feeling sorry for yourself?

insecurities 2 by xxprettywhenucry
Asteroid Chiron (wounded healer) stationed direct today in Pisces.

This could intensify our recognition of the space we "go it alone" or are "treated worse/have less/receive less attention than other people" - it sometimes manifests as the space we "feel sorry for ourselves".

And I don't say this to trivialize it or to make it something less than something real. It's real. It can eventually manifest as physical illness.

It's time to call it out of the shadows and give it an armchair and a hot cup of cocoa.

Chiron's issues (shame, vulnerability, inadequacy, emotional pain) including health issues, will get some kind of movement now.

The irony with Chiron is that this is often the space we can heal others whether or not we can heal ourselves.

That thing we can do for others but can't seem to do for ourselves - the good advice we always give but don't follow - those spaces are connected.

For some of us instead of a foul mouthed Jiminy Cricket (anyone remember Jiminy Cricket?) sitting on our shoulder telling us how awful we are, we do the job ourselves. And then because it’s now part of our self structure, we will hang onto that conviction with a death grip (as if it were something precious ... because it is actually - it's part of our gift to the planet, but we have to transform it first).

The salve/cure is always empathy - cue Brene Brown. There could be a breakthrough moment with this now.

If you have any planets 16-21 degrees of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) you have probably been working through something in your Pisces house since Chiron went retrograde in late June. You may not get what you need from others with this. Self nurture. Read some Brene Brown. Play some Adele. Give yourself a break.


lynn bowes said...

Ah, patterns. That post makes me think that this same pattern (at least for me) was present in about 1985-1990 or so. At that time I had worked myself into such a tizzy that the old harmful habits were as far as they could possibly go with me. Also at that time in the mid-80s I finally started seeing a wonderful therapist who said exactly what you say here - in essence, 'You mean I've gotta do this myself?' Not only did she make me see that I had to hoe my own row, she made me find an old picture of myself as a little girl and keep it nearby to remind myself to be kind to that little girl. So when no one else was (or so it seemed), I could.

That therapist kicked my butt. And I could have saved a ton of money if you had only come along back then.

Which brings me to now. I know everyone puts 'lose weight' on their 'Be Kind to Myself' list of things to do but this one is the one that makes the most sense. If I'm preaching it, I need to be living it.


Catherine Ivins said...

Oh God I know - the preaching it, living it thing. I always find with this blog, if I say - maybe we need to be doing this and then I go and do the opposite it always bites me in the ass right away. It's not that there is prophesy here or anything - astrology is absolutely not much more than working with patterns and archetypes - it's that I get out of integrity - not the moral/honest definition - but the whole/undivided one. It's like my self is determined not to be split off again and then there I go splitting myself off again so it bites back hard and fast - ugh .... - if you are seeing a pattern from 85-90 you are no doubt in a similar transit, I can think of a couple aspects from that time that are happening, so you look at what happened then - how things evolved/changed/ended with that pattern and how the new and improved you moves this train forward now knowing what you didn't know then ... xo maybe be kind to ourselves should just be the whole list!

lynn bowes said...

Well duh. That lightbulb just lit up with looking at how things were then, how I worked through them, what worked and what didn't, and how it ended. Some lessons are just vapors, it seems. So difficult to grasp even though you've been through them before. Okay, okay, time to figure this one out. I guess I'm gonna have to do this one myself . . . =-)

Still looking for that magic weight loss pill.