NEW MOON in Scorpio 11/11 - This Time PLEASE, PLEASE Actually Write the Damn Intention List!

new birth by jojoesart

Wednesday's New Moon at 19 degrees Scorpio has multiple excellent, positive aspects. This moment in time joins our deepest (Scorpio) emotions (Moon) and our mental ability (Mercury) with our creativity and self (Sun). What cannot be accomplished with everything working together this way?

First we have the Sun and Moon sextile to Jupiter.

Jupiter brings expansion and good luck - even wealth and happiness. Sextiles are positive aspects but require some kind of action on our part - so please, please, even if you have never actually sat yourself down and written out your intention list at the New Moon before, do it this time. Even if month after month you read these posts but just skim over the part where we physically write this stuff down, and I understand, really I do,

but - this month, actually do it ... either Wednesday night or Thursday.

On paper by hand in cursive with ink.

The next lucky aspect is that although this Moon falls in the sign of Scorpio, it is actually in the Libra constellation - on the brightest Libra star - a star with similar properties to Jupiter - again, think expansion, good luck - even wealth and happiness.

Did I say, "on paper by hand in cursive with ink."

The Sun and Moon are both conjunct Mercury. This adds cooperation and social effectiveness and the sharing of information. Venus is conjunct Mars so the feminine and masculine are working together. Venus is sextile Saturn giving things we desire and take action on now some real staying power. Actually be prepared to commit to anything started over the next two weeks.

Uranus could throw something at us rather quickly that we may not feel prepared for. But we have another aspect - the Moon and Sun trine Chiron - allowing for brakes off healing. Know that whatever comes our way we can handle.

And it's 11/11 - there's magic here people.

Something new is starting. We can't dictate everything here, but we can use a little co-creation to let our voice be heard.

So, now it's up to you. What do you really want?

xo all

(if you have planets 15-20 degrees of the fixed signs - Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus, Leo or even Aries, Virgo, Libra - you will feel this Moon the strongest)

INTENTION TIPS: this month let your emotions/feelings guide you, clear your head, write what you most deeply desire not what you think you should write, write your intentions down by hand in script on a blank piece of paper, know as you are writing them that you are committing to doing your part toward making them real, speak the words out loud - release your attention from these things knowing your intention is known. Life has heard you.

Rituals are a way to work with universal energies. Scorpio is a water sign so using a cleared and clean space to write and taking a bath afterwards or even cleaning our hands under running water makes this co-creating even more effective. It rained here all day today - even better.

Know these things are already yours.


DancingMooney said...

Okay, Okay, Okay... I'll write some affirmations. I've only done it one other time, but I did notice positive changes that very same night, so I better do what you say!! :)

Catherine Ivins said...

I get off track with them, too, and always notice something good very fast when I come back - this one is the best this year - plus it's the first Scorpio New Moon without Saturn in years so that's even another good thing I forgot to write! xo