Astrological Influences - The Big Picture for Creatives Now | Part II
Part I of this overview is HERE.

We talked about the 'outer planets' - this is the collective energy at play.  

Now Saturn and Jupiter are outer planets, too, but they affect us differently so I will call them 'middle planets'. They aren't the astrological inner planets (Mars, Venus, Mercury and the Moon) that affect our day to day happenings and moods - they are kind of the space where we as individuals meet the collective.

Basically, (and that's a loaded word, so we'll flesh it out a little) Saturn is about constriction and Jupiter is about expansion. Jupiter feels good. Saturn feels bad. This isn't really what is happening, but it will often feel like this.

For example, a Jupiter transit may have people raving about our work and attract lots of sales (opportunities for greater acceptance). A Saturn transit may have people actively dissing or avoiding our work and a lack of sales (opportunities to bring our work more in line with what others want and need). So, it may sound (and feel!) like one is good and one is bad, but really both are opportunities for growth and can lead to success.

The subjective quality of our work (remember this is the space where we as individuals meet the collective) is stretched (Jupiter) or tested (Saturn). 

We have to deal with the beliefs of those around us (those pesky other people)- that carry us into the 'no man is an island' space of our journey here on planet Earth. 

In Jupiter we encounter the opportunity to assimilate larger views and make our work more comprehensive and in Saturn the constraint and restrictions necessary to bring our work in line with current beliefs, attitudes, and experience; ie the status quo.

Their current transits are:

1. Jupiter in Virgo (Aug 10, 2015-Sept 9, 2016). He was last in Virgo from Aug 2003- Aug 2004 - and you can move back in your life through 12 year cycles to see where he was before that.

Jupiter (natural ruler of Sagittarius) is the largest planet - his mass is larger than all the other planets combined. Known as "The Great Benefic", Jupiter symbolizes good luck and fortune. He is the planet of expansion, growth and optimism.

Virgo (natural ruler is the planet Mercury, although maybe someday we will see this changed to Chiron, as astronomy and astrology's definitions of planets diverge even more) is the sign of precision and practiced knowledge, craftsmanship and critical thinking (and yes, perfectionism and criticism)  - Virgo energy excels at work.

During this transit there's an enormous amount we can learn when Jupiter's overview and Virgo's precision operate well together (collectively in 6th house matters since Virgo rules the 6th house of health, work, pets, co-workers and individually in the Virgo house of your natal chart - this house expands during this transit).

The fly in the ointment (yes, there's always a damn fly, no matter how hard we try and in Virgo, we will try very hard, net to let the damn fly in), the planet of expansion can feel constrained in the sign of details. We can put too much importance on minor matters and turn molehills into mountains. A little flaw can be blown up out of proportion, distracting our attention from the big picture.

2. Saturn in Sagittarius (Sept 17, 2015-Dec 19, 2017) He was last in Sagittarius from Nov 1985 - Feb 1988.

Saturn (natural ruler of the sign of Capricorn) is the last planet visible to the naked eye and represents limits. He is the taskmaster, stern daddy energy of restriction and harsh reality.

Sagittarius (natural ruler is the planet Jupiter) is the sign of the higher mind, truth, travel, philosophy and optimism.

You can see that Saturn will not be very comfortable here, plus Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter who is larger than Saturn and maybe outranks him a little bit.

During this transit (collectively) we could see restrictions on Sagittarius ruled stuff like travel, religion, higher education. We could also see (personally) some restrictive focus on the Sagittarius house on our natal charts and probably a need to 'buckle down and work harder' there for better results.

Also transits can affect other transits - for example Saturn in Sagittarius while Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius) is in Virgo affects both these transits, since Jupiter outranks Saturn.

Both Saturn and Jupiter transits create growth and offer rewards (Saturn's rewards come at the end of the transit when we have done the work).

OK - so I meandered a bit and will get to the current Neptune/Saturn square in the next post! xo all

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