Mercury Square Pluto | if you can't say something nice .....

game over by lora-vysotskaya

Mercury (in Aries) squares Pluto (in Capricorn) - exact tonight. This is the first of Mercury's aspects over the next couple days.  

Words are powerful.

The right/wrong words can rip someone's world to pieces now (including the person doing the speaking). We need to think before we speak.

Words can sting like hornets, attack without warning, lack empathy and compassion and there won't be any way to take them back. That bridge will be burned to the ground.

Let's give others a break when their words hit their mark more harshly than they intended. Much of Pluto's work is unconscious. The stuff that is building underneath comes rushing out like a volcanic eruption. We might not be the intended target for the molten ash, but here we are covered with it anyway. If it feels like a confrontation is brewing - walk away early. Trust your instincts.

Secrets could spill out that can't be contained once unleashed.

This is not the best energy to deal with authority figures because the square will bring tension and make the conversation/communication into a confrontation or challenge. Sit tight.

When in conversation or emailing others we'll keep the letters TMI in the front area of our brains. If considering whether to say something or not - it's probably best not to.

This is not the time to cut corners or do anything underhanded. Mercury is hitting a lot of hot spots over the next few days and exposure is likely. Conversations/communications can expose deep truth and/or deep pain now.

The best use of this energy is its ability to create focus. It is excellent energy for extensive research and to look deeply into a matter we are interested in. 

Mercury rules conversations, communications, ideas, thoughts, siblings, our local neighborhood, early education, transportation. In Aries, we are dealing with initiative, aggression, anger. Pluto rules karma, transformation, death, rebirth, power, other people's resources, taxes. In Capricorn, we are dealing with government, business, authority, established systems. Any word salad could be applicable now. Our natal Aries and Capricorn houses are in the cross hairs.

Mercury's movements continue to hit home tomorrow with an opposition to Jupiter. Stay grounded and use grounded language. Back tomorrow. xo all

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