Sun into Aries | do something new!!

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The Sun moves into Aries today kicking off a new chapter (and new year!) in our already active Aries houses. A few hours later the Moon reaches its last quarter square at zero degrees Capricorn and squares the Aries Sun.

Capricorn rules safety and security. Aries rules the new and untested. These things are not really at odds with each other, but it can feel like it sometimes (like right now!).

Old beliefs, comfort zones and ways of doing things that used to work are bucking up against the new things we need to do and believe to move forward.

We could feel restless now. We might feel like we just don't fit anymore. Maybe we don't. And trying to force ourselves to stay all cramped up and in place will just result in poor digestion and worn out body parts. This doesn't mean (that Capricorn square) that we have to throw the baby out with the bathwater, but we can't let an overly cautious nature compromise our very real need to grow. We are alive - it's grow or perish!

(look at what is happening in the U.S. with our continued over focus on safety and security - we have had PTSD since 9/11 and we are a Cancer country and need to feel safe - the more actions we take to feel safe the less safe we feel because we are working within the too tight structure we have boxed ourselves into)

It is never too late to take on a fresh challenge and here comes the energy we need to do just that - this is what Aries is all about!

This is excellent energy for a new project to take us in a whole new direction.

The Moon's last quarter square is a crisis point - crisis meaning opportunity. Something requires adjustment. Something needs to give.

Let's take some action today we have never taken before. Anything. It can be something small or something large. It just has to be something new. 

Now, this is not the best time to start something new. Venus is still retrograde and this week's Mercury story will toss us some curve balls and WTH surprises plus Mercury is approaching his upcoming retrograde shadow.

It is, though, an excellent time to do something new. See the difference?

This action - whatever it is - will line us up with today's fresh start energy. We are sending a signal to our muses that we are ready for a new challenge. There is universal support right now for a reboot if we take the initiative with an action, any action.

Mars (Aries ruler) is in Taurus - this is grounded, steady energy. Mercury passed Venus this weekend. Our ideas and words may be getting ahead of what we need to attract the right stuff to make them work, but that is OK. Everything begins life as a thought. Then we speak the words out loud and the die is cast.

What do we want? What do we need? Venus is retrograde and has us working with whatever situation we need to work with to show us what we really value.

For today - drive a different route, answer the call from the 'unknown' caller (and yes, it will probably be that annoying telemarketer just like you knew it would be - it doesn't matter, just answer the call if you would normally avoid it), talk to that random guy in the post office, take yourself out for a drink after work, visit a different section of the library, make a dentist appointment, sign up for that class, enter that race, volunteer for something you feel passionate about, cook something new - it doesn't have to be a big thing, but make it memorable enough that when you think back on this day it will be the thing you will remember. Maybe just do a whole bunch of things in new, untested ways.

We have a New Moon in one week that will take this energy in the direction it needs to go - it will get the seed into the ground. Today, it's our job to prime the pumps of the Aries energy with the action of something NEW. Go for it!  xo all


DancingMooney said...

I always love your enthusiasm Cat!

Blessings to you my friend.


Catherine Ivins said...

I always think I write these things like a regular 'debbie downer' (watch out, be careful, stop) - nice to hear it reads as 'enthusiastic' :) YAY! Blessings back to you Janell for a wonderful New Year! xo