Saturn in Sagittarius Square Neptune in Pisces for Creatives | the Dreams vs Reality Transit - Part III

OK to recap from Part I and Part II now that Saturn has moved into Sagittarius (and this started loosely when he stuck his head in last winter, but more strongly recently when he unpacked his bags and kicked off his shoes and lasts through the end of 2017) he is squaring Neptune in Pisces (Sagittarius naturally squares Pisces - think pie chart here).

This square will be exact three times over the next 10 months, due to Neptune and Saturn retrogrades  - Nov 26, 2015 at 7 degrees, June 17, 2016 at 12 degrees and Set 10, 2016 at 10 degrees. And remember even when an aspect is not exactly exact it may be still close enough, often for long periods, to be felt.

Squares are tense aspects - they push us into a new action (oppositions push us into a new decision, trines remove obstacles, sextiles show opportunities, etc). Everyone is going to work with this square before Saturn leaves Sagittarius at the end of 2017. Here's a post with info on Saturn in Sagittarius that could be helpful, too.

This is the big deal transit of 2016.

(now this isn't to say this is the most important thing in your individual life - but whatever that big, important thing is in your life it will absolutely be colored in quite a bit with this energy)

This will affect us as a collective and in our individual lives and because this aspect is a square and will force us to take some kind of action, it will have everyone shifting in some way.

Some of us will make small shifts (richter scale 2.5) and some of us will make major shifts (richter scale 7.0) and since we are all impacting each other there is the opportunity here to create some major change. And yes, change can be scary, but since everyone is always complaining about the way things are going now (or wait, is that just me doing that??) - change is a good thing.  

This is us, as a collective, having a go at changing some more long standing paradigms.

If we get pushed back under this transit, there will always, always be a higher purpose. It always helps to cultivate the idea that the universe (God, source - use the word you are most comfortable with here) has our back and can be trusted.

Now this square from Saturn (in Sagittarius) to Neptune can work multiple ways.

It can be the reality check that pops the fantasy bubble or it can be the faith that dissolves the fear and paralysis. Saturn can focus the dream and give us traction - the traction (since Saturn is more stick than carrot) will not be pleasant, because it will often show up as the lack of something essential that creates the need for us to do something. 

This transit will force us to decide (and take action on) what we really believe. This is why our limiting beliefs are so important for us to recognize and transform - they literally are Saturn standing in our way. With Neptune strong in Pisces there is great energy available to dissolve them now.

Saturn is the material plane and Neptune is the astral realm. The ultimate outcome of the pairing of these two energies is probably to build compassionate structures. Think about what that would look like for our world! It can absolutely happen.

Now remember Saturn is a bit weakened in Sagittarius, it is not his favorite space at all - because Saturn is about limits (think of his rings!) and time and responsibility and Sagittarius is about expansion and the big picture and opportunity, ruled by Jupiter - they seek different things. Neptune is strong in Pisces because he rules Pisces and they want the same things. Now Neptune will be in Pisces for a good number of years - Saturn is only in Sagittarius through 2017, so now is when the challenges to our dreams will come for most people (and for the world at large) - what we (and the world) do with these challenges is up to us.

So, just know this is what is happening. If we have been using our Neptune energy as an escape or procrastination mechanism - having these 'dreams' that we do not really work on, but we say to ourselves that we can't do this other work because we have these 'dreams', well, Saturn will put a stop to that. We will do the other work.

We can't really fail here and it is up to us to know that while the outer world might (if we think it is, the world is just a mirror after all) look at something we have done as a failure, the Gods do not look at us and say "well, that didn't work." They say "well, that was fun!" (or maybe Saturn would say "well that was a good lesson!). 

So you might say - "well, if I run into a lot of obstacles now what do I do?"

There is not one answer for everyone with this. Remember teacher Randy Paush's wonderful last lecture where he said something like "the walls are there to show us how badly we want something and to stop people who don't want it badly enough". This is true. This is Saturn square Neptune.

The walls also show up when we are going after things we don't really want. Or things we are not 'in time' with. Or things that are just not meant to be ours. Sometimes stop really does mean stop. The Gods are standing over there with cookies and ice cream - with chocolate for pete's sake - and all we can see is this damn wall. Many a man has died with that wall in his brain. Let's not do that.

Recently it was really brought home to me (again ... I am very hard headed and need rocks to land on my frontal cortex maybe six or seven times to make the dent that causes my thinking to change directions) that what I think I want - is not what I really want at all. I'll write about this in the final post.

Ok final chapter of this next week with an action plan for creatives!


DancingMooney said...

"It can be the reality check that pops the fantasy bubble or it can be the faith that dissolves the fear and paralysis."

I keep finding words in your posts that resonate with me... Been going through some of this lately. I thought I was ready to take on a big new project, and then kind of freaked out about it... took a step back, regrouped, went forward with my thinking, but I'm still feeling like... meh'... it's just not my time right now.

Hubby and I are researching all the little towns around Walla Walla area... rather than living 'in town' we are looking at the peace and simplicity and low cost of smaller towns around. I quite like the idea of being able to walk to the post office, and other little shops & restaurants, without all the hustle and bustle.

Dreams and intentions have been set in motion. ♥

Catherine Ivins said...

Dreams and intentions have been set in motion - yes! love this! I like walking to things, too and live in a town like that - although a little anonymity would be nice these days. George recently said he could live here forever and just keep doing what he is doing - that might have been comforting to me at one time but yesterday it was slightly terrifying and depressing. Growing older is a foreign country to me (hmmm weird I wrote that, maybe that's the foreign space I need to be embracing) since my parents died young and my totally unearned good health can't be counted on these days. It's definitely a time to take things slow - 'it's just not my time right now' is actually a pretty powerful space to hold .... xo