sometimes we hear the music that is always there ....

"Sometimes it's okay. Sometimes it's not one desperate act after another. Sometimes we hear the music that is always there. As the old Irish homily goes: "The most beautiful music is the music of what happens." It is not necessary to run to a remote, quiet place to hear it. It is here already, always. The essence of eternity is how we experience the present. The witnesses are here in ourselves. The fullness of our inheritance denies nothing."
- Terrance Keenan

home by dechobek

This morning's void Moon advises us to avoid any store sales since impulse purchases won't fit or work right or will be of little use. Ack! That's probably drastic for some - but buying things we had previously planned to buy usually works best during void moons.The Moon moves into Cancer this afternoon so a focus on home, family, belonging, nurturing sounds about right.

It could make us (and others) a bit moody but today will be a bit of a breather for most. Take it.

Tomorrow and Sunday will be more intense so let's enjoy the leftovers while we can .....

xo all

(my car is in the shop ... again - I usually just swipe hub's truck but it's been making my shoulder/arm/hand issue worse, so I'm going to rent a small car for the weekend and take myself to a movie this afternoon and go with Kella and Chris to take Sully to see Santa tonight - enjoy your day everyone!)


KJ said...

I saw the most stunning moon rise last night- large, golden, and streaked with clouds just dancing on the horizon. I called my mom and told her it was like something from a science fiction movie to go out and look. I also thought of you. Hope you enjoyed the movie and the visit to Santa.

Catherine Ivins said...

That sounds beautiful Kathy. The moon is truly such magic, it is always unbelievable to me when people think we are not connected to it. I wish I'd seen it. The movie (the new Julie Roberts) was not very good, but it was good to get out. I was surprised at how many people were seeing the movie alone - maybe escaping family or avoiding shopping ... I hope all is well with you! xo