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magical art - the secret garden by emla

Monday's ambitious Capricorn Moon can have us powering through our duties and responsibilities - sign agreements, make sales, decisions. There are really no void moons during working hours this week - YAY! (well, late Monday afternoon) so things ready to launch are pretty good to go - remember we have Jupiter in Virgo, so take care of the details and don't launch anything half-assed.

On the other hand, remember we have Jupiter in Virgo (is there an echo in here?), and we may be too detail oriented and miss the forest for the trees - if you are a maker, well, this is the holiday season, if it's ready to ship, get it somewhere where someone can find it.

We are in a waxing, productive Moon phase. If we have been tired or drained this is a building time of the month with energy returning.

Venus conjunct Black Moon Lilith in Libra could be some kind of competition/comparison with pink paint poured on top of it or someone or something that smiles to our face and then cuts us off at the knees. Or maybe this is some kind of insider/outsider thing with the power to wound us. Watch for it.

On Tuesday, the Sun and Mercury hook up so there will be fresh information coming in and our hearts and heads can connect - continued meetings, agreements, decisions. In Scorpio, communications and conversations will carry us deep, maybe deeper than we wanted to go.

An Aquarius Moon will have us feeling our connection with humanity.

The last couple week's events in Russia, Beirut and Paris (and more) might have us asking when enough will be enough. Maybe the various "Gods" can battle it out between themselves somewhere rather than having us act in their stead for a change. We are in the space between worlds now - what are we building? With Saturn in Sagittarius our beliefs are tested.

(I am sure astrologers who study France's chart have analyzed the Paris attack in great detail. From an outside, armchair perspective I see Mars (war, violent, aggression) hitting the 'World Axis Point' - the first degree of a cardinal sign; in this case Libra. This indicates a world event we will all know about. The last time Mars moved over the world axis point we had the lead up to the shooting of Cecil the lion that we would all know about. Libra is likely France or Paris's Sun and we have the Saturn/Neptune square - I promise to finish up that series by the end of this week. When Saturn first went into Sagittarius (rules journalism, religions, foreign travel) last winter, we had the murder of the journalists in Paris and then Saturn retrograded back into Scorpio, now he is back in Sagittarius and building to an exact square with Neptune and our hearts and minds are back in Paris again.)

On Wednesday, Neptune, strong in Pisces, turns direct after his retrograde. Where is Pisces in your natal chart? This is the planet of imagination, vision, illusion and delusion. This might be more of an unconscious shift, but something changes and moves forward here. Boundaries and limits dissolve. Something ends. Space is created for something new - and as we build toward that exact Saturn square next week - something more solid. Whatever happens, our best, and maybe only option, is to move with the current on this one. 

On Thursday, we have the first quarter Moon so if we started something at the Scorpio New Moon, there will be tweaks and challenges to it now. The Moon joins Neptune in Pisces and whatever we are working through with the Saturn/Neptune square (exact on the 26th) is likely visible, or maybe we just feel it coming now, this is the Moon after all.

We start a new 18 month cycle involving secrets and what is hidden - all the 12th house, Pisces and Neptune (south node) ruled stuff. You can look back 18 years (1997-1998) and think about what was happening and what kind of things were being covered up/uncovered. We will be working with similar themes now - although we are older and wiser and in different circumstances.

Keep everything above board. Karmic partners will show up. 

I don't mean partner in the sense of happily ever after, although you never know, I mean some kind of balancing of the books with people from prior times (even past lives).

Pisces rules secrets, hidden agendas, hidden enemies, addictions, boundaries, spirituality, artistic pursuits, compassion, clandestine romances, escapism, research, healing, hospitals, prisons - the spaces we put things we don't want to look at and the things we put away. With Pisces in the south node (energy we are releasing) through May of 2017 we want to stay 'out in the open'. We may have to deal with deceptive people - we don't have to be one.

On Friday, Mercury begins our annual journey through the big picture, happiness loving sign of Sagittarius, although the landscape will look a bit different this year with stodgy Saturn taking up most the livingroom. This shifts our mind into BIG picture mode (what is our goal with what we are doing now?)- options increase. More communications with people at a distance. We might be thinking or communicating about learning or teaching.

Venus (love, money, beauty, women) squares Pluto (at 13 degrees Capricorn - if you have any planets from 8-18 degrees Capricorn or another cardinal sign you will feel this energy strongest) - bringing friction and intensity to a matter or relationship and the need for some kind of action. Maybe we really want something and maybe it really matters  that we get it - the stakes could feel very high here. Then she opposes Uranus on Monday so expect more volatility and the potential for something to flip around on us.

Maybe something illuminated is true - but only part of the picture. Our reaction will matter here. Seek balance and honesty until things clarify as we move into Sagittarius next week.

xo all - back later with that Neptune/Saturn square thingie.

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