Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of November 2nd - going deep .... plus did I mention that new cycle of working from our hearts, well here we go ....


November is going to be BIG.

We are midway through autumn now and well into Scorpio season (even though it's still Virgo, Virgo, Virgo!). 

Scorpio is all about mastering the fine art of release - letting go of what is no longer needed, weeding out the stuff that has, well, died, to create space for something new to find us.

There is always, always new stuff coming.

Nature really does hate a vacuum, so as we release old thoughts, feelings, wants and habits, we automatically attract the people and circumstances that mirror who we are without those thoughts, feelings, wants and habits. Our only job is to clear the space.

Mars (action, initiative) will be in Scorpio for many weeks in 2016 - this energy isn't going anywhere.

We still have the North Node in Libra so we are connecting and reconnecting with others. Libra moves into Venus next Sunday and triggers that node of fate - lots of relationship and interpersonal stuff going on now. Venus and then Mars will also stumble into the old Uranus/Pluto square beginning next week so as the leaves dry up and fall from the trees we may be asking ourselves "has this relationship / business / job / location - dried up, too?". Then, carrying this energy of re-evaluation, the North Node moves quietly into Virgo and we proceed into the first of three Saturn / Neptune squares, this is the dreams vs. reality transit that will reshape everything. But, let's not go there quite yet ....

We have Jupiter in Virgo inconjunct Uranus in Aries. Maybe we prepare for one thing and something else happens instead. We could beat our head against the wall pushing to make the first thing work, but it would undoubtedly be best to go with the flow and stay flexible. 

Luck (Jupiter) favors the flexible (Uranus) action (Aries) that is accurate and refined (Virgo).

On MONDAY - Mercury moves from civil and balanced Libra into deep and disruptive Scorpio for the next 18 days. This is about intense communications and profound conversations. We won't ask how someone is doing, unless we really want to know because they will tell us. What we need to find out from others will be uncovered - what others need to find out from us will be uncovered, too. We can see how this can be a good or not so good thing depending on how many secrets we are carrying!

Do you have any natal planets in Scorpio? They will be receiving signs and alerts now - pay attention.

Whatever that thing is that requires thorough analysis or investigation - this is the time for that.

Put down the magazine and pick up that good, thick book that has been gathering dust on your shelf.

Remember we still have a lot of planets in Virgo and Mercury rules Virgo - so a whole lot of celestial energy will be in Scorpio stealth mode right now. Virgos and Geminis in particular (both ruled by Mercury) become even more Scorprionic. This energy can be manipulative and Scorpio isn't always right (no one is), just don't tell them (or anyone else, we are all working this energy now) that - just quietly and thoroughly (think Virgo again) verify information. Everything deep and dark really doesn't need to be said out loud or shared in public. I heard Brene Brown say on a recent radio interview, "you share a story when your healing is not dependent on the response you receive from the sharing" - that sounds about right here.

I always back up my computer again when Mercury goes deep into Scorpio - equipment and cars can get wonky. This is not the best time to learn/communicate about something brand new. This is a good time to deepen some knowledge or line of inquiry we already have going on.

Go deep not wide with this energy.

(business example - if you are a maker planning an email campaign or postcard blitz during the next 3 weeks, and, yes, it would be the perfect time for it - better to offer something else - ie better - to existing customers than going after new people or better to contact stores you have contacted before and have a relationship with or struck out with previously, and send them a new - ie better - offer, etc - you get the idea - instead of thinking expansion outward, think about deepening existing circumstances)

MONDAY/TUESDAY is actually not a bad time to launch something (we can definitely wait for that Scorpio New Moon mid-month though!) if we have been precise with our work and attentive to details because this is the day Venus conjuncts Mars in Virgo (Mercury ruled) and kicks off a new two year cycle!

Remember, I said November and December would be foundation building time!

Typically Mars and Venus join together once every couple years or so, but in 2015, due to Venus's long retrograde last summer they meet up three times - this week is their third (and last until 2017) hook up. 

The first one back in Aries was a beginning but really more about harsh realities and survival and overcoming a crisis - this involved the Venus themes of love, money, women, beauty and Mars themes of action and anger. Then on September 1st, they met up again and rehashed everything.

