Jupiter Square Pluto | dealing with those pesky power imbalances ... again

balance by JeanFan
Today's square (tension) between Jupiter (in Libra) and Pluto (in Capricorn) is the second of three we will be dealing with this year. The first was in late November, the next is early August.

This is the only one of the three squares where Jupiter is retrograde. 

When Jupiter is retrograde (about one third of the time) we are "re"flecting on Jupiterian themes - with Jupiter in Libra during this year's retrograde the shadow side of Libran energy (denial) is expanding (Jupiter) in proportion to our need to deal with it - or I should say in proportion to how much we have not been dealing with it.

Whatever situation Jupiter has us revisiting could be a bit uncomfortable. If something is moving too fast or getting too big too fast we will feel the discomfort of the stretch of that now. 

Problems/weaknesses may come to light around what is out of balance or what is unjust. Situations where we are doing too much or too little need a re-evaluation. Expansion could be tempered (maybe temporarily). A careful assessment of what is growing is needed nowFocus.

The shadow of peace loving Libra is denial so Jupiter is showing us that elephant in the livingroom (now through June) by feeding him peanuts. Lots of peanuts. He is, or soon will be, too big to tuck behind the living room sofa. Yes, even one of those five piece sectionals from Pottery Barn. Whatever the situation it will require ADJUSTMENT.

Question : WHERE'S THAT ELEPHANT? Hints below. Check sun and rising signs.

Aries - this imbalance is about equal partnerships
Taurus - this imbalance is about work or health
Gemini - this imbalance is about self expression
Cancer - this imbalance is about home and family
Leo - this imbalance is about self-expression
Virgo - this imbalance is about love or money
Libra - this imbalance is about you
Scorpio - this imbalance is about stuff that is hidden behind the scenes
Sagittarius - this imbalance is about groups, friendship, something public
Capricorn - this imbalance is about career, public image
Aquarius - this imbalance is about travel, higher ed, legal, relocation, publishing
Pisces - this imbalance is about shared resources, intimacy, loans, taxes, investments

Now - this is what the Jupiter retrograde is about (it is from an earlier post I wrote) and now today Jupiter is squaring powerful Pluto in powerful Capricorn.

There is a struggle here. Areas of black and white rigid thinking and beliefs are in for trouble. The more we stand for exactly this thing - the more the other person will stand firmly in exactly that. With Pluto, any extreme positions we take will scare people off or shut them down.

A more middle ground is needed. Something out of balance is being transformed.

Can we see how our controlling behavior is based in our fear of the future?

Libra and Capricorn are cardinal signs that launch new seasons - they require action. Maybe an old opportunity comes back around now for us to decide/move on again. We just can't take things too far or we'll shoot ourselves in the foot - maybe get what we want and then realize we don't really want it, maybe challenge the people/things/situations we are going to need later. 

The bottom line - Jupiter square Pluto is about the friction (square) needed to create BIG (Jupiter) transformation (Pluto). For some it only takes a little friction to get us moving, for others it takes a nuclear quantity. Life will supply what is needed here.

Remember everything in our life is a challenge to the degree we resist it. Everything. 

xo all

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