FULL MOON in Gemini | taste as much as you can ....

"Taste as much of this as you can. Swallow what you need and spit out the rest." - Taizan Maezumi

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With the Sun in Sagittarius we know without following the moon that tonight's Full Moon is in Gemini (Sagittarius polarity sign). It is the culmination of June's New Moon in Gemini, so something from that time is finishing. Also energy from the New Moon two weeks ago is reaching its peak now. The Gemini/Sagittarius polarity is mutable. It's flexible, adaptable and thrives on change.

Mutable signs are restless and prepare us for the change of seasons. They are the breakdown and break away before the breakthrough.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury.

(who also rules Virgo - Mercury was the messenger of the Gods and the Messenger God)

and Mercury rules our 3rd house of day to day communication and language. It also rules siblings, neighbors, local travel, early education, transportation - movement. Its polarity sign is Sagittarius, where our Sun (and Saturn and Mercury) is hanging out right now, rules the 9th house of the larger world aspects of movement. So big picture thinking and processes, philosophy, higher education, foreigners, long distance travel, etc.

During a Full Moon we always have the Moon and Sun in their polar positions (that's what creates the full moon!) so the energy we are working with is the play between the two signs in this case Gemini and Sagittarius.

Tonight's Full Moon is a bit more complicated than usual though.

With Mercury conjunct Saturn (exact yesterday) and squaring Neptune tomorrow and Mercury ruling Gemini - this Full Moon feels like the kick off (wait why do we say kick off, does anything actually start with a kick off?) to the Saturn/Neptune journey (first exact line up on Friday) we will be going through together in 2016. Actually, we are well into the journey now - some of it was just playing out behind the scenes.

Full Moons illuminate something, they show us what we are holding on to. In Gemini this is about communication and learning, opinions and options. Gemini is the sign of change; it holds the space of the crossroads.

The Saturn/Neptune square asks us what we really believe in now. Or maybe it shows us what we really believe in now by what happens to us and what we do with what happens to us.

Saturn represents discipline, time and rules - he reigns over the material world; the things that give life structure. Saturn tells Neptune to, "sit up straight, obey authority, get a job, to pull himself up by his bootstraps." Neptune rules the metaphysical world. He represents our dreams, our imagination, the things that give life meaning. He asks Saturn to feel, to have a heart, to show compassion, to understand that not everyone has bootstraps to pull up.

We all carry both these archetypes and they work out their energies and move their stories forward through us.

On their own neither of these big boys would give us a functioning world. They need each other. And individually we need to balance both these parts of ourselves. We need Saturn's structure to bring the dream to life and we need the dream (Neptune) to give our life meaning and purpose.

Neptune is all over this Full Moon, so things may not be quite as they seem. With Gemini there is always a choice, a spotlight on some new information. If we are unsure what is real or where to look for balance - check your natal chart. Where is 2-6 degrees Sagittarius? Focus on that.

If you have planets 2-6 degrees Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini or Virgo you will feel this New Moon strongest.

As always, get out and walk in it - this one is challenging - don't go walking into a tree or a ditch or something. You don't have to be able to see it, don't worry about clouds, it's there, you'll feel it.

And Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the U.S.

xo all

REMINDER on Friday the Saturn/ Neptune square is exact at 7 deg Pisces. If something's dissolving, please just let it go. If something vague and imaginative needs to be firmed up - work on that - baby steps.

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