It's been a tough transit for many people.

This new cycle (24 degrees Virgo - check your natal chart - is the sweet spot for getting what we want with this) is about as far away from the last cycle as we can get - this one is about being unburdened and new and about what we are really here to do.

It's time to lay down the baggage of the last two years and open our hearts. The love (and money) will find us.

"Do what you love and the money will follow" is not something I believe is literally true in the sense of "earning money from the thing we love doing". 

BUT I do believe, and this cycle will definitely be a game changer for many people, that doing what we love releases old thoughts, habits, wants and feelings of resistance and magnetizes us to people and circumstances that mirror who we are without this resistance.

This creates the space for the good stuff (really the stuff money can buy and the stuff money can't buy) to show up.

We have Mercury in Scorpio to ensure a deep impact for whatever we are cooking up, which is why we want it to be good, launching something that isn't really ready could get us noticed and not in a good way - which is why I'm thinking long term and foundational with this energy.

With Venus and Mars conjunct we can attract what we want. With Virgo involved it has to be high quality. Mercury in Scorpio wants it to hold up to scrutiny and have some kind of deep significance - don't waste this energy on flash in the pan whoseewhatsees.

But, of course, sometimes flash in the pan whoseewhatsees are only recognizable in hindsight ... but if we cook up one of those just be prepared to be known for that flash in the pan whoseewhatsee. It's like we always double check our work and the one time we don't double check is the time our boss pulls our report out at a big meeting with upper management and there is a glaring mistake we didn't catch, ouch. Or that new bracelet we made that maybe needed a little more finessing and isn't quite reflective of our brand and style finds it's way to an editor at Lucky Magazine and ... well, you get the idea. I am not saying this to make us any more crazy than we already are - we can only do our best.

If we keep our eye on the details, do the work and reach a little further than we think we can, but just a little - we are working a Sun/Neptune trine from November 3-11, reaching too far is probably not recommended and it's easy to get carried away now (I pulled my shoulder putting on my coat, yes, my coat, it's been two weeks and still hurts - reaching is not my friend right now) - we could strike gold here.

If this wasn't a business blog (even though you may have to squint and stand twenty paces to see that these days) I would also mention that Mars (masculine energy) and Venus (feminine energy) joining together would be good for other things, too (wink).

WEDNESDAY (void moon so production, no new starts) and THURSDAY are also great creative days, so attention to creative work, children, fun, love are favored. We need to show up and get involved here.

FRIDAY - the sextile between the Sun and Pluto is exact. If we have any adjusting or clean up that needs to be done - today would be a good day to be doing it. With the Sun in Scorpio aligning with Pluto in Capricorn, Scorpio's ruler - we can focus like a lazer beam. This is a closing sextile so any victory now will have been earned over time. If we started something last January when the Sun was in Capricorn - this week will be the reward for that work.

We have some REALLY BIG energy coming in November, including the first of three Neptune/Saturn squares (dreams vs reality) and the Nodes shift. Depending on your chart these changes may override stuff I have written here, so I will post about them in a couple days.

I wasn't able to get to the Full Moon post last week. I hope everyone had the chance to go outside and walk in it! My own Full Moon was quite stressy/messy - disagreements, simple misunderstandings turned into the kind of mountains requiring Sherpas and oxygen masks and perspectives sealed in concrete on all sides. Um, yes, that sounds about right ... and there was the beautiful Maine skies, coast and clean mountain air, too.

THEN I did a quick blog post (about muttering, yes, I said muttering) but then somehow lost most of it adding another picture and I don't have enough enthusiasm for the subject matter tonight to rewrite it. Blogger is officially driving me nuts. xo all


DancingMooney said...

Last week was emotional and messy here too, but I think things are ironing out... Hoping blogger will get right for you... I'd be sad if you moved to another platform, though I'd follow you anyways. :) ♥


Catherine Ivins said...

Glad things are ironing out Janell. Traveling is somehow always stressful with us - plus we left alot of stuff up in the air. I really just wanted to sit somewhere quiet on a beach, which I did, but probably should have driven 7 hours south instead of north!