Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of November 23rd - Neptune Saturn Square | Full Moon Gemini | NOTE If you are hosting Thanksgiving dinner, think about lots of wine (or wait maybe no wine!) and plastic knives and forks, yes, things could get that dicey!

just a dream by Amr Elshamy

OK,this week we have the first of the exact squares between Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces (two more in 2016), a Full Moon in Gemini and Chiron stationing direct - if you are getting together with family members who hold dissenting beliefs for Thanksgiving ... well, good luck with that. Lots of paths that have diverged in the wood, maybe much longer ago than we would want to admit will be made clear now.

We start the week - Monday - with an opposition between Venus in Libra and Uranus in Aries. An opposition is exactly what it sounds like. So we have Venus (love, money, women, art) all snuggly in Libra (balance) the sign she rules. Suddenly she is at odds with Uranus (independence, freedom, rebellion, stuff from 'out of the blue') in Aries (initiating energy, action, anger, war) where he has recently been freed from his south node tie up.

This could indicate a sudden change (inspiration, perspiration or disintegration) for Venus ruled stuff - love, money, relationships, women, art. Expect the unexpected here. With Uranus, this stuff could flip on us again, so know that whatever happens - if it's good - enjoy it, appreciate it, be grateful. If it's not what we had hoped for - let's not overreact - think Libra and balance, be diplomatic. We will get through it. With Uranus changes just lead to more changes. And Uranus in Aries is answering to Mars who is a bit uncomfortable in Libra. If last week was a bit of a clusterf*ck for you - this aspect could bring a conclusion of sorts.

On Wednesday we have the Full Moon in Gemini - this is the wrap up of the Gemini New Moon last June and our efforts from the New Moon two weeks ago (full post on Wednesday). Coming right before Neptune is exactly square Saturn this feels like a worry/fear Moon to me. The Gemini mind is go, go, go anyway. We'll need extra sleep and exercise. We'll talk about this more later in the week.

Thursday is the first of three exact squares between Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Sagittarius. If you are affected strongly by this transit (right now primarily anyone with planets in mutable signs 4-10 degrees - Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces - later degrees will be hit in 2016) - it is likely something you have spent a great deal of time and energy building is dissolving right before your eyes. Or maybe a belief or person you have based a great deal upon now seems to not be what you thought it/he/she was. As a collective we hit this same degree in November 1989 when the Berlin Wall fell - this was a culmination but also a starting point for world events. This is also when we both reached a culmination and started our current journey. 

Anyone heavily indulging in Neptune's shadow - escape by alcohol, drugs, television, webs surfing, etc - will be especially hard hit. On the plus side Saturn will provide the focus and stamina we need to get through this. 

What do we really believe? This will be tested. This is where our dreams hit the brick wall. There is no escape hatch here. This is the curse and the blessing of this transit. Most likely there will be only one way out - we'll have to take it.

How we act when we’re not certain of the outcome is important. Do we run away? Do we keep beating our head against the wall? Or do we keep adjusting as things unfold (hint- answer yes here for bonus points and a little gold star) - this square and all the major action in 2016 is in the mutable signs which means WE STAY FLEXIBLE.

(And if you read my blog you know how my beliefs work with stuff like this - think of ways to encourage flexibility with yourself now - accepting change, embracing the foreign, take a different way home from work every night for a week, take a yoga class - eat breakfast for dinner - we are in training, people!)

Rules and safety nets are being adjusted (and dissolved) for us, personally and collectively. We are being asked to step into our responsibility while standing on shifting sand and being offered dubious results. 

It's easy to know what we believe when things are working out the way we want them to - what do we believe when things are not working out?

In the material world Saturn (structure) and Neptune (water)  is really not a fair fight. When the wave comes in it washes away the sand castles. Dreams always win over the structures that try to hold them back. Remember that wall.

Hubs (Aquarius Sun, Aquarius traditional ruler is Saturn) works hard and has his own business. He has a nephew he loves like a son. This nephew (Pisces Sun, ruled by Neptune) had quit his day job a couple years ago to pursue his dream. Then a baby came along and the nephew, we'll call him Robert, needed a steadier income than his start up business provided.

Hubs gave Robert a job that allowed Robert the freedom to do his own business, while at the same time working for hubs, even though it was difficult for George to run his business this way never knowing when Robert would be there and when he wouldn't.

This lasted about a year and a half with George training Robert and dreaming of the time he could leave his business more often in Robert's hands so he could take some well-earned time off. Now, whether Robert actually ever said he wanted any future with this business is ripe for discussion. I have a feeling he just nodded his head at all the right times and most of this "building a family dynasty thing" was all in hub's head.

Anyhoo, suddenly the nephew gave George his two weeks notice - he was taking a job more in line with his own business dreams in the same field as his own business. Hubs was crushed. It didn't help that he is at an age feeling like his best days are behind him, tired of training people who leave for greener pastures and could see the dream of turning his business into a 'family' legacy business or even just a business where he could be a lot more awol was not going to happen, not now and maybe never. Dream vs. reality. This is what he is dealing with now.

(this transit might show up for some people as someone we thought we would be with forever taking a new path away from us)

So the nephew took the new job. It wasn't much more money than working for hubs, but it was in the same field as his own business and he enjoyed it much more. He was living his dream, but his finances were still tight. A few months later the new company told him they are closing up (after 50 years). Luckily for him (although it doesn't feel like this to him right now since he wanted to continue where he was) he was offered another job in a new field; a job that would require more work. Longer hours, more stress - it was more money but he would no doubt work hard for it. He did need the money though - he was definitely starting to feel the money stress of living the dream with no dollars in the bank and a growing family.

(this transit will also show up for many people as needing to step into some responsibility we have been somehow avoiding - this does not mean we have been lazy, although it might - it could just mean we are needed elsewhere and we are maybe fighting the relocation a bit)

So we have the Saturn uncle's dream of a family dynasty or really just a little time off hitting a wall and forcing him to dream a new dream (Neptune). And we have the Neptune nephew's dream of a certain kind of lifestyle with his business and dream job hitting a wall and forcing him to tackle the responsibility (Saturn) of doing the thing he didn't really want to do - the work that doesn't call to his heart.

Of course, transits are called transits because they are transitory. Nothing is permanent. This entire transit is designed to get us on a path that is realistic and achievable. There is always, always something better coming along.And this is both the culmination point and a beginning point for a new cycle. Something tells me George will figure out his time off and Robert will either make this new job work or decide the extra 15 hours a week away from his family doesn't work and work on his own dream in a new way. There are no free rides with this one. As an astute reader said recently, "I know it won't be comfortable or easy, but that's not really the point."

Bottom line for now and through 2016 - in some space for most of us, options are narrowing ....

After I get through my holiday season - it's time to make the jewelry folks - have I said lately that blog readers get 10% off everyday in both my Etsy shops - Polarity and Uncorked - with coupon code Olive Bites Blog - anyhoo, after the holidays we will really unpack this transit, looking at each house and how we can best make this transit work for us. xo all


DancingMooney said...

I loved those words as well... "I know it won't be comfortable or easy, but that's not really the point."

Just trying to go with the flow and put my efforts towards the things that are working right now. I hear ya about making the jewelry in January. I love to think of January as a time for rest, but it can be time for new growth and re-'s too... right? :)


Catherine Ivins said...

Putting effort into the things that are working - me, too. Yes, January and February are slow downs for certain this year, Mercury is retrograde for most of January anyway. Mars is retrograde for most of the spring, too - but at least no Venus retrograde next year. xo