyone (and I am channeling back to my 7th grade self holding a wobbly, near empty lunch tray and scanning the middle school cafeteria for safe shelter).

We also have Uranus (rebellion, shock, genius) squaring Vesta (devotion, home and hearth). This could be some kind of shocking or surprising situation that takes our focus off whatever it is we are focused on (devoted to). This feels like even more instability.

Remember we have four planets retrograde. Pushing ahead isn't going to work. Trying to swim upstream (do you look like a salmon? I don't think so ... well, maybe a little around the eyes) isn't going to work. People always give the advice to 'trust our gut' - but, this isn't really one of those times. Besides most of us are carrying winter bellies puffy from pastry. We need to do about 5000 sit ups before we can trust that thing to lead us anywhere that doesn't involve a stop for a glazed donut.

This is not the time to go off half-cocked (I wish the government employed an astrologer) because we can't count on negotiations to smooth things out later. Negotiations can't be counted on now - because with Mercury backing up in stubborn Taurus everyone will be digging in their heels. The next few days are very dicey with another shoe set to drop. Since we all know the shoe that dropped last week, this week's might not be pleasant (unless you're the guy with his hand in that clean ointment and I sincerely hope you are). All the planets are sitting very still in very precarious places and the one celestial body we count on to keep everything moving - the Moon - is about to move into Scorpio. The stage is set for someone to make a very bad move. We don't want to be that guy. Or the guy who reacts too hastily to that guy.

Think "re" now. If what you are doing doesn't start with the letters "re", maybe do something else. #kidding #notkidding

Am working on a big picture post for this week. xo all


lynn bowes said...

Weird. "Jupiter" has come to me three times in the last 24 hours. What the heck? Am I the ointment or am I looking for ointment or do I have ointment all over my hands . . . ?

DancingMooney said...

xo to you too Cat, don't work too hard. ♥

Catherine Ivins said...

back at ya Janell- I have to get back on insta and see what you are up to!

Weirder. Jupiter is sitting exactly on your natal Neptune - expanding creative work, spiritual work, compassionate work - and I have no idea why the hell I am tossing all these 'works' in there - ack! also daydreaming and escaping - 3X in 24 hours sounds like you are the ointment ;) xo

lynn bowes said...

You know how sometimes you see a word and hear it spoken at the same time? That's Jupiter. It keeps jumping in front of me and seeing it here for the third time (especially here) just makes me wonder if something is going on. Wouldn't be surprised if I saw or heard it several more times. Creative, spiritual, compassionate - I'm not feeling very creative, spiritual, or compassionate right now but the work part fits in well. My brain is unusually clear this week, all jokes aside, and any work I'm doing is more of the problem-solving type. I'm seeing things from different angles and coming up with new solutions that have surprised even me. Can that be the ointment? I'd like to think I'm the ointment for others but there's no reason I would be right now. Whatever Jupiter is for me presently seems to be a positive thing so I'll take it.