Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of April 17th - another busy, potentially tense and eye opening week

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This is another busy week - and they continue to get more tense, hectic and stressful from here as we move into May. We have multiple planets changing signs and another planet, powerful Pluto, stationing retrograde plus Venus's third and final tense meet up with Saturn.

Monday is all about Saturn. The Moon is in Saturn ruled Capricorn, the Sun is trining Saturn and then by Monday night Mars is inconjunct Saturn. That's a whole lot of serious! We can get alot done. Iron your big girl pants Sunday night and be ready.

The Capricorn Moon will have us get right down to business. Our emotions will be more practical, pragmatic and measured. In situations where we are the authority figure it would be a good time to lay out a game plan because the multiple aspects now could feel overwhelming if we are not organized. We should be able to keep a cool head and do what has to be done. Know that our bosses and authority figures will have alot going on - don't waste their time.

The Sun's trine (brakes off) to Saturn could bring recognition (Sun) for our past efforts (Saturn) - remember with Saturn, the rewards, recognition (and yes, consequences) come later. Success comes from hard work or putting in the time or doing what is right.

This is a good aspect for dealing/working/meeting with people in charge and older men (and your father or a father-figure) - remember the advice to be practical, pragmatic and take ourselves seriously if we want others to.

This is good energy to bring structure and organization to a situation - have you done your taxes? The deadline is extended to Tuesday this year, but get cracking today.

We also have Mars (in Taurus) sextiling (opportunity) Venus (in Pisces) at 26 degrees. This is a wonderful aspect for pouring energy (Mars) into what we love (Venus) and also for having confidence in creative projects. Masculine and feminine energy is working together now (date night?). The opportunity comes from loving what we are doing and taking action. The opportunity comes from the blending of the masculine (assertive) and feminine (receptive) energies.

By nightfall Mars (in his last move before he changes signs later in the week) inconjuncts Saturn. We have to make some kind of adjustment to move forward with that Taurus natal house situation (where is Taurus in your natal chart?) or whatever is going on with our Taurus ruled money, property, ownership or product. Something is out of balance here. If we are thinking we are the only one with the answer or the only one who can do whatever it is that needs doing - we are going to be one tired and pissed off puppy. Stop comparing how much other people are doing. Have I said before half the sky is moving backward? Something is probably moving too fast. Slow the whole thing down.

On Tuesday, the Moon hooks into the 2017 ongoing t-square by squaring Jupiter and Uranus and conjuncting Pluto. This is a big power play day. Political maneuverings will be in the news. Shake ups and surprises are likely involving all the themes involved : (Moon ruled by Saturn) career, goals, status, authority, structure (Jupiter in Libra) partners, clients, opponents, equals, specialists, travel, legal, foreign, political, educational, media, religion (Uranus aka Trump these days) sudden changes, shock, surprise, rebellion and finally (Pluto in Capricorn) death, rebirth, power, control, karma, transformation, divorce, reproduction, sex.

I realize this is a giant word salad so maybe not as useful and healthy as a regular salad - here I'll throw in some "kale", there, that's better - if you are not on your third cup of coffee and that was all too much to read - just expect there to be power plays. Forewarned is forearmed.

Also Venus, moving forward - if you get up early you can see her in the sky as the morning star now - squares the Galactic Center (which I'm going to do a post about at some point soon - just think black hole for now) some pattern or belief we no longer need, something that creates tension and stress, could become obvious to us now. Maybe we'll have one of those Oprah "AHA" moments. There could be an awareness of something we don't have to do anymore or some way we no longer need to be - probably something we've done since childhood to fit in and feel safe - what a relief!

On Wednesday, the Moon moves into Aquarius. The Sun leaves fiery Aries and heads into grounded Taurus to kick off Taurus season. Taurus can bring stability (although sometimes a lack of ambition or fire) to the space she resides in our natal chart. This space gets some light thrown on it now. Expect a post.

On Thursday - lots of action today - Pluto stations retrograde at 19 degrees Capricorn (until September 28th). Our power/control issues morph. It's probably time to back off a bit. This is about destruction as a kind of reconstruction. Yes, more "re"s. This is especially good energy for a detox or to start some kind of psychological counseling. With Pluto the gold is buried. So we are going to dig. We'll talk about this more later.

Also important today, the Sun hooks up with a retrograde Mercury as one planet enters Taurus and the other prepares to leave. This might bring our attention to a resource or idea we had overlooked.

A retrograde Mercury moves back into Aries. Here's my original post on Mercury in Aries "them's fighting words" - now we'll just be doing the whole thing backward and in high heels. Post to follow.

Take care when driving and in conversations, situations with angry people.

When Mercury (ruler of transportation) stationed to go retrograde on the 9th we had the United Airlines passenger injury which the United CEO called "re-accomodating" the passenger. His unconscious (and strange) use of a made-up "re" word was so appropriate, too, wasn't it? On the day Mercury stationed for his previous retrograde a few days before Christmas we had the Berlin truck attack. Both stations had complicated, potentially violent aspects connected to them, but the results were entirely different. Also notice last week Trump changed his mind on several important issues all within a few hours right after his Gemini Sun ruler Mercury changed course - could Trump change course again once Mercury stations direct on May 3rd? Of course. This isn't front page news with him, but something to watch for. 

On Friday, Mars moves from Taurus into Gemini. We will have more choices. Conflicts, especially verbal, could at times be part of the process forward and it could be three steps forward and two steps back - but here we go. With Mercury retrograde and ruling Gemini, Mars (our action, initiative) will be answering to a backtracking Mercury.

If something we thought was dead and buried suddenly springs back to life now - it would be a good idea to approach it from another angle.

Also on Friday, Venus has her third and final square with Saturn. Her first square was January 27th, then she backed over Saturn last week, retrograde on April 8th, and now here she is once again - hitting that roadblock, deadline, responsibility, obstacle, constraint. Have we figured this crap out yet? If not, this is the one final challenge before we move on. If we have, we will sail right over this one. The seas are still choppy though with Chiron still squaring Saturn - don't ditch the life preserver just yet.

There is only one void moon during work hours - Friday from 2:20PM EST to 3:45PM EST - maybe just take off early.

Saturday is Earth Day, the Sun is in the Earth Mother sign of Taurus and we have a government determined that climate change is a hoax. EPA chief Scott Pruitt thinks Americans look at the EPA and they see the IRS. No Scott, Americans see the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) as "protecting our environment" because that's what it does - where corporations see 'regulations', the people see 'protections' - such a smug jack ass.

Hug a tree, she needs us as much as we need her.

xo all

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