a week or so into venus retrograde ....

afternoon sister by polish-girl

How is Venus retrograde in Aries working out for everyone? By now, a week or so into this 40 day and 40 night transit we are likely to see the writing on the wall.

It might still require a pair of those magnifying readers you can pick up at Walgreens for $9.99 or maybe it is splashed in two story high, full color graffiti like mine. Events are transpiring to get us to clarity about what we really value - relationships are tested, the way we handle our money (and other resources) is tested.

Old relationships or earlier times in existing relationships, actions and choices come back for another look or maybe in some cases to bite us in the ass. We might be more sentimental or just more pissed off. We could find ourselves attracting backward.

The theme of the house where early Aries sits in our natal chart will be Venus's field of play. And of course with Aries ruling everything from war to our first house version of ourselves, we could be retooling and re-looking at multiple Aries general themes.

The last Venus retrograde (summer 2015) had me obsessed with several Netflix series about life in the early 60's. This one is hitting closer to home. Recent battles have required me to stand up for my own happiness. Which is a pretty way of saying something that doesn't look very pretty in real life.

It also has me focused on how I used to look or maybe more accurately put if I look deeper, how I used to look to others.

(and yes, I am talking about more than physical appearance but I am talking about physical appearance, too - for example, after seeing my recent vacation pics with my hair gone almost totally gray, I am not sure this is such a good idea anymore, plus I need to lose 10 pounds)

Today, Venus squares asteroid Juno (partnership, relationship) at 10 degrees Capricorn. There is a clash/tension here between our personal freedom and our commitments to others.

We also have the Sun conjunct asteroids Pallas and Chiron - all in watery, dreamy, imaginative, illusive, deceptive (pick your poison) Pisces. Maybe something from late last week when Mercury touched these same asteroids comes to light now, concludes or evolves. Or maybe Sunday's Full Moon did that and now we are dealing with the aftermath. There is some turning point here.

Mars is trine the North Node today encouraging us to focus our efforts on what we feel most passionate about (that might mean working with a situation that is making us angry - anger is passion, too). As exhausted as most of us are now, there is still some fight left in all of us. 

There has to be.  

xo all


lynn bowes said...

Ugh. It's the 'not knowing' and the shifting back and forth that has me wanting to pull the covers over my head. It's all about the timing and since that timing is dependent of OTHERS' situations and THEIR timing, it's making me crazy. Okay, not crazy crazy but so unsettled. I'm the one who has to know what's around every corner and, if at all possible, I need to control what's around that corner. So there's that little issue in my personality. (Big smiley face here - haha.)

On another subject, I love grey hair and now that I'm seeing so much of it on Pinterest, I think you need to embrace it and let it go. If you need a little help to make it a pretty grey, DO IT!!!!

Catherine Ivins said...

Yes, the 'unsettled' thing - so hard for me, too. I always want to know what's going to happen. I got back into astrology to see what was around the corner ... but I now think it's just more corners! ha!

I love all that grey hair on Pinterest, too and I have had multiple people compliment my hair, but it's fine hair not young, thick hair. I have to think about it. Honestly I was embracing it until I saw these pictures! And when I mentioned it to hubs instead of him saying it looks great or I should do what feels good to me, he said something like, "well it feels like giving up", huh? (I'm used to him pretty much always saying the wrong thing, but the correct thing in some blunt way, so I didn't kill him, but UGH). I'm going to start with the 10/15 lbs (again) then a better cut after Venus goes direct. I really don't want to color it anymore because every time I do I lose more of it. Maybe I just need a rinse or some low lights to make it a prettier grey- you're right.

DancingMooney said...

Lynn, I find it really interesting that young women are dying their hair gray these days... it makes me wonder if when they get older, they might think... what was I thinking?!

I've never dyed my hair and don't really plan on it, but my sister in law is a hair dresser, and every time I see her she's just begging me to come in. Even for free. But it's not about the money, I just don't want to dye my hair! She doesn't seem to understand that, so I just keep trying to avoid the subject.

You could spritz some lemon juice into your hair on a day you'll be in the sun, get some natural highlights going... or try purple shampoo maybe? I'm iffy about that one, I don't get it, haven't tried it... but I have used John Freida's 'go blonder' conditioner before and it does help lighten/brighten your natural highlights in your hair. I think gray hair is beautiful, I plan to be one of those women who lets her hair go gray... but I agree with Lynn, nothing wrong with doing a little something' to it, to make it prettier. ;)

I've been kicking around how I want to proceed with some ideas for my shop lately and it feels a lot like going back to old things or trying to make them new. Think I feel more clarity about it today though.

Hope your vacation was wonderful Cat.
Blessings to you!