Mercury Trine Saturn | planning and concentration gets the gold star

old man by lash-upon-lash

Opportunities come through careful planning and preparation as Mercury (communications, conversations, ideas, thoughts) trines (opportunities) serious Saturn (time, stability, hard work) now.

Deliberate, thoughtful and sober words create the most impact. If we want to be taken seriously we need to take ourselves seriously. Conversations should be respectful. Do we know what we are talking about? If not, it's time to connect with someone who does. Lessons learned now stay with us. What are we learning?

Communications and conversations with authority figures go well now. 

This is great energy to work toward developing mastery of a subject. Saturn rules time, so this won't happen overnight. That's OK. We have more time than we think we do. We are in the energy of that fresh new Aries Moon encouraging us to start again; to take fresh action - especially if we have planets and points near 7 degrees of a cardinal sign, Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn, in our natal chart.

This aspect (Mercury trine Saturn) offers us the perseverance and concentration that creates stability.

With Saturn in Sagittarius (an old wise man if ever there was one) we do (or most likely with Venus retrograde and ruling almost everything we "re-do") whatever it is we are working on with maybe not quite as much youthful exuberance and confidence that we are always right and will always win as we might normally associate with an Aries New Moon,

but more like the way an old person rises in the morning with achy joints and a grateful heart - another day and I'm still here! - unsure of the outcome or what is around the next corner but putting both feet on the cold linoleum floor and moving forward anyway.

This is great energy for paperwork that requires accuracy.

Four of ten planets change direction over the next four weeks - are we ready for this ...... xo all

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