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go slowly by mrs-pinkeyes

Since Uranus has been in Aries (2008) the Sun has caught up with him at some point during Aries season (late March-April) every year.

We'll have one more of these meet-ups next spring (and we'll have similar activities as the Sun squares and opposes Uranus later in the year) before Uranus moves on to Taurus.

For now this is about a light (Sun) being thrown on something unexpected (Uranus). This is a strong urge (Sun) to be free (Uranus). This is a flash (Sun) of genius (Uranus). This is shock (Uranus) and awe (Sun). In Aries, the push will be instinctive, fueled by passion or anger and self centered (either centered on self or selfish).

This aspect will often show us to what and to whom we are tethered.

This might be shown to us in a way that doesn't feel so good. But not necessarily. Uranus (the conductor of our fastest route from point A to point B) uses what works and sometimes the stick works better than the carrot. Sometimes we are not hungry enough to even notice the carrot

(although I'm betting most of us are hungry for a little more stability and security now).

Coming right after Vesta's (devotion, hearth) tension with Uranus earlier in the week this could be a continuation of that earlier dust-up or something new could require our attention.

We could meet this energy in the form of an actual person. We could meet someone new and unusual now or our new and unusual self or thingamajig could attract a person/situation that lets it shine or brings it attention.

It is always better to use this kind of energy rather than be used by this energy. So do something new now (and notice again I am saying DO and not START - notice the difference).

We are having a glow in the dark Easter egg hunt tonight (note we are NOT starting a glow in the dark Easter egg hunt business). Doing not starting.

It doesn't have to be some huge, ginormous thing unless this stuff is hitting our personal planets and points and if that is the case it will most certainly be some big, ginormous thing - much like the 'mother of all bombs' - gotta love the media's inability to reign in their language when faced with the choice between ratings/profits and consumer's sanity/drumbeat to war - just dropped by Trump and the United States - both charts triggered now.

I am going to look at the charts for Russia, Putin, North Korea and Kim Jong-un's this weekend. It is hard to glean enough data from Trump's about where all this is going since his chart is all over the place. Since Trump's one eighty on Syria, Eris's aspects (known as the Goddess of discord, although this energy which astrologers are just starting to figure out is feeling more like 'terrorist' to me - it is even a partial anagram - and terrorism takes root in that "not fitting in", "not being seen" energy of Eris - think Sissy Spacek in Carrie) since we are in Aries season and Eris is in Aries, Uranus aspects, again since we are in Aries season, and within all this unpredictable, off-course retrograde energy - things are uber stressful.

Today's Sagittarius Moon should help smooth out our emotions!

This is not a good time to go crazy and make a major change. The retrograde energy doesn't support it AND remember Uranus only cares about getting us from A to B via the fastest route, it doesn't care if we land on our ass or if the route (like my GPS when I get near a certain body of water and it urges me forward although there is no bridge) drowns us in the ocean. We will most assuredly wash up at point B, but we might not wash up still breathing. 

In other words - this transit is the impulse to quit our job, for example, but it doesn't provide any help once we've quit - the transit will be gone and so will our paycheck.

Unnecessary risks could put us in dangerous situations. We could damage (Uranus) our physical body (Sun). Uranus rules accidents and with my stellium in Aquarius (ruled by Uranus) I was one of the most accident prone children on the planet - my father said "put a piece of paper on the convention hall floor and she'll trip on it". I fell going down the stairs. I fell going up the stairs. I fell when I was sitting down - really, what the hell was that?! :) We could damage (Uranus) our reputation (Sun) - the way other people see us. Of course, even this could be a good thing if someone is relying on us too much and we let them down. Things are never totally bad or totally good. It's probably not a good time to confront authority though.

It is a good day to do something new. This energy is perfect for breaking free from old ideas and ways of doing things that are holding us back. It sounds hokey - but just be yourself. 

This is the time to do what is right for you. We don't have to throw the baby out with the bathwater to do this - get the baby out of the dirty water first. The baby may be keeping us up all night, but isn't a baby worth a few sleepless nights?! They are awfully damn cute.

Almost half the planets are retrograde - this is an internal journey - that's where the change starts now.

We have Venus stationing direct tomorrow in a VERY tight space, so I'll be back with another post. What has the last 40 days and 40 nights brought us? For most this has been about love and/or money lessons. What do we really value now?

xo all and Happy Good Friday!!

p.s. I just noticed Venus is trining the Moon today - kindness, civility and balance are the ways through today's energy! Back tomorrow.

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