Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of November 9th - FRESH starts, OPPORTUNITIES, multiple brakes OFF

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This is a week of fresh starts and opportunities. There may be some blockage in our personal chart (ie a limiting belief met as karma) but in most areas of most of our lives things will be moving full steam ahead now!

First of all - we have a Grand Trine (remember a trine means brakes off, well think of a Grand Trine as removing multiple brakes all at once) involving our Sun, Pluto and Jupiter.

This is about our goals, our reputation and authority figures (Capricorn themes - Pluto is in Capricorn) - sex, death and rebirth, birth, reproduction, divorce, other people's money (Scorpio themes - Sun in Scorpio) and our work, health, co-workers, pets (Virgo themes - Jupiter in Virgo). This is major favorable energy right now.

Think about what is happening in your life involving the themes I have written about here and what kind of action you can take now to move things forward. For example with health matters (our own or a pet), this is a good time to seek out an expert. The stuff that would normally be in the way of hooking up with the right person won't be there (brakes off). This energy has been at play since last Thursday and lessens after Tuesday (the 10th).

There is a healing aspect with Chiron this week that will help a lot of people (I started feeling it yesterday in my neck and shoulder, maybe you did/will, too) : honesty = healing now. Also acceptance and compassion.

Venus moved into her beloved sign of Libra on Sunday (yesterday).

Venus is comfy, cozy in this sign that she rules and uber attractive (able to attract) here.

We will all be attracting what we put out, so yes, our external energy (and appearance) makes a difference this month. If we are deciding between wearing our usual Kurt Cobain sweater (this is what my daughter calls most of my wardrobe) and something more Eileen Fisher - go with Eileen.

Venus hasn't been this comfortable since her trip last April through Taurus (she rules Taurus, too) - so maybe something from then gets green-lighted or issues with Venus ruled stuff - love, money, women, beauty - start to move more easily in our direction. We just need to be conscious of what we are putting out there - we will be attracting so let's attract the right stuff.

She is transiting the North Node of fate (in Libra for just a couple more days!) enhancing her power by aligning her (and us) with future possibilities. One on one interactions and all social exchanges are ripe with potential to develop into more.

Or, they'll point us in the direction of something more.

This is excellent energy for finding the balance between our desires and someone else's.

On Monday we have a void Libra Moon all day and then she moves into Scorpio - this is good for routine matters, not so great for initiating things (that's fine we have lots of initiating energy later in the week!). With the Moon void in Libra this is better purging energy than accumulating. Great day to clean the closets, not such a great day for a shopping trip.

We are in a waning, Balsamic Moon (the dark side of the Moon) until our New Moon on Wednesday - so use this time for winding down, releasing and finishing up. Adjustments and course corrections will probably need to be made. If we focus our production on these things and stay flexible stuff will go smoother.

On Wednesday we have a New Moon in Scorpio (I will do a post about this one) - as the Sun and the Moon are in complete alignment (our emotions and our actions, the male and female, the yin and the yang, you get the idea) all options are on the table now. Sextiling Jupiter, this is the best new Moon this year for health, wealth and happiness. We won't be able to miss it!

Also on Wednesday our North Node (fate of the collective) moves from Libra (finding that flock) to Virgo (finding that right work). This is a big deal and we'll talk about this multiple times. This also means the South Node energy moves out of Aries, so Aries stuff begins to come unstuck. Uranus in Aries has not been able to deliver those BIG changes he has promised (what house is Aries in your natal chart?).. and for better or worse (always better in the long run), now he will.

The South Node moves into Pisces where the dream becomes real or dissolves (and escape routes are cut off) - we'll talk about all this later in that big picture series.

For now it is enough to focus on the fact that our fate (North Node) lines up with expansion and good luck (Jupiter) in Virgo.

Here is a quick cheat sheet - memorize it (or if your memory is as swiss cheesy as mine these days - print this out) :

The North Node (fate) will be in Virgo for the next 18 months.

This means we line up with our destiny (and pull the collective into alignment) when we:

1. show up and do the work 2. are in service to others 3. get organized, and clean things up including the planet 4. take care of the details 5. take care of animals 6. work well with others. 7. hire the help we need 8. do it for the process and not the outcome or the applause 9. release criticism and perfectionism and most importantly 10. prioritize our own health over everything and yes, that might even mean the stuff in 1 through 9

On Thursday Mars joins Venus in Libra. He is not as cozy as Venus is here. He is kind of like that guy in the Garth Brooks song who shows up in boots to the black tie affair. He asks, "what will you do to get what you want?" And before he arrives in Libra he transits the North Node, newly in Virgo - this means quick identification of flaws coupled with the opportunity for unsentimental improvements. Think head over heart here. Our North Node stuff will start with a bang.

Anything leaving our life this week is 100% guaranteed to work out in our favor. And sooner rather than later.

On Friday and for the rest of the week there is good energy for open lines of communication, meetings, favorable opportunities and for stuff to be cemented. On Saturday there is a South Node aspect that could highlight some karmic situation we are releasing. We'll just hold ourselves to those Virgo standards with whatever comes up. Definitely a SAY YES week.

(did you have any interesting psychological stuff show up on Monday to Wednesday of last week with those solar flares - it was kind of like the Sun yelling, at us - here's a good article on that) xo all

